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“Baduizm” – Erykah Badu – Listening Party



“Baduizm” – Erykah Badu – Listening Party



There are some people who are under the misconception that all of our discussions with respect to the FUNK are about music that is 20-30 years old and has little relevance to todays music scene. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Every now and then an album comes forth that sounds and feels like it was recorded in another time and place…….

SYSTEM Greeter:
SYSTEM Greeter: You are now in room “funk”
SYSTEM Greeter: You have READ/WRITE Access
SYSTEM Greeter:
SYSTEM Greeter: “caqncel” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “CHEETAH69” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “SistaKenya3” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “LezlieB” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “SewSaysSo” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “iRoNWoRmS” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “NSXdriver1” has entered the room
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SYSTEM Greeter: “OurMilo143” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “RUFNECKPHI” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “Skooter Chew” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “A4LeefClover” has entered the room
SYSTEM Greeter: “summitview” has entered the room
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SYSTEM Greeter: “PURPLE LION” has entered the room

nightrain: glad u could make it
SistaKenya3: hello all
A4LeefClover: hey
SistaKenya3: hi clover
nightrain: we should be starting in about 5 min or so
SistaKenya3: I’m— ready to get my Baduizm on!
nightrain: Ok Yall here is the deal…… here is how it will work:
nightrain: 1.Everyone in the room will put the album on…..starting at “Rimshot”….at the same time…
nightrain: 2. Then we will discuss each song on the album in detail. as the song is playing (your feelings thoughts & emotions).
nightrain: 3, Those of you who don’t have the album can sit back & read the ALBUM REVIEW OF your life !!
nightrain: We will do this for the entire album……EVERY song……!!!!!

nightrain: IS EVERYONE READY ??
SistaKenya3: yes
SistaKenya3: i am ret ta go
iRoNWoRmS: um
OurMilo143: ready
SewSaysSo: a minute
msbrickhouse: hey all

nightrain: START WITH THE FIRST TRACK NOW 1. Rimshot (intro) …….
SistaKenya3: boom clack boom clack
Slprywnwet1: excuse me, have you all started the cd yet?
SistaKenya3: I’m 1:13 thru
SistaKenya3: lol slpry
iRoNWoRmS: nightrain = the man
SewSaysSo: no Wet
nightrain: ok….what do yall think about rimshot ??
SistaKenya3: luv it
SistaKenya3: on & on
SewSaysSo: lol
nightrain: thoughts anyone ??
SistaKenya3: so are we pausing after each song?
SistaKenya3: lol
nightrain: what do yall think of rimshot ?
RUFNECKPHI: o dat bootay
SistaKenya3: well I like rimshot…
nightrain: so do i Sista…
SistaKenya3: I like “beat yo stick up gainst that drum…do it….lol
iRoNWoRmS: I…liked Rimshot when I had the CD
RUFNECKPHI: give to me
Slprywnwet1: lol
nightrain: ……..”hit yo STICK up gainst thet DRUM”
RUFNECKPHI: shit i’m n need
SistaKenya3: lol train….I goofed!
nightrain: I–Digs Her “Philosophy
iRoNWoRmS: uhh
iRoNWoRmS: I….-digs her mathematics on “On & On”
SistaKenya3: lol train
Slprywnwet1: brb, I need some wine
SewSaysSo: she sounds something Billy Holliday
SewSaysSo: lol wet
iRoNWoRmS: I am there
nightrain: ok….does the song do anything for u Sew ??
iRoNWoRmS: in my head
SistaKenya3: lol Slpry
RUFNECKPHI: she has a Billie Holiday sound
iRoNWoRmS: LoL…that song does a lotta things for Sew
iRoNWoRmS: lolol
SewSaysSo: yeah a has grown on me since i first heard it
nightrain: any other comments on Rimshot ?/
SistaKenya3: nope
nightrain: ON……& ….ON ….IS NEXT UP
nightrain: “I want a rimshot…..hey (dicky dicky) …….: “hey cum on……I want a rimshot…”
nightrain: I’m-still thinking bout Rimshot
SistaKenya3: ^5 hostie
SistaKenya3: oh on and on and on and on……
SistaKenya3: I just moved to track 3,,,oops
nightrain: I like ON & ON….
SewSaysSo: well we didn’t talk about on and on
SistaKenya3: So do I…
SewSaysSo: very catchy tune….
nightrain: It Has A Nice Jazzy/Blusy Feel To It
BIG E TALLS: its live now mon
SewSaysSo: appealing
SewSaysSo: yes it does host
nightrain: “all night long till the break of dawn”…..
SistaKenya3: My favorite part is….You rush into destruction cause you don’t have nothin left
SistaKenya3: The mothership can’t save you so your azz is gon get left
nightrain: 3. Appletree – …..IS UP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
SistaKenya3: ok
SistaKenya3: it was a stormy night…
Slprywnwet1: I like this statement
Jibba’Fly: street dreams r made of these
Slprywnwet1: I pick my friends like I pick my fruit
A4LeefClover: I think she’s speaking on womanhood
Slprywnwet1: you do
A4LeefClover: being a strong woman
SistaKenya3: if you don’t wanna be down with me you don’t wanna pick from my appletree
Slprywnwet1: I think she is talking about herself
nightrain: “if ya don’t wanna be DOWN with me….then you don’t wanna pick from my apple tree
A4LeefClover: cause we are the bearers of fruit
SewSaysSo: “work at pleasing me cause I can’t please you”
SewSaysSo: my motto Wet
Slprywnwet1: she is cool and if you dont like her cool
Slprywnwet1: and the fact she has no expectations
Slprywnwet1: lol
A4LeefClover: lol
Slprywnwet1: no, Sista, its what we make it
SistaKenya3: if you say so Slpry…
SewSaysSo: love the background vocals
SistaKenya3: True Sew
A4LeefClover: i love the arrangements
SewSaysSo: yeah
SistaKenya3: My favorite one of them is coming up next….
Slprywnwet1: hey did yall know the whole cd is mixed, no musicians
nightrain: keep going yall
SewSaysSo: no Wet really?
SistaKenya3: ok…..track 4?
Slprywnwet1: really
Slprywnwet1: read the cover
SistaKenya3: This is MY song!
SewSaysSo: ok Wet
A4LeefClover: oh man this is the sh*t
Slprywnwet1: I like the next….I walk away from a situation like this
SistaKenya3: What ya gonna do when they come for you
Slprywnwet1: when I was younger
SistaKenya3: work ain’t honest but it pays the bills….
Slprywnwet1: walked
SistaKenya3: do I really want my baby
SistaKenya3: brotha tell me what to do
Slprywnwet1: “BROTHERS”
iRoNWoRmS: LoL
A4LeefClover: i feel her dilemma
Slprywnwet1: love them or lead them
SistaKenya3: I know you got to get your hustle on…so I pray
Slprywnwet1: Iron, baby, you gettin on my nerves
SewSaysSo: “complex occupation”
nightrain: BADUIZM” – Erykah Badu – Listening Party …Is Our Topic
SistaKenya3: me and baby got this situation
SistaKenya3: brotha got this complex occupation
nightrain: hmmmmmm…..a SITUATION ???
Slprywnwet1: and she goes on to tell that the brother has an education
A4LeefClover: i love her phrasing!!!
SewSaysSo: yeah he does
SistaKenya3: but she loves him strong….awww
Slprywnwet1: macho
Slprywnwet1: lol
Slprywnwet1: you gotta go
SistaKenya3: but could this be make believe
SewSaysSo: take your time
SistaKenya3: work ain’t honest but it pays the bills….gave me the life that I came to live….
SistaKenya3: but the gods gonna see us through/peace after revolution…..I LOVE THIS SONG!
SewSaysSo: i bet a lot of women can relate to this song
Slprywnwet1: Brothers who are out there slinging and have families, rarely think about the consequences of their business
Slprywnwet1: its really either death or jail
SistaKenya3: here or not actually….
Slprywnwet1: no one puts the cash away for a rainy day
SistaKenya3: I agree Slpry
Slprywnwet1: and when they are dead or jailed…then what?
SewSaysSo: then the house and the cars and the lifestyle goes
SistaKenya3: We’re left holding the proverbial bag…
Slprywnwet1: true
Slprywnwet1: and you love them…however, it is genocide
nightrain: hmmmmmmm
SistaKenya3: True
SewSaysSo: “do what U gotta do”
SistaKenya3: Host…..comment
Slprywnwet1: and the very reason they do it…”is cause the man wont let me”
SistaKenya3: yep…
SistaKenya3: host….keep going?
iRoNWoRmS: la la la la la
SewSaysSo: we do too
SistaKenya3: I’m on #5
SewSaysSo: ok Kenya
SistaKenya3: get out
nightrain: What was the main point ??
SistaKenya3: A brotha probably into drug dealin….hustlin
Slprywnwet1: This is a favorite of mine
SewSaysSo: the main point was that she loves him and the lifestyle but she knows it be over in an instant
SistaKenya3: But she’s bee with him so long she’ll stick by him no matter what
Slprywnwet1: but the lifestyle is not good for her and the baby on the way
SewSaysSo: yeah bit it’s hard to walk away from…
Slprywnwet1: yep, you gotta leave town
Slprywnwet1: with aspirations of hooking myself up…and telling him to come be with me
Slprywnwet1: then I decided that this area could kill him
Slprywnwet1: and so I never said “come and be with me”
SistaKenya3: cool…
Slprywnwet1: and so….
SewSaysSo: ok Wet
IntelBeauty: nite all. I will be back another time and hopefully u will discussing one from my collections.
SistaKenya3: ok…so what now?
SewSaysSo: on to the next song
Slprywnwet1: next song I guess
SewSaysSo: ok
SistaKenya3: ok
Slprywnwet1: #6
SistaKenya3: That’s what I wanna know….lol
Slprywnwet1: very short
SistaKenya3: I’m there
SewSaysSo: all night long
SistaKenya3: at beginning
nightrain: My Favorite….
Slprywnwet1: yup
SewSaysSo: i loke this one too
SewSaysSo: like
SistaKenya3: yep train…lol
SistaKenya3: next lifetime….
Slprywnwet1: its a beautiful song
nightrain: “THE SITUATION”
SistaKenya3: now what am I supposed to do
Slprywnwet1: and if all of us could be sure of our next life times
nightrain: This Song Is About The Essence Of Life
SewSaysSo: yeah wet
SistaKenya3: when I want you in my world
Slprywnwet1: what we would be, where would we be
SistaKenya3: True Slpry
SistaKenya3: Yes train…definitely
Slprywnwet1: a warm and sunny day
nightrain: “Somebody Else’s Girl….”
Slprywnwet1: you smiled at me so warm and sweet
Slprywnwet1: lol
Slprywnwet1: whatta you do to me
SistaKenya3: guess I’ll see you next lifetime
SewSaysSo: or next week
Slprywnwet1: yeah
SistaKenya3: I’m—singing along…
Slprywnwet1: next week
SistaKenya3: your energy feels so damn good to me
Slprywnwet1: since we cant be sure about next lifetime
nightrain: She Make’s Me Wanna……
Slprywnwet1: actually she expresses love for this man…however, she remains faithful
SistaKenya3: lol
SistaKenya3: True Slpry
SewSaysSo: yeah good for her
SistaKenya3: We’ll be butterflies
SewSaysSo: control yoself Host
nightrain: I disagree ….wett…..
SistaKenya3: LOL train
Slprywnwet1: expressing she must LOVE HER MAN because if she didnt, she would be all over him like white on rice
Slprywnwet1: lol
nightrain: ….I Think She Is At A Decision Point…
SewSaysSo: emtions just don’t lie
nightrain: ……& she makes that decision after the song !!
SewSaysSo: and she decides to creep!
Slprywnwet1: I know I’m alot of woman….but not enough to divide the pie
SistaKenya3: I know I’m a lot of woman but not enough to divide the pie
SistaKenya3: lol
nightrain: LOL
Slprywnwet1: no Sew, right Sista
Slprywnwet1: lol
nightrain: “Pies Are Made To Be Divided Many Ways”
SewSaysSo: true
Slprywnwet1: she postpones it til next lifetime
SistaKenya3: You don’t have to cry…alone
Slprywnwet1: but the intro to this song is so….damn moving
SistaKenya3: Yes
nightrain: it makes me wanna…….
SistaKenya3: what…lol
Slprywnwet1: wanna what?
SistaKenya3: lol
nightrain: …..i love this record
SewSaysSo: lol
SistaKenya3: keep going?
Slprywnwet1: next time I’ll make you mine
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: certainly
Slprywnwet1: is how the song ends
nightrain: (it’s far too personal to discuss in a chat room)
Slprywnwet1: pick you afro daddy
SewSaysSo: who still has an afro?
SistaKenya3: lol train
SistaKenya3: not I…lol
Slprywnwet1: I like this song
nightrain: LOL….SISTA
SistaKenya3: yep
SistaKenya3: LOL train
SewSaysSo: Wu Tang
Slprywnwet1: if you dont pick your afro….you gonna have one side high
SewSaysSo: how U blow up a pager?
Slprywnwet1: the negroe lied
Slprywnwet1: got game
nightrain: i like the trombone …
Slprywnwet1: blowing up that pager
SewSaysSo: me too train
Slprywnwet1: 911
nightrain: …gives it a louisiana feeling
Slprywnwet1: you dont know How to use that pager baby I’m bout to take that hoe back
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: who gave you permission to rearrange me…certainly not me
nightrain: lol…wett
SistaKenya3: who told you that it was alright to love me….
SistaKenya3: certainly not me
nightrain: hmmmmm rearanged ??
nightrain: this one is deep also……
Slprywnwet1: how many ladies have fallen in love with someone and rearranged their schedule around them?
SistaKenya3: I was not looking for no love affair
SistaKenya3: yep
Slprywnwet1: and now you want to mold me
SewSaysSo: lol Wet
Slprywnwet1: lol
Slprywnwet1: control me
SistaKenya3: slip me mickey….hee hee
Slprywnwet1: get creative with my love
nightrain: creativity is important
SewSaysSo: certainly not me
Slprywnwet1: you fall in love unexpectedly
SistaKenya3: Oh lawd Slpry…..must we answer…LOL
Slprywnwet1: yes, PLEASE ANSWER
Slprywnwet1: LOL
SistaKenya3: I don’t need nobody telling me the time
nightrain: I Did Not Ask For No Love Affair
SewSaysSo: U want an answer Wet??
Slprywnwet1: i dont need nobody telling me the time
Slprywnwet1: yes
SistaKenya3: train….you creative?
SistaKenya3: ROFL
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: <—- it’s the medicine talkin…don’t mind me
nightrain: Perhaps……sista….perhaps…
SewSaysSo: i was not looking for a love affair and now you wanna kiss me
Slprywnwet1: and now you want to kiss me
Slprywnwet1: and now you wanta control me
ChULaLuCiNdA: baduiSm = beautiful.. even tho She doeSN’t have that large of a range…
Slprywnwet1: why do you say that ChuLa
ChULaLuCiNdA: SHe doeSn’t…
SewSaysSo: love the background vocals
SewSaysSo: close harmony
Slprywnwet1: the background is her
Slprywnwet1: I think
SistaKenya3: sure is
SewSaysSo: i know
Slprywnwet1: ok
SistaKenya3: 4 leaf clover
Slprywnwet1: but, bootzilla baby
Slprywnwet1: I love the ending
Slprywnwet1: here I am on a cloud
Slprywnwet1: if you only take the chance try love out loud
Slprywnwet1: lol
nightrain: i think that a certain person in here might dig this song
SistaKenya3: touch a 4 leaf clover
Slprywnwet1: settle down is oh so hard
Slprywnwet1: take you time
SistaKenya3: you’ve only got one chance
nightrain: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Slprywnwet1: yeah Kenya
SistaKenya3: ooh we ooh we ooh…
nightrain: “& don’t miss it”
nightrain: you’veonly got one chance”
nightrain: 🙂
Slprywnwet1: hold on to your rabbits foot
SistaKenya3: lol
SistaKenya3: ROFL
Slprywnwet1: I just might be yours forever
SewSaysSo: sounds like a xylophone
Slprywnwet1: lol
Slprywnwet1: say you love me
SistaKenya3: Clover….y u so quiet?
Slprywnwet1: catch a 4 leaf clover
SistaKenya3: touch a four leaf clover…
SistaKenya3: luck might come your way
SistaKenya3: oops….catch
SistaKenya3: lol
A4LeefClover: I’m—-crying…this song moves me
SistaKenya3: Awww
SistaKenya3: It is nice
SistaKenya3: 4 leaf clover
SewSaysSo: awww 4 leef
nightrain: 4LeefClover
nightrain: i love this cover
SistaKenya3: Now when my most favorite somg comes up…ima act a fool…lol
SistaKenya3: track #11….”drama”….
nightrain: LOL SISTA
SewSaysSo: lol ok Kenya..there’s plenty of room
SistaKenya3: That’s me…
nightrain: 9. NO LOVE IS UP
Slprywnwet1: yeah, drama
SistaKenya3: how could anyone be so cruel
Slprywnwet1: misunderstood, turned your back on me and left me lonely
SistaKenya3: this is more of a radio song….
SewSaysSo: how mant times have i said that?
Antonyblk22: i feel like crying
Slprywnwet1: I wish I could open my heart so you could know me
nightrain: there are scratches in the song…
SewSaysSo: yes
Antonyblk22: im so sad
SistaKenya3: how can we make love when you don’t love me?
Slprywnwet1: how can we make love when you dont love me
nightrain: it sounds like a 45
Slprywnwet1: lol
SewSaysSo: lol
Slprywnwet1: you dont show no love
SewSaysSo: it sure does
SistaKenya3: lol Slpry….we on the same page…LOL
nightrain: (They Must Be Twins)
nightrain: LOL
Slprywnwet1: you had me calling out your name
SistaKenya3: lol train
Antonyblk22: love aint real
Antonyblk22: wat is love
Slprywnwet1: hey gurl,,you been hurt huh
nightrain: go head Anthony
SistaKenya3: baybee….I wish you knew how to rescue me
Slprywnwet1: how can we make love when you dont love me
nightrain: But now i’m blind for real…
Slprywnwet1: you dont show no love
SistaKenya3: da diya dot dot de…from this misery
Slprywnwet1: go Sista, go Sista, go Sista
Slprywnwet1: lol
Slprywnwet1: siiiing gurl
SistaKenya3: LOL Slpry….I get into this stuff…lol
Slprywnwet1: me too
nightrain: —I don’t like this song much
SistaKenya3: lol
Slprywnwet1: I’m going to see her
nightrain: I’m- glad it’s ending
SistaKenya3: Like I said…it would do well on radio…
Slprywnwet1: what event host you never loved someone who didnt love you enough
nightrain: nope
SistaKenya3: My song is coming up ya’ll…..talks about what I’m about….
Slprywnwet1: or showed, or said they loved you
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: LOL train
Slprywnwet1: then you have missed 35% of your life
Slprywnwet1: lol
nightrain: lol….wett
SistaKenya3: this world is so dramatic..I can’t believe
SistaKenya3: that we’re still livin
SistaKenya3: oh in this crazy crazy world
SistaKenya3: that I’m still livin
SistaKenya3: so tired of hearing people say how can I go on
SistaKenya3: fantasy people
SistaKenya3: make believe people
SistaKenya3: how can you go on
nightrain: I love this groove
Slprywnwet1: wine has gone to my head, i have a buzz
SistaKenya3: but you’re still livin
SistaKenya3: ME TOO
nightrain: Strong Bass
Slprywnwet1: am I repeating myself
SistaKenya3: — mah lyrics….lol
Slprywnwet1: loves dat bass
Slprywnwet1: or in this crazy crazy world
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: race relations….segregation…no occupation…world inflation…demonstration..miseducation…no celebration to celebrate your lives…
SistaKenya3: Love this song ya’ll…it says something…
nightrain: Yes sista……very culturally aware
SistaKenya3: lift up your hearts to god
SistaKenya3: lift up your souls
SistaKenya3: I listen to this song each morning before I go to work…
nightrain: Inspirational, eh….sista ?
Slprywnwet1: you do
Slprywnwet1: fantasy people
SistaKenya3: listen people listen lift up your hearts to GOD…teach your children wisdom..reality today….
SistaKenya3: Yep train…
SistaKenya3: I love it…my favorite cut….always.
SistaKenya3: That was cool…lol
nightrain: Wisdom
SistaKenya3: uh huh
Slprywnwet1: sometimes
SistaKenya3: sometimes
SistaKenya3: lol
Slprywnwet1: I dont love you anymore
Slprywnwet1: sometime I’m in love with you
Slprywnwet1: sometime I think I going mad
SistaKenya3: ooh chile
Slprywnwet1: llol
Slprywnwet1: gone on
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: tell me where,,,
SistaKenya3: oh where
Slprywnwet1: where did the love go
nightrain: “sometimes i think that i’m going mad”
SistaKenya3: where did the love go
nightrain: ohhh child….
nightrain: ….why it got to be this way
nightrain: ?
Slprywnwet1: I feel like forgiving you
nightrain: where did the love go ?
Slprywnwet1: Well
SistaKenya3: you been runnin through my dome
Slprywnwet1: Meanwhile
SistaKenya3: won’t leave me alone
nightrain: sometimes i feel that you are draining me…
Slprywnwet1: this love affair aint what it was
nightrain: …i’m sitting here alone
SistaKenya3: where oh where oh where-e-where-e-where….did the love go…lol
Slprywnwet1: yeah yoo
SistaKenya3: ye yo ye yo
SistaKenya3: ye yo ye yo
SistaKenya3: lol
SistaKenya3: where did the love go
Slprywnwet1: I’m— dancing at the computer
SistaKenya3: ooh we ooh we ooh….
SistaKenya3: LOL
nightrain: lol…wett
SewSaysSo: this song is scratchy too
SistaKenya3: This is fun
SistaKenya3: Yep Sew
nightrain: yes it is sew
SistaKenya3: Certainly….remix
nightrain: UH OH…..
SistaKenya3: who gave you permission to rearrangeme
nightrain: ….”FLIP IT”
SistaKenya3: certainly not me
Slprywnwet1: certainly not me
Slprywnwet1: either
Slprywnwet1: lol
SistaKenya3: I was not looking for no love affair
Slprywnwet1: hold me
nightrain: baby
nightrain: & now ya wanna kiss me
SistaKenya3: you tried to get a little tricky…turned around and slipped me a mickey….
Slprywnwet1: certainly certainly certainly certainly
SistaKenya3: the world is mine
SistaKenya3: when I wake up
nightrain: This jam is on the money
nightrain: I love it
SistaKenya3: I don’t need nobody tellin me the time
nightrain: 🙂
Slprywnwet1: yup
SistaKenya3: Sure is train
Slprywnwet1: certainly not me
Slprywnwet1: who tole you that it was alright to love me
nightrain: I’m “wigglin” in my chair now
SistaKenya3: LOL
SistaKenya3: this is the bomb
nightrain: Who told you it was alright to love me ??
Slprywnwet1: and thats real cute but
SistaKenya3: certainly ont me
SistaKenya3: not
nightrain: hold me….
SistaKenya3: yout ried to get a little tricky
Slprywnwet1: sometimes….you just do what you gotta do!
SistaKenya3: tried
SistaKenya3: lol
nightrain: turn around….(so you can recive your “mickey” now !!)
SistaKenya3: the world is mine mine mine….
Slprywnwet1: sometimes you love people in spite of themselves
SistaKenya3: ROFL
SistaKenya3: true Slpry
SistaKenya3: I don’t need I don’t need I don’t need….
nightrain: I’m just trying to “insert” a male point of view in here
SistaKenya3: and then you slipped me a mickeyand then you slipped me a mickeyand then you slipped me a mickeyand then you slipped me a mickeyand then you slipped me a mickey
SistaKenya3: LOL train…insert
Slprywnwet1: have you ever loved someone, even though you felt it was predestined not to work….but it was so good, that you told yourself you would worry about that when the time came
nightrain: ooooooooo Sista
SistaKenya3: ROFL
nightrain: Yes i have ….wett
SistaKenya3: Unfortunately Slpry
SewSaysSo: yeah Wet…more than once
SistaKenya3: rimshot
SistaKenya3: hey come on
Slprywnwet1: caution to the wind sort of
nightrain: Rimshot anyone ??
Slprywnwet1: give it to me
Slprywnwet1: give it to me
SistaKenya3: I came to hear the drummer play
Slprywnwet1: give it to me
Slprywnwet1: give it to me
SistaKenya3: I ain’t thinkin’ bout cha
Slprywnwet1: boom clack
nightrain: “I want a rimshot…..hey (dicky dicky) …….: “hey cum on……I want a rimshot…”
Slprywnwet1: dont wanta to hear no snare
SistaKenya3: don’t wanna hear no snares ova there
nightrain: This bass is badd
Slprywnwet1: gotta hear it loud
SistaKenya3: diggy diggy….doggy…heee heee
SistaKenya3: LOL
SistaKenya3: me too Slpry
Slprywnwet1: hot digggity dog
Slprywnwet1: lol

SistaKenya3: This was cool ya’ll….
nightrain: HEY….DIGGY DIGGY
SistaKenya3: I like that boom clack….lol
SewSaysSo: gotta go..bye y’all
nightrain: LOL SISTA
SistaKenya3: Peace Sew
SistaKenya3: LOL train
SistaKenya3: Slpry….this was fun gurl….LOL
nightrain: We will do this again soon…with another album
Slprywnwet1: It sure was fun
SistaKenya3: Any thoughts train?
nightrain: about what sista ?
SistaKenya3: next album
SistaKenya3: hope it’s something I have
nightrain: hmmmmm
SistaKenya3: lol
nightrain: I’ll have to think about it
SistaKenya3: ok
nightrain: maybe solicit some ideas on the BB
Slprywnwet1: this was good
nightrain: or maybe do this one again
SistaKenya3: ok
Slprywnwet1: I enjoyed myself
SistaKenya3: Me too
SistaKenya3: It was fun to listen with other people who like it also
SistaKenya3: lol
nightrain: yes
SistaKenya3: oh well
SistaKenya3: it still turned out pretty good
SistaKenya3: I’m glad we did it

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