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Classic Soul – Gerald Levert,

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Classic Soul – Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert, Gerald Levert,


Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Gerald LeVert Tribute Show

The Late Gerald Levert
Gerald LevertI started geting phone calls at about 2pm on Friday November 10. The first one was from Cleveland (SP Coordinador Iris Smith) and then they continued all afternoon and into the evening. At first the calls were to inform me of the passing of Gerald Levert. Later the calls were from people who were close to him, expressing pain and shock. By the time I was able to reach a computer my inbox was full of notifications about the passing of Gerald Levert. Next came the emails from people wanting to know when Soul-Patrol is going to have a tribute posted to Gerald Levert?

Well here is our tribute to Gerald Levert. It comes from our man in Chicago “King” George. To listen click on the link below, the banner below or on Gerald’s picture above and let us know what cha think???

LISTEN TO: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Gerald LeVert Tribute Show


Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Tribute to the late Gerald Levert

–Bob Davis

‘The Passing Of Gerald Levert”
Scary! The son of a real soul man has left us to soon! In the industry of R&B and Soul, this is really an American soulful tragedy! Gerald was the best of the flashbacks of real soul! Its really a shame the O’jays really don’t get their props! When they had their time, they were Monster in the black community! In the 70’s with the Gamble and Huff productions, they were very powerful and mind fulfilling! And then when ”Levert” came, it was awesome!! Gerald carried his dads voice sound to the next level! R&B, funk and soul is really a scary form of music,it never gets its due, I guess cause its too black for the mainstream, too sophisticated and black! But, its amazing how the mainstream gravitates to thug style hip hop and made that their new rock & roll. Amazing aint it? Maybe its the vaudeville in the visual, I guess. But Gerald truly represented, and his death should have been on national news! I only caught it on BET.

Meanwhile, when Mick Jagger’s dad died, it made major news all day long!!! Micks dad people!!!

Wake up! Thank God for the black press.

You really have to care about your own, if you don’t who will! Race will always play a major factor in the ”Life Game”. If anyone tells you its not about race, just turn around and walk away. Learn from the Jewish culture, and with an intelligent logical mind, it would enhance you as a person! They nurture the minds of their own in house, before they deal outside the house! I really respect them. That’s how we have to be when it comes to our artist! Gerald and his family have done too much, and gave us a lot of musical stimulating soul for our personal uplift! And for this soul man not to get major play really woke me up about how the mainstream really doesn’t know the real deal! Black people are mainly responsible! Black kids of today really love their hip hop!! Even though Tupac had mental problems and demons rocking his personal house, people still talk about him! No one talks about Harry Ray of the Moments, Curtis Mayfield, Barry White, Lou Rawls, and so many more that has left us. But yet someone saw Elvis last night!! Wake up people!! Lets burn a candle for Gerald right now!!!……….. ”

–Minister of Forbidden Soul Power”

Album Review: Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert Sr.
Father & Son

  • Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert Sr.- Father & Son
    Side: 1
    1. For The Love
    2. I Got Your Back
    3. Already Missing You
    4. Wind Beneath My Wings
    5. I Got You
    6. Get Your Thing Off

Side: 2
1. You Need Love
2. Don’t Make Me Beg
3. You’re Hurting Me
4. I’m Savin’ Your Place
5. You Got Your Hooks In Me
6. The Apple Don’t Fall Fall

  • I’d buy this one…………….did it just come out recently ? “father & son get the job done”
  • This one has been out for awhile but the first with father and son. The cover is a very touching moment showing father with his baby boy. They compliment each other very well, the words speak volume of love.
  • Here is a thought……the media spends so much of it’s energy focused on the “freaks” (Little Richard, Dianna Ross,Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Prince, etc.) that we hear very little about a man like Eddie LeVert. He appears to be a hard working “normal” entertainer who despite the trials and tribulations of the business seems to have managed to raise a son who is also a “hard working normal entertainer” !! Yet I know very little about him, why do you suppose that is ?
    (I suppose I should add this one to my list)
  • The Eddie and Gerald LeVert record is great. Also, it should be noted that this album, clearly a classic soul-oriented disc, reached the top 5 on Billboard’s R&ampB chart!
  • This is true…… amazing what a lil freak in you can do. I think that Eddie is one of the best in the business yet because or his normalcy, it has kept it quiet. Media likes drama!!!!
    Unfortunately this is a problem for society as a whole because we as consumers allow ourselves to be manipulated by the media.
  • This is my first experience writing to a bulletin board, so have mercy on me. I think that the voices of Eddie & Gerald are an excellent blend. They compliment each other quite well. At times I can’t tell where ones voice ends and the other begins. The album has emotional appeal. It makes one think. The words to the songs have tremendous meaning.
    There’s warmth there and love. The mellowness of their voices combined with the words of their songs makes ya’ wanna say, “Peace Be Still”. This is just a carrying on of the torch and not a passing on of it. Gerald and Eddie Levert are so in synch that sometimes I can’t tell where on stops and the other begins. Need I say that the Leverts produced a genuine and emotion evoking piece of work and I for one hope that it’s not the last one.
  • I always wonder why I watch very little television. In my family, the ability to think for yourself was not a privilege but a requirement. AS my dad always said, ” Be one with the earth and your heart will never fail you”.
  • You go, gurl!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Do you have an other favorites songs by the Gerald and Eddie Levert ? Have you heard Gerald’s younger brother sing ? I think he will be a hit as well (“Apples Don’t Fall Far From The Tree”).
  • Just listening to the magnitude of emotions, voices and depth, I would say that will be around for a lonnnnnnnng time! I would like to see a family gathering of the father and sons. I could go broke just behind buying everything the Leverts’ sing Gerald has create quite a name for himself, while his father will always be a ” master of singing”.
  • I think you are 100% on the money with your thinking. I have a friend who is fond of saying, “I don’t watch much TV because it kills brain cells”. I think this is a good topic to bring this up in because the album we are talking about here in this topic has a theme which is so diametrically opposed to the image that television presents of Black men (particularly Black fathers !!) that it really needs to be celebrated.
    Hat’s off to Eddie LeVert !!!!!
  • I thought it was a nice album, both father & son have nice voices.
    I liked “I Got You” & “You Need Love”. It would be nice to hear the two of them hook up and do an album of O’Jay’a songs.
  • Gerald or Eddie….they are one of the few artist that I will automatically buy without hearing the song 1st, cause I know its all going to be good. I hope they continue making music together because they just seem to take it to the next level when they sing. Its something they should have done yrs before the Father & Son album.
  • I love both Father And Son. You Got Your Hooks In Me is one of my favorites. they don’t make em like Eddie Levert anymore. i dont have the lp but i will be getting it real soon… love this bb keep up the great work.
  • I’m looking to heard more from this father and son team. At any rate, you will love the album……. “You Got Your Hooks In Me” is a real classic but just listening to them sing this add a new touch to any oldie goldie.

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