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Classic Soul – Whispers, Whispers, Whispers, Whispers, Whispers, Whispers, Whispers, Whispers,



Formed 1964 in Los Angeles. Includes Twin Brothers Walter Scott and Wallace “Scotty” Scott – born in 1943. Their recording debut was in 1964 with “It Only Hurts For Awhile” on Dore. They recorded one of the most dynamic 12 inches ever with their classic “And The Beat Goes On” (1980) on Solar. Any fans of the Whispers out there ?…………What are some of your favorite tunes by them ?

  • FAVORITE WHISPERS CUT…”CHOCOLATE GIRL” The Whispers song “Chocolate Girl” was the number 1 requested song of the top 100 oldies on WDAS in Philadelphia this year! One of my favorites is “You Are Number One”.
  • My favorite Whispers cut has got to be the Babyface produced “Rock Steady”!
  • I remember the Whispers well…after spending some of my earlier years in LA.there wasn’t a party or club that didnt give the “homeboys” their fair share of play time! And of course.seemed like every body “knew” them.”after all they did attend Locke high school” LOL. I have to admit though..I tend to favor their slow jams more …They did have a couple of good cha-cha ones out also…And hey..I remember the time you couldnt go to a party if you couldn’t Cha-Cha .In Chi the equivilent would have been”Steppin”.. Wonder what they was doin in Philly ??
  • AHHHHHHHH ya don did it now……I got Walter and Scotty Scott and the Whispers in my blood. They are going to be at Howard University in DC on Feb.14….gonna be a valentine kinda thing. As for favorites of mine….wellll every record they ever made…those released and those that weren’t. But a short list would be.
  • Lady
  • Get You in the Mood
  • Olivia
  • Toast to the Ladies
  • Say Yes
  • And the Beat Gones On
  • Emergency
  • Tonite
  • It’s a Love Thing
  • Seems Like I got to do wrong
  • Can’t Help but Love you
  • Somebody loves you
  • A song for Donny
  • I’m the one for you
  • I can Make it better
  • In the Raw
  • Tonight
  • Keep On loving Me
  • Some Kinda Lover
  • Rock Steady
  • No Pain No Gain
  • I want t Know Your Name(Intruders remake)
  • Just Gets Better with time
  • I Can Make it Better
  • Love is Where you find it
  • Are you going my way
  • Chocolate girl
  • I’m Gonna make you my wife
  • Give It to me
  • Do they turn you on Now, is there any wonder who my favorite group is
  • “It’s a Love Thang” ……………………….another biggie from the Soul Train years !!
  • Hey anybody remember this song the whispers had out called”POW-MIA” it was out around 1972.But when it comes to the whispers what about this cut “Olivia” and what about “In the Mood”and I must say what great mood music it is. And they Just Get Better With Time!!!!!
  • Is it just me or has anyone else ever noticed that the “twins” don’t ever seemed to have aged at all thru all these years ?
  • I like everything the Whispers ever made, been following them from the beginning. Hope to see them on 2/14 at Howard University in DC.
  • What infor do you have for us about this play that the Whispers are involved in that I keep hearing all these commercials for on the radio ? Is it something worth going to see ?
  • The play is worth every penny. It is a musical stage play about their career. They had a very close relationship with Phyllis Hyman and Alyson Williams played her in this play. If you did not know that Phyllis was dead, you would swear she was on the stage. Alyson sung her songs beautifully and she even looked like her. The Whispers played themselves at the end of the play, revealing the thing they went through to get to where they are today. When their career seemed to fade, they turn to God and their career took off. They put on such a wonderful show also. They had a meet and greet the Whisper here in Baltimore back in 1995. They served lunch for us and we could take a photo with them. If you are interested I will send you the pic, I have it on a disk. And they are really a down to earth group of guys, who never have forgotten where they came from. I engaged in dialogue with them and believe me I was in Whisper Heaven. I will follow them to the end. Their songs have meaning, purpose and conviction for us today.
  • Yes, it does seem like they are getting better with time.. love me some Whispers..
  • The Whispers song “Chocolate Girl” was the number 1 requested song of the top 100 oldies on WDAS in Philadelphia this year! One of my favorites is “You Are Number One”. In that case……………just keep “Rockin Steady” !! Hey…….does anyone remember the dance ?? (wasn’t it kinda like doin the ‘bump’ …..alone ???)
  • The dance “Rock Steady” was more in the knees than the bump. Your knees went from side to side. In the “Bump” it was the hips that went from side to side. Anyone want lessons let me know.
  • The Whispers song “Chocolate Girl” was the number 1 requested song of the top 100 oldies on WDAS in Philadelphia this year! One of my favorites is “You Are Number One”. I have been a Whispers fan for years. It would be so hard to pick a favorite song, there are so many. If I had to would be Inthe mood Welcone into my dreams Lady Whisperin Heaven Mind blowing Gee…I could go on and on…Marie
  • I have listened to WDAS for over 25 years and I personally like the programming. They play a lot of funk and very little rap. Also Tom Joyner and associates do a lot to liven up the morning. They are unique.
  • I dig Tom joyner’s whole attitude. It takes me back to the days when radio stations seemed like they had a real connection with the communities that they served. pretty big accomplishment for a national show !!

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