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Hi this is Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol and I know that you may be wondering why I am writing to you outside of a normal Soul-Patrol Newsletter?

There are in fact two reasons, both related to some of our recent content that you may have missed. I ask your forgiveness in advance for the intrusion.


REASON #1 Our recent interview with POWER 101 co-author Mr. Schuyler Traughber has been posted to YouTube. I fully realize that many of you were unable to attend the live interview as it happened last month.

So we recorded it and posted it out on YouTube, as a convenience. Here is the YouTube link:

If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd like you to take a listen and give me some direct feedback (good or bad, as long as it's honest. I have "thick skin") via email at The purpose of this feedback is to help us to improve, and we would like to make improvements based on real feedback from our end users. That link once again is (thanks in advance.)


REASON #2 This one is a little more practical and even more direct. Regardless of your feedback on the interview, we are faced with both an problem and an opportunity, that we would like to encourage your support with.

Authors are more than simply custodians & purveyors of information. They are also businesspeople. And in the case of POWER 101, our two authors are the "owners" of a Black Owned Business. It's available for sale here:

As the owners of Soul-Patrol (also a Black Owned Business,) we are acutely aware of some of the special issues faced by Black Owned Businesses. And of course, the #1 problem faced by Black Owned Businesses is that they can't survive, if Black people don't support their products and services. And the reason for that is historically speaking, white people won't support Black Owned Businesses. This is because there is a perceived notion that if a Black person produced a product, that product must be inferior.

Those of you who have been subscribed to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter for a while have seen me discuss this topic, perhaps ad nauseum? Well, I'm not going to stop until the main problem (Black people not supporting Black Owned Businesses) goes away.

I'd like to appeal to you with a direct value proposition. THIS BOOK IS EXCELLENT. I've read it.

It deals with a whole series of complex issues directly related to the creation and availability of high quality popular Black Music during the 1960's - 1990's.

Many of you have asked me over the years

"Bob what happened to all of the great music we used to get on almost a daily basis, from great labels and artists on Motown, Stax, Philadelphia International, etc?"

This book literally answers that question. And although the answer isn't a simple one, the authors provide that answer by breaking down all of the components and connecting the dots to make it easy for the reader to consume.

Given the above, I'd like to give you two opportunities:

- If You Are the least bit Interested in the answer to that question, I'd like you to consider buying the book from Amazon at the following link:

Kindle - $5.99

Paperback - $24.95

(if you buy the Kindle version, not only is it cheaper, but you get the book right away)


- If you read the book and would like to review it, I will offer you space on the Soul-Patrol website, and we will publish your review.


Again, my apologies for the intrusion, I ask in advance for your forgiveness.

(feel free to email me directly with any complaints, heck you can even call me if you prefer)



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Bob Davis "Grand Wizard" :)


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