FANI WILLIS – BOLD SOUL SISTA (Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare Come True)

Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare Come True

I SWEAR TO GOD, EVERY TIME I SEE OR HEAR THE NAME “FANI WILLIS,” THIS SONG STARTS PLAYING INSIDE OF MY BRAIN (on cue……) By the time this case in Georgia is resolved, her name may just have the same effect on you.
IMHO She should have a person walking behind her with a boom box, playing the song anytime she enters a room 🙂

Detail on Fani’s life and background:

As an “Unemployed Political Science Major w/Far Too Much Free Time on his Hands,” I plan on following this case as it evolves very closely. Anytime there is a case of a potential case involving; a sitting president who has lost an election, an attempt by the losing candidate to create a “fake electoral college,” in order to overthrow the legally elected electoral college after the election, also involving state election officials of the same political party as the defeated president, count me in as an interested spectator.

This case is sort of like a “political scientist wet dream.” 🙂 Good thing there are lots of good sources, available for the cost of a mouse click and some diligent reading, for detailed information about the case to follow as the case proceeds, as the Fulton County DA unveils the evidence to the Grand Jury. 

Detail on the case: 2020 Georgia election investigation – Wikipedia

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