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Soul Patrol Newsletter

Soul Patrol Newsletter

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

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Candi Staton – “His Hands” image
LISTEN TO Candi Staton – His Hands on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio(Hosted by Kevin Amos – The Funkoverlord)
imageSoul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines

* CONCERT REVIEW – Candi Staton (w/Stephanie McKay) @ World Café Live 8/11 (“All Good and Perfect Gifts Come From God”)

* BIOGRAPHY – Candi Staton

* PRESS RELEASE – Candi Staton/His Hands

* CD REVIEW – Candi Staton “His Hands”

* AUDIO INTERVIEW – Candi Staton Talks to T. Watts


* CD REVIEW – Candi Staton: “Candi Staton” (Soul-Patrol’s BEST “Classic Soul” Release of 2004)


Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

This issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter is dedicated to the legendary Candi Staton.

Candi Staton is an artist who has been down with Soul-Patrol for a very long time. Over the years we have done all kinds of interviews, chat sessions, internet radio broadcasts and more with Candi Staton. She is a good example of someone who is indeed a true “artist” in every sense of the word. She has determined that her “art” will not bend to the winds of what the “commercial world” dictates and that her artistry is going to be dictated soley by what is in her own heart and soul.

We like that attitude. We like it a LOT!!!

For example, here is a review of Candi’s new CD from our own Kevin Amos (tha Funkoverlord)…


I have listened to this recording at least 20 times. at least!

Every time I have put it in my CD player I get overcome with emotion from hearing Candi’s unmistakable voice. The feeling and emotion she conveys in any style is her trademark. Country, Blues, Gospel, and yes folks” Young Hearts Run Free” from the Disco period as well.

The title song “His Hands” WILL have you testifying’. “In Name Only” will have you shakin’ your head in agreement. Recorded in Nashville, this CD features an all star crew of singers and players. They do an excellent job as you will hear for yourself.

If this recording does not get airplay on country stations I say the programmers have some serious problems. The same thing goes for the Gospel folk, the R&B folk, and the Blues folk too! Yes.the music crosses all these musical boundaries. I predict “His Hands” to gather quite a few awards over the next year…mark my word

Does that sound like an artist who is catering to the “conventional wisdom”??? Here in 2006 Candi Staton continues to break new ground, not only with her new album, but she is also one of the first Classic Soul artists to establish herself on MySpace!!!

In this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter we have several other reviews of Candi’s new album “His Hands” along with the music itself as an internet radio special. We also have an audio interview with Candi from our friend T. Watts in California, our Candi Staton Chat Transcript from several years ago where she talked with Soul-Patrollers around the world about her legendary career and more. Candi Staton is a diverse artist that simply hasn’t gotten her props. She’s “classic soul”, she’s “country”, she’s “disco”, she’s “gospel”, she’s been a TV star and more… She’s a legendary figure who has defied the “conventional wistom” and been true to herself. Candi Staton is possesed with one of the greatest voices in the history of Black music. It’s the equal of names like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Gladys Knight and others who are “household names”. We think that she deserves her props and this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter is all about giving Candi Staton her props…

–Bob Davis

CONCERT REVIEW – Candi Staton (w/Stephanie McKay) @ World Café Live 8/11 (“All Good and Perfect Gifts Come From God”)

Candi Staton @ World Café Live 8/11For those of you who might be wondering about the sub title of this review, I just wanted you to know that while I haven’t turned into a “religious evangelist”, I have turned into a “Candi Staton Evangelist”. You see there came a point in time during the show when Candi Staton said “All Good and Perfect Gifts Come From God” . And when she made the statement, it struck me that although she was talking about religion, it was also a perfect description of what I was seeing and hearing at the concert. And that was indeed not a surprise at all because on the previous night I had seen Candi Staton give an abbreviated version of her full show at a private event in New Jersey. I had talked with her and her band at length about the past, present and future. So therefore tonight’s show in Philly was strictly about the music, I was primed for a great performance with one of the greatest vocal performers in the history of Black music, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Bettye Lavette, Candi Staton and Randall Grass
Bettye Lavette, Candi Staton and Randall Grass

I arrived at the World Café Live, which is a fantastic concert venue, located on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania at around 7pm. I sat down at a table right up front with Soul-Patroller Ashley Scott. Later we were joined by writer Larry Cotton and Philadelphia Soul-Patrol Coordinator “Dr. Brookenstien”. We literally had “ringside seats” to the proceedings.


Stephanie McKay
Stephanie McKay

First up was Stephanie McKay and as she walked out onto the stage the band struck up about 30 seconds from the Temptations classic “Ball of Confusion”. That was a perfect way to open the show. Stephanie McKay’s show was reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz in that all of the original songs were “derivative” (they all contained bits and pieces of classic songs from Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Prince, Pointer Sisters, etc). I think that’s a pretty good foundation, but that she is going to evolve. She gave a high energy performance and was able to get the audience involved. In fact there came a point during the show where the band was kicking out one of the “Prince influenced jams” and Stephanie came down off of the stage and picked various audience members from the audience to dance with. Two of the people that she selected were “Dr. Brookenstien” and I. Stephanie McKay “freaked all over me” while we danced together for about 30 seconds in the small area between our table and the stage. Later after her show was over I met Stephanie and she said that I hung in there pretty good with her. She also told me that she’s got a new EP coming out soon.

Candi Staton took the stage, dressed in a blue jean outfit with sequins and when I saw this it made me smile. All she would have needed was a cowboy hat and you might have thought you were at the Grand Old Opry. I dunno what people in Philly expected after seeing how she was dressed, but I knew exactly what to expect. I knew that Candi Staton and her powerhouse Blues/Funk band (featuring STAX style horn section and a MFSB style bass/guitars) was going to turn out the World Café Live as soon as they hit the first few notes of the Solomon Burke classic “Don’t You Feel Like Crying”.

Next up Candi went back into her own catalog and pulled out “I’d Rather Be an Old Man’s Sweetheart Than a Young Man’s Fool”. This was of course Candi Staton’s very first single back in 1969 and of course she sang the hell out of it. As I listened to her singing the song, I couldn’t help but make the comparison to today’s “corporate new jack” female singers that we hear on today’s knee-gro radio stations. These singers try to deal with similar topics but they don’t possess either the vocal or intellectual depth to be believable.

Next up Candi went “country” with “If Your Tying To Break My Heart (You Don’t Have Very Far To Go)” and her own Grammy Nominated version of “Stand By Your Man”. At this point I’m just smiling as I am watching this Philadelphia audience eat up some Candi Staton singing “country”. Then Candi kinda eased us out of the “country” with yet another one her Grammy Nominated songs, “In the Ghetto”. She makes you forget all about the Elvis version!!!

At this point it’s becoming clear that seeing Candi Staton LIVE is to witness a vocal talent that hangs with the very best music that we have ever heard from artists like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Gladys Knight (and any other vocalist you can think of). This is something that I have always known from her records, but seeing her LIVE makes you understand the reality of that.

Next up Candi goes back to her latest release “His Hands” with the songs “I’ll Sing A Love Song To You” and “How Do I Get Over You”. This is KILLER STUFF yall and as much as I dug these two songs on the album, nothing prepared me for what I was about to hear. For example “How Do I Get Over You”, as performed LIVE by Candi and her band was just about a “perfect song” for me. It’s a Blues/Funk masterpiece and with Candi’s call & response back and forth with the background singers is just about as good as it gets for me. I was up on my feet dancing as was most of the audience at the World Café Live. True enough, if you purchase Candi’s new release “His Hands” you will get the song “How Do I Get Over You”, however hearing it performed live is truly an AWESOME experience.

However that wasn’t the only awesome experience of the concert. Later the lights went down slightly and then came back up again. And there was Candi Staton standing there front and center. Only she wasn’t singing. Candi was now talking, she was talking about the horror of being abused by a man and then she confessed that she too had been abused. What a POWERFUL introduction that was to the title cut of her latest release “His hands”. In the song Candi Staton describes in detail the mental, physical and emotional impact of this man “laying his hands” on her. It’s a southern soul tearjerker that discusses a serious global issue in a very personal way.

Candi Staton @ World Café Live 8/11And now Candi Staton is about to do a “180” on us. After singing a song that is so depressing that if you closed your eyes you could easily imagine a pool of blood on the floor of the spot that she is standing on, Candi Staton follows “His Hands” with what is possibly the most upbeat song that one can imagine. However it’s certainly not a surprise, it’s a song that was a mega hit for Candi Staton back in the 1970’s. A song that packed dance floors around the corner and around the world, “Young Hearts Run Free” is an anthem known by everyone and within the first 20 seconds after the band struck up the song everyone at World Café Live was up on their feet dancing. The familiar pulsating/driving disco beat was in full effect as Candi Staton quickly turned a club where people were on the verge of tears into a bouncing and happy scene from a 1970’s disco. And then without warning the music changed and you no longer hear the synthesizer, the horns and the bass get just a little bit STANKIER and the I realize that Candi and the band have morphed “Young Hearts Run Free” from a “disco cut” into a STONE COLD FUNK JAM that would make James Brown proud.

To end the show and to take advantage of the fact that everyone was already on their feet, Candi and the band roll right into her other disco classic “Victim”. In fact “Victim” sounded so nice they had to do it twice. So after the show concluded and the audience called them back onstage, Candi and the band did “Victim” again.

The night before, I had asked Candi Staton how she defined her music and she said: Bob the music that I do is called SOUTHERN SOUL and it’s a combination of BLUES, GOSPEL and COUNTRY. I’ll accept Candi’s definition but I’ll just call her music “Great Black Music From the Ancient to The Future”, because that is truly the only term I can think of to accurately describe it.

If you missed Candi Staton’s recent east coast swing, you need to “kick yourself in the be-hind”. This was the bast concert I have seen so far this year. She is indeed “a Good and Perfect Gift From God” I’m sure that she will be back this way soon enough, but I am also sure that it will be MUCH harder to get a ticket…

Check out Candi Staton on the web

BIOGRAPHY – Candi Staton

BIOGRAPHY - Candi StatonOver the years Candi Staton has made her mark in country, rhythm and blues, pop, disco and gospel music. But, all of it has been wrapped in her own incomparable brand of sweet southern soul. That’s why she’s been tagged the Sweetheart of Soul. She’s sold tons of records, won a mountain of awards and has placed songs such as ‘Young Hearts Run Free” and “In The Ghetto” into the popular vernacular. Born in Hanceville, Alabama, Candi’s was a farming family. They spent most of their time picking cotton and attending the Pentecostal church. At the age of four, Candi sang her first solo at church. Her father was an alcoholic and gambled away the family’s money. After she’d had enough, Candi’s mother moved with her children to Cleveland where her oldest son lived.

They attended his church where Candi and her sister Maggie began to sing in the services. Impressed by their obvious talent, the pastor asked the Sutton girls to sing with her group called the Jewel Gospel Trio. They recorded several singles for Nashboro Records such as “I Looked Down The Line (And I Wondered)” and “Too Late in die fifties and toured internationally.

When she came of age, Candi left the group and studied nursing. She married and had four children. However, after seven years of matrimony, she grew tired of her husband’s jealousy and physical abuse. Eventually, she left him and sought to begin a secular music career. She recorded a couple of singles for the Minaret and Unity labels, but the big break came later. Her brother dared her to sing on amateur night at the 27/28 Club in Birmingham. She went up and sang “Do Right Woman” and won a booking to open for Clarence Carter. He liked her and asked her to open for him on the road. Caner introduced Candi to his producer. Rick Hall (renowned for the Muscle Shoals sound), who snagged her a deal with Capitol Records.

In 1969 Sutton’s debut “I’d Rather Be an Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than a Young One’s Fool)’ became a Top Ten R&B smash and her first million-seller. Over the next few years, she racked up southern soul smashes such as ‘Never In Public,” “I’m Just a Prisoner,’ “He Called Me Baby,” “Mr. & Mrs. Untrue,’ “Too Hurt To Cry” and “Sweet Feeling. Her gold records “Stand By Your Man” and ‘In the Ghetto” were both nominated for Grammy awards.

By 1974 Candi and Clarence were divorced and she moved on to Warner Brothers where she began the disco phase of her career with the dance hits “As Long As He Takes Care of Home” and “A Little Taste of Love.” Over the remainder of the decade, she’d churn out dance classics such as “Young Hearts Run Free,” “Run To Me,” “Victim,” “When You Wake Up Tomorrow” and others.

Candi reached the height of her fame during this period. She toured internationally as an opening act for Teddy Pendergrass and Ray Charles. She made frequent television appearances on “American Bandstand,” “Soul Train,” “The Midnight Special” and other shows of the period. In June 1979 President Carter invited Candi, Joe Williams, Chuck Berry, Patti Labelle and Andrae Crouch to inaugurate the first Black Music month celebration with a concert on the White House lawn.

After exiting Warner Brothers in 1980, Candi cut a dance album Nite Lites for Sugar Hill Records which featured a slightly disco cover of Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds” which hit the Cash Box R&B chart at #92 in 1981. It fared better in Great Britain where it leveled off at #31.

PRESS RELEASE – Candi Staton/His Hands

PRESS RELEASE - Candi Staton/His HandsThe successful self-titled reissue of Fame-era material released in early 2004 allowed Candi Staton to make this, her first secular album in several years. Where 1999’s Outside In was a way to take advantage of her unplanned return to the clubs a couple singles released during the ’90s used a vocal she recorded for a documentary about a man’s struggle with life-threatening obesity

His Hands is 100 percent Southern Soul. Staton involves several family members and longtime associates, including son Marcus Williams (a seasoned drummer who has played with her for years), daughter Cassandra Hightower, sister Maggie Staton Peebles, and Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section organist Barry Beckett. It might be surprising to see that Lambchop’s Mark Nevers produced the session, and that Lambchop ally Lloyd Barry arranged the horns, but both men have done extensive work with Staton’s peers in the gospel world. Though seven of the 11 songs are provided by others (Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, Bert Berns, Will Oldham), Staton uses almost all of the album to work through the pain caused by her brutal past relationships, some of which came and went as she was churning out gospel material.

Something like this has evidently been a long time coming. Going by her performances, she’s possibly more familiar with the emotions running through the likes of “When Hearts Grow Cold” and “You Never Really Wanted Me” than the songwriters, and her voice remains a rich and powerful instrument it’s amazing how little her voice has changed through nearly four decades. Even when the arrangements come too close to resembling slight facsimiles of classic Southern soul (which isn’t too frequently), Staton’s heartache is enough to cut through your soul

Candi Staton – “His Hands” image
LISTEN TO Candi Staton – His Hands on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio(Hosted by Kevin Amos – The Funkoverlord)

CD REVIEW – Candi Staton “His Hands”

Candi Staton - His HandsThe best thing about reviewing New CD’s is that I get to hear music I wouldn’t necessarily hear on my own. Another good thing is I get to learn the history of the artist. I remember the name Candi Staton growing up. The songs I remember are “Young Hearts Run Free”, I’m Just A Prisoner “and “I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than A Young Man’s Fool).” As an adult I know of her as a Gospel Singer. A few years back Candi visited my church Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento California. I gathered my mom, my aunt Rosie and off we went to see her perform. It was an excellent service and a great performance. Now after about a 20 year absence she is making a new CD of secular music. It appears she has come full circle.

My first thoughts when I put on the “His Hands” CD were, “Hmm is it me or is this Country?” and “Huh? Why she singing it like this.” I continued to listen and said yep it’s definitely country. Funny I never thought of Candi Staton as a country singer. I always thought of her as a down home southern soul /blues type singer. I had to call my mom in Vegas and ask “Mom did Candi Staton ever sing country?” My mom said NO!! After doing a little bit of research I found that she did indeed cover country songs. Candi sang “Stand By Your Man”, “In The Ghetto” and a few more but they didn’t sound country, it was southern soul /r&b/blues/country mix. The songs she sang back in the day had that grit, passion, emotion, and soul/r&b/blues/country thing working.

The CD “His Hands” is a mystery CD. The mystery starts with the title “His Hands” Candi Staton has been singing gospel for the last twenty years and the title could lead you to believe it was a Gospel CD. The next mystery is the fact that the CD sounds country. The Merle Haggard tune “YouDon’t Have Far to go” is the first track on the CD. This caught me totally off gaurd. I didn’t expect to hear Candi Staton do country. Candi’s voice was great and she sang the song just fine but I couldn’t feel the passion or connection here. Something was missing. The song didn’t fit her voice and style. The country music and the lyrics were a distraction from the soulfulness of her voice.

“When Hearts Grow Cold was a much better fit. The music was similar but the lyrics were better and she sang the song with more of a country/blues sound. She seemed to have more of an connection to this song. But something was missing.

The title track “His Hands” tells of her lover abusing her. The music was nice and mellow, the passion was there and she sang it with soul. The first part is about her loving him and how great his hands felt and the passion. Then the tables turn and those same hands take on a new meaning. The end of the song she brings God’s hands into the song. This is the next mystery appears. I wonder why she didn’t write this one herself. The lyrics were a bit strange and the arrangement was off near the end. I had to listen to it three times to see/hear and understand the transition from singing about his hands to singing about God’s hands. I understand what the intent was, but it wasn’t a smooth or clear transition. It took away from the song. I now had to concentrate on the lyrics and lost the soul and emotion that Candi was putting down in the song.

“Running Out Of Love” and “Cry To Me ” are up tempo tracks. They both sound ok and a bit country to me. Something was missing. The track “You Never Really Wanted Me” is the biggest mystery of the entire CD. I just don’t understand the timing on this song. It seems way off, totally abstract. The song seems totally unconnected to anything. The arrangement was not right for her voice or style. This is a song she should of put her foot in but instead the style took all the Soul out of the song. Candi was taken totally out of the picture because I was trying to figure out why is this being sung like this. I got no feeling whatsoever from this song just confusion. How can that be? She has the voice, the grit, the passion and soul, but it was wasted here. I just don’t get it. Something was missing.

All is not lost for “His Hands” the real Candi Staton is here hiding. Let’s start with “I’ll Sing a Love Song to You” This song is what I will call country/soul/r&b. I like the energy of this song. She sings this song like she means it and she is a part of the song. The music is much better, not as country and the sound is much smoother. She seems very comfortable with this song. This is closer to what I expected. But still something is missing.

“It’s Not Easy Letting Go” is soulful blues/r&b song. It was good but it was missing that.. umph.. that fire…that deep passion/pain. She should have tore this one up. But make no mistake I do like this song, she did a good job but, I guess I just wanted a little bit more from her. Something was missing .

Ok here comes the southern soul/blues/passion/r&b… “In Name Only” well alright now! This is the Candi Staton I was expecting. The music is better and timing was there and the song was smooth. This is her style! Sang it gurl ! I got a connection here,, Artist to Song… good fit.

“How Do I Get Over You” has that soul/r&b/blues/country thang going. THIS IS CANDI STATON. This is classic old school Candi Staton. I played this song for several friends and a couple of strangers and they had the same response, “Hey I can work with this” as she started bobbing her head and moving to the beat (that was from a 25 year old). My brother said “Heyyyy blues baby!! Now I like that one” (50 yr old). I played it to an older lady while waiting for my car to be repaired and she said.. “This is one me and my husband could dance to. I really really like this song.” She had this big smile and a glow came over her. She starts moving and grooving in her chair. (Don’t know her age but her son was 41 yrs old). We had about an hour to kill and she found (4) four songs she said could listen to. Your going have to guess what the other three were. I can tell you this…they didn’t sound Country! “The final song “When Will I” is a gospel song.

What I don’t understand is why this CD sounds a bit off. Candi’s voice is in good form. Singing Gospel has kept her voice well tuned but something is missing “His Hands” sounds country. The music sounds country. The problem is her singing style doesn’t fit some of these country songs. I understand its country, but this is Candi Staton, gritty, down home southern soul/r&b/blues/country and passion. She is no stranger to country songs she sang them and made the songs her own. The songs aren’t bad, and she sang them with the soul that’s in her but something was missing. Her voice was fine, the songs were fine but they were not fine together. The arrangement was just off. Something was missing.

Does this pass the Rissy Buy it test? It has good songs and Candi’s voice sounds great but the overall feel of the CD is too country. The country arrangement of some songs doesn’t do her justice. Something was missing. I just expected more soul/blues/r&b.

Today I asked a friend of mine who is from Memphis and who very familar with Candi Staton and country music is if she heard this CD she said yes. I asked her what she thought… she said Candi sounds great, said Candi is one of the best Soul voices of all time… But…. something was missing… I asked what… She said it’s hard to explain, but the CD didn’t grab her. .She stated it’s not what I expected from her. She said it’s hard to put my finger on it.. She said we know Candi as a soul/blues singer, I expected more. She didn’t know why this was a yee haw country CD and not a Blues / R&B country CD. Then she solved the mystery..

She said this CD was not made for us. The soul has been taken out of the CD!

If you are a Candi Staton fan Yes Buy It! By all means put this CD in your collection

The songs she wrote and put that soul/blues sound into are worth it alone. Just hearing her sing will bless you and bring back memories of yesterday. She did a good job singing the songs despite the arrangement. After listening to the CD several times I got used the the country sound and was able to enjoy Candi.

Mz Rissy

Candi Staton – “His Hands” image
LISTEN TO Candi Staton – His Hands on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio(Hosted by Kevin Amos – The Funkoverlord)

AUDIO INTERVIEW – Candi Staton Talks to T. Watts

AUDIO INTERVIEW - Candi Staton Talks to T. WattsCheck out this 20 min. audio interview with Candi Staton conducted in 2006 by our own T. Watts.

Candi Staton Talks to T. Watts about: Johnny Taylor, Mavis Staples, Aretha Franklin, Stone Mountain Georgia, KKK, John Lee Hooker, Secular to Gospel, Merle Haggard, Ted White, European Soul Music Fans and more.


SOUL-PATROL CHAT TRANSCRIPT - Candi StatonOver the years Candi Staton has made her mark in country, rhythm and blues, pop, disco and gospel music. But, all of it has been wrapped in her own incomparable brand of sweet southern soul. A few years ago Candi Staton came to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room to give us some insight into her legendary career. Needless to say, she took us to school discussing topics like Candi Staton, Young Hearts Run Free, Clarence Carter, Rick Hall, Jewel Gospel Trio, Victim, Teddy Pendergrass, Ray Charles, Joe Williams, Chuck Berry, Patti Labelle, Andrae Crouch, Black Music Month, Muscle Shoals, Pentecostal church, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Disco, pop, country, and more!!

I think that some of you might be interested in hearing what she had to share with us at that time….Click here to read what Candi Staton had to say

Bob Davis:

CD REVIEW – Candi Staton: “Candi Staton” (Soul-Patrol’s BEST “Classic Soul” Release of 2004)

Listen to Candi Staton - Candi StatonThose of you who are over the age of 45 might just remember a certain time in your life. It was a time when you would hear a song being played on the local “soul station”. Yall know the kind of station I’m talking about. It was an AM station located down at the other end of the dial. It was the one that you had to turn the radio in the direction of the station’s transmitter in order to pick it up or else you might not even be able to hear it at all. (And at night the reception would be even

Well for me that station was WWRL – 1600 AM in NYC and one of the best things about listening to a radio station back in those days, was that when a GREAT song would be played, that song sounded like it would jump right through the tiny little speakers on the transistor radio with a force and power that seemed to dwarf the tiny radio that was tuned into the tiny radio station.

I call that force “100 percent PURE SOUL”.

It’s a force that would make me run down to my local “5 & 10 cent store” as quickly as possible to fork over whatever pennies I had in my pocket to go and but the 45 of that song.

Listening to “CANDI STATON” – CANDI STATON makes me feel like I am listening to WWRL, circa 1966 – 1970. How good is this album?



Or let me make myself perfectly clear…


This is of course the legendary music and little heard music that has been locked away for decades, originally recorded at the Legendary Muscle Shoals Alabama studios, for Fame Records, that Candi Staton told us about several years ago.

I suppose that whatever the legal issues were concerning the re-release of this music have been solved and now it’s available for us all to enjoy.


1. I’m Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin’)
2. Evidence
3. I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than A Young Man’s Fool)
4. The Best Thing You Ever Had
5. Someone You Use
6. That’s How Strong My Love Is
7. Another Man’s Woman, Another Woman’s Man
8. He Called Me Baby
9. Sweet Feeling
10. Do Your Duty
11. Love Chain
12. Stand By Your Man
13. Heart On A String
14. Too Hurt To Cry
15. You Don’t Love Me No More
16. Mr. And Mrs. Untrue
17. How Can I Put Out The Flame (When You Keep The Fire Burning)
18. To Hear You Say You’re Mine
19. Sure As Sin
20. What Would Become Of Me?
21. In The Ghetto
22. Get It When I Want It
23. Freedom Is Beyond The Door
24. I’ll Drop everything And Come Running
25. The Thanks I Get For Loving You
26. I’m Gonna Hold On (To What I Got This Time)

I won’t even attempt to analyze these songs. All I can say is that they are absolute classics and essential listening if you have bothered to read this far into my review. Whoever put together this CD package did not only an excellent job of taking us backwards in time, not just with the music, but also with the packaging. The CD comes with a full set of biographical liner notes that tell the story of Candi Staton and Fame records that is excellent. However the thing that will REALLY get you is when you remove the liner notes from the CD jewel case. Someone had the wisdom; foresight and brilliance to use paper for the liner notes that makes it feel almost exactly like an old and worn album cover!

(How is that for paying attention to detail, nostalgia fans?)

Don’t even thing twice about this one folks.

–Bob Davis (3/2004)

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UPCOMING NY/PHILLY SOUL-PATROL EVENTS - Candi StatonIt was the early 1980s when Candi Staton last played an east coast night club or concert hall. After battling the bottle, Staton recorded gospel music exclusively. Thanks to the success and acclaim of Staton’s self-titled 2004 Astralwerks/Honest Jons reissue of her 1969-1973 Muscle Shoals recordings and a brand new southern soul CD (“His Hands”), Staton is back on the concert scene with a new band and a new repertoire.

Staton’s new show features tunes from the 2004 reissue, the “His Hands” project, as well as, hits from her disco years such as “Young Hearts Run Free,” “Nights on Broadway” and “You Got the Love” that was featured in the finale episode of HBO’s “Sex in the City” series.

Released in April 2006, “His Hands” debuted at #15 on the Billboard blues chart and has received critical praise from music critics at the New York Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Mojo, Jane magazine and scores of other publications. On August 22, 2006 Shanachie Entertainment will release “The Ultimate Gospel Collection” featuring 31 of Staton’s beloved gospel tunes from 1983 to the present.

The itinerary is:

Candi Staton (w/Stephanie McKay) Wednesday, August 9, 2006 @ 8 PM at The Bowery Ballroom
217 East Houston Street (between Ludlow and Essex) in Manhattan, NY
Phone: 212-260-4700 or 866-468-7619 / Tickets: $25
Contact NYC Soul-Patrol Coordinator Cheryl Russell if you are coming out

Candi Staton (w/Stephanie McKay) Friday, August 11, 2006 @ 7:30 PM at Downstairs at World Café Live
3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-222-1400 / Tickets: $20
Contact Philly Soul-Patrol Coordinator David Brooks if you are coming out

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