A Language All Their Own

SYSTEM Greeter: "tcee" has entered the room

nightrain: Hi tcee....wazup ?
tcee: hey whats up
SYSTEM Greeter: "Btrue2me2" has left the room
tcee: any clinton followers
nightrain: George or Bill ?
tcee: DR FUNKENSTIEN!!!!!!
nightrain: ok cee.....I take u dig the Dr ?
tcee: no doubt
nightrain: Dr. Funkenstein: Mad'glad scientist, master technician of Clone Funk; outer space tribal leader of the descendants of the Thumpasorus Peoples.
nightrain: That Dr Funkinstien ....tcee ?
Jonjazzy: Kinda like Sir Nose daviod on funk.
nightrain: true Jon !!!
nightrain: LOL....Jon !!!
tcee: the bigger the headache the bigger the pill
nightrain: Downstroke: Standing on the verge of the Beat; a march to the rear towards the Final Splank.
nightrain: Bop Gun: Funkenstein's greatest invention - one blast capable of splanking the funkless. Star Child zaps Sir Nose D'VoidofFunk with the Bop Gun and Nose dances to the rythm of the flashlight.
tcee: free your mind and your ass will follow...where'd you get your funk from.
nightrain: <---was born with his FUNK !!!
nightrain: Flashlight: Funk-flesh artillery of the Bop Gun.
nightrain: . Irre-ducible essential pulse, life force, hyperventilatin' Groove. Not only moves, it can re-move; will sit and sit and never go sour. "If you got Funk, you got style".
tcee: promentalshitbackwashbackphsycosisenimasquad...THE DO DO CHASERS MUSIC TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BY
nightrain: : State of mind and then the condition and position of your ass ("Free your mind and your ass will follow"). When you just say "Funk it!" and rise above a spankic situation.
nightrain: <----thinks tcee......knows his stuff !!!
Funky Moon: Think so too !!!
tcee: tcee is a she
Funky Moon: Excuse me!
nightrain: <---likes tcee even better now !!!!
tcee: funk gettin ready to roll
nightrain: what city are u in tcee ?
tcee: protector of the pleasure principal...we have returned to claim the pyramids...partyin on yhe
nightrain: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
tcee: CT>>>funk cravin' NEW HAVEN
nightrain: Mothership: Outer space chariot bearing Star Child and Funkenstein back to Earth when it desreves a global splanking.
nightrain: How old are u.............u seem to speak my "language" ???
nightrain: :)
Funky Moon: LOL
tcee: gettin down in 3-d so good its good to me
nightrain: ouch !!!!!
tcee: LOL ready??????26
Jonjazzy: Hey train what's the plot behind the Black Hole thing.
nightrain: man.............................whew !!!
Funky Moon: Where you get your funk from?
tcee: a big follower!!!dad
tcee: he left me lots of wax before he passed
nightrain: sorry to hear that !!!
Jonjazzy: Tcee you knew how to make a P-Funk sign at what age?
nightrain: well....he taught u well !!!
tcee: big bang the only way sir nosed could make a jackass out of da funk.....about 3 yrs old
nightrain: chit !!!!
nightrain: <----wishes he were 27 yrs. old right now !!!
Jonjazzy: I'll bet that was so cute.
nightrain: :)
tcee: motor bootie affair baby!
nightrain: P.Funk (aka The P.): Pure, uncut Funk, the Bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nightrain: Pinocchio Theory: If you fake the Funk, your nose will grow.
Jonjazzy: I Like that Big Bang album but I can't spell it.
tcee: where you can dance under water and not get wet
nightrain: "aquaboggie"
nightrain: <---can do dat dance !!!
nightrain: LOL
Funky Moon: Macarena?
Jonjazzy: Trumbepilion
MYSTYQUE: lol moon

nightrain: "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie", "aquaboggie",
tcee: psycoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop
Jonjazzy: Ya'll know the album the one with big bang therory,
nightrain: "she is just tooooooo good" !!!
nightrain: What about it Jon ?
Jonjazzy: I was on that Bo.
tcee: i got it....... igot it
nightrain: really ?
tcee: yhea
nightrain: <---likes ta BIG BANG !!!
tcee: shit on the tip of my tounge
nightrain: Big Bang Theory: Funk set the universe in motion; ignition by Funk. Ain't nothin' but a party in a Black Hole.
Jonjazzy: I'm trying to spell the album title "Trumpet type name.
Jonjazzy: Trumbialion
tcee: there are 8 million tails in the universe this is just one of them BUT they
nightrain: damm
Jonjazzy: Pin the tail on the funky.
tcee: ALL hve black holes
nightrain: LOL
Jonjazzy: Yeah that one.
nightrain: he tcee.....
Jonjazzy: Glory hall stidip
Jonjazzy: Glorallstipid
tcee: me?
nightrain: <----has mine written down........is too old to remeber it anymore !!!
Jonjazzy: 8 million tails in the naked universe here's just one.
nightrain: <---has "fried brain"
tcee: no...im a clone of dr funkenstiena concept of specially designed afronauts
Funky Moon: A true child of da FUNK !!!
nightrain: so that means....
Jonjazzy: Man I was on that Red Bud then it was a faint memory!!LOL
nightrain: ...there are more like u......tcee ?
nightrain: Red Bud .......Jon ????
tcee: do i have to put the handcuffs on your mama?
nightrain: been usin them album covers again I see !!!
Funky Moon: LOL
Jonjazzy: Columbian Red
nightrain: <---figured that !!!
tcee: wind me up
Jonjazzy: Funk attack inc.
nightrain: Damm Right !!!
tcee: bootzilla
Jonjazzy: You got to pull my strings.
nightrain: Zone of Zero Funkativity (better known as The Nose Zone): Home to Sir Nose; region of snoozation.
Jonjazzy: I sold that cassatte for BIG Money about two weeks ago.
nightrain: how much Jon ?
Jonjazzy: Player of the year.
Jonjazzy: $25
nightrain: <---still had the "paper shades" till recently !!!
Jonjazzy: My homeboy has a Bootsy collection
nightrain: cool
Jonjazzy: Man come on
nightrain: yeah....I did
tcee: rotorooter baby
Jonjazzy: I have the album at my sista house.
Jonjazzy: Hollywood Squares
nightrain: I had em up on the refrigerator......with 2 round magnets in the eyehole's holding them up
nightrain: till my daughter got a hold of em
Jonjazzy: And the wife got rid of them right.
nightrain: (see above)
tcee: one nation under a groove
tcee: nothing can stop us now
nightrain: That's where I live at.....tcee !!
Jonjazzy: I remember you saying that I told my homeboy that and he tripped.
nightrain: really ???
nightrain: Law of Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication: Give the people what they want when they want and they wants it all the time.
Jonjazzy: hey remember that Maggot Brain 45 in that Album I was there.
tcee: do dat stuff
nightrain: really ?
nightrain: u know something.....
Jonjazzy: 4-15-78 Monroe Civic Center Monroe La.Ground Zero.
Jonjazzy: Check the Album
tcee: damn...
nightrain: ...this is the first time that we have actually discussed P-Funk in this room !!!
tcee: im buggin now
nightrain: LOL
Jonjazzy: Withone of them thangs
nightrain: why is that tcee ?
tcee: blow your horn.
nightrain: <----neck ain't long enough....tcee !!
nightrain: :)
Jonjazzy: I know that,I never really like \d parliment I liked Funkadelic
tcee: really..knee deep
nightrain: I liked em both
tcee: never missin a beat
nightrain: LOL.....tcee
tcee: whos says a funk man cant play rock
Jonjazzy: I'm the Kidd Funkadelic
nightrain: thoes dudes on the net say that tcee
tcee: uncle jam wants you
Jonjazzy: Are undisco kidd
nightrain: Jon "kidd" Funkadelic
Jonjazzy: You got it Bro.
nightrain: yup
Jonjazzy: Cause Holly wants to go to Calif.Holly would if only holly could Holly would.
nightrain: Overlord & I went to see Funkadelic together.....back in 73, Jon...
Jonjazzy: I like that song and I don't know why.
nightrain: ...they were the opening act on a bill with Rare Earth & Sly Stone
tcee: trivia;who did bootsie play with before he got on the mothership?
nightrain: The JB's
Funky Moon: JB of course
tcee: hotpants
nightrain: Both him & his brother....played on Sex Machine !!!
tcee: word?
nightrain: damm right !!!
Jonjazzy: Red Hot mama from Louisana going to savanah she's been couped up to long.
nightrain: go head jon !!!
tcee: smokin some shit
Jonjazzy: Mama be my Beach remember that one.
tcee: oh yhea..
Jonjazzy: Remember funky Dollar Bill and standing on the verve of getting it on.
nightrain: This chit is badd.........I can't believe this is the fist time in 3 mo. that we have talked about P-Funk !!!
nightrain: oh yeah....Jon.....
tcee: children of production to produce inconjuntion...
nightrain: .."Amerikkka eats its young"
Jonjazzy: Feild manavers
tcee: yhea,funkin for fun
nightrain: I'll never forget the first time I saw that MF come out.....in a diaper !!!
nightrain: badddd chit !!
tcee: you may as well pay attention cause you cant afford free speech how do you spell relief
Jonjazzy: My Homeboys liked Paliment and I like Funkadelic cause I dug jazz I dug rock anything with twing but I ran into a good freind who told me there was so much more ,find the void that you
tcee: cholly!
Jonjazzy: Funk getting ready to roll
nightrain: YO
Jonjazzy: My Favorite Cut by Funkadelic
tcee: mine too
nightrain: That tune is rolling in my head as we speak
tcee: you want take mw?
nightrain: I never knew....
nightrain: ...u mean out on the Usenet
nightrain: hey....tceee...
tcee: no
tcee: this is my first time on here
nightrain: ...did u check out George & Co. in concert this summer ?
tcee: yhea in c.p.
tcee: sittin on the speaker gettin zooted
nightrain: <---is rolling !!!
nightrain: u know what....
tcee: plecebo syndrome
nightrain: ...I have always heard that works with women...
nightrain: ...but u are the VERY first to confirm it for me !!!
tcee: chocolatecoted freaky and habit forming
nightrain: "sittin on the speaker"
tcee: mmmhmmm
nightrain: so tell us.......
nightrain: ...who else do ya listen to besides P-Funk ?
Jonjazzy: Man most of those P-Funk song remind me of My homeboys.
nightrain: Yeah......"If ya hear any noise.....its just me and the Boys"........hit me...........da da dadadda !!!
Jonjazzy: But you know what?
nightrain: what Jon ?
Jonjazzy: I just love those mouses to pieces>
tcee: jb of course.....swing down sweet chariot...let me ride
Jonjazzy: Or mises
nightrain: ....let me ride
tcee: i can do my thang under water
onjazzy: Hey Bootsy why is your face like a star?
tcee: the better to funk you my dear
nightrain: Earth Wind and Fire, Rufus, the Meters, Johnny "Guitar" Watson , War, the Isley Brothers, Average White Band, Kool and the Gang,
Jonjazzy: One of my Favorite P-Funk cuts is "Deep"
nightrain: Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St band, the Impressions, Curtis Mayfield, and Buddy Miles, P-Funk, Hendrix, Chick Corea, James Brown, Billy Cohham
tcee: pick up the pieces,shining star,funky stuff
nightrain: , Sly Stone, Living Colour, Passport, Rick James, Cameo, Miles Davis, Lakeside, Stevie Ray, D'Angelo, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Manu Dibango, Micheal Hillís Blues Mob, Defunkit
tcee: why cant we be friends,family affairall the way live,purple haze
nightrain: u know your chit....tcee
Jonjazzy: Don't forget Kleer,Pockets,Intant funk ,fat larry's band FatBack,Faze=o ,Slave,
tcee: freddies dead,i found love
nightrain: u have all of this stuff at home ?
Jonjazzy: I Like the off brand Funk Bands
tcee: i really like whats on your mind by brass construction..you know that one
nightrain: yup
nightrain: --digs "Brooklyn Funk"
tcee: say whats on your mind