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We are in that Season of Life

Last week I made note of the fact that we didn't have any deaths to report. Lo and behold, this week we have several. I guess it can't be helped, we are just in that season and it's NOT going to slow down. If anything, it is going to accelerate.

However I have a suggestion that might help (a little)

-          Think of 5 artists that you think are still living,

-          Go to Facebook. & look them up with Facebook's search engine.

-          When you find them, submit a friend request if you aren't already one.

-          Now you will be able to send them a message.

-          Send them a message telling them how much you have admired their work over the years and the purpose of this quick note was to simply let them know how you feel about their art.

That’s it. Just do that. Give someone their flowers while they are still here.

You will feel much better (I promise)

This week in the Newsletter…

We have two remembrances CTI's Creed Taylor and the Magnificent Dr. Mable John, both huge influences on me (and Soul-Patrol) in different ways for different reasons. A heartfelt Happy Birthday for Mr. Ernest Wright of Little Anthony & the Imperials, who I have known almost my entire life and finally a Press Release for a brand new  display of the Doo Wop era in Washington DC presented by our friends the African American Music Association


Let me know what cha think?

Thanks, and be safe

Bob Davis


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Mable John Passes, a Personal Remembrance
I just want to say that Mabel John was a dynamic personality. She didn't take no sh*t and she could sho nuff dish it out.
Ernest Wright of the Imperials
After starting in 1958 and having one of the biggest records of that year, "Tears On My Pillow," one of the highlights of my career is the hit record that…
Press Release: Doo-Wop Under The Street Lamp
A powerful tribute to the original pioneers of early Rhythm and Blues of the late 1940s through the early 1960s
Creed Taylor (MR. CTI RECORDS) Passes at Age 93
The music on these albums were works of art. They seemingly all fit into that very narrow space that exists between Jazz & Soul/Funk ... the album covers were works…
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