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HERBIE MANN, Memphis Unserground, Hijack, Waterbed

RIP: HERBIE MANN, (flute) b. 1930-0416, BROOKLYN, NYimage

I saw him live several times…

1. I saw him as a part of the Pittsburgh FUNK festival in 1974 (w/Funkadelic, Natalie Cole, Ohio Players, Weather Report and George Benson) at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena along with 15,000 of my closest friends 🙂

Herbie ROCKED THE HOUSE that night finishing off his set with his then current hit song "HIJACK".

2. I saw him again in 1982 in Houston Texas at a small club called Fitzgeralds, located in the Heights.

Nice set.

Herbie kept disappearing behind the stage for about a minute in between each song.

(Thus causing us all to speculate…….lol)

I have also seen him a few more times at various outdoor music festivals in NYC when I was in HS.

(However I don’t remember much about those…

Anyone else here like Herbie?

–Bob Davis

Oh yes, I like him a lot…

Matter of fact his record "Memphis Underground" was one of the first records I ever called my own because my father gave it to me, after he returned from a trip to the US in the early 80s. I was twelve years old and sort of liked this strange record with this man-playing flute. And today, twenty years later, it’s still one of my all-time favourite records.

Especially because the combination of musicians he used is so odd.

There is the Memphis Rhythm Section, then there is Herbie Mann, then there is Larry Corryell on guitar and Roy Ayers at the vibes and last but not least the crazy Sonny Sharrock playing the second guitar. Especially "Hold On I’m Coming" is really amazing: You have all the musicians playing their solos and then Sonny Sharrock starts playing his out-of-control noise guitar and the rhythm section keeps on swinging as if nothing happens. Fantastic record. The only record I bought a second time after moving to New York because I thought I needed it.But he did other great records as well (and a lot of really bad ones too): But "Live At The Village Gate" is also a great record, with two bass-players.

I guess what I really like about Herbie Mann is not so much his playing of the flute (which is fine nevertheless) but his open mindedness. He seems to be a musician who is always looking to do something new, explore new territory, find something out he didn’t know before. I don’t know what he’s doing now. The only time I saw him play was in the late 80s. Which was nice but not overwhelming.





Track Listings


1. Waterbed

2. Comin’ Home Baby

3. Paradise Music

4. Bang! Bang!

5. Deus Xango

6. Violet Don’t Be Blue

7. I Got a Woman

8. Body Oil


1. Draw Your Breaks

2. Cajun Moon

3. Creepin’

4. Easter Rising

5. Asa Branea

6. Sound of Windwood

7. Cricket Dance

8. Butterfly in a Stone Garden

9. Anata (I Wish You Were Here With Me)


1. No Matter What Shape

2. More Rice Than Peas, Please

3. Hey Ho

4. Honeydripper

5. Beat Goes On

6. Swingin’ Shepherd Blues

7. West African High Life

8. Dream Garden

9. Soul Montuno

10. Is Paris Burning?

11. To Sir, With Love

12. Hold Back (Just a Little)

13. Sports Car

14. I Get Along Without You Very Well

15. There Is a Mountain

16. Flight of the Bluebird

17. Yesterday’s Kisses

18. Please Send Me Someone to Love

19. It Was a Very Good Year

20. Gloomy Sunday


1. Bird in a Silver Cage

2. Aria

3. Fly, Robin, Fly

4. Birdwalk

5. Years of Love

6. Piper

7. Rhythmatism

8. Once I Had a Love

9. Summer Strut

10. Welcome Sunrise

11. In the Summertime

12. You Are the Song

13. Flute Love


1. Ooh Baby

2. Philly Dog

3. Swing Low Sweet Chariot [Live]

4. Mississippi Gambler [Live]

5. Dippermouth [Live]

6. Respect Yourself [Live]

7. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long [Live]

8. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [Live]


1. Right Now

2. Desafinado

3. Challil

4. Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

5. Borquinho

6. Cool Heat

7. Carnival

8. Meditation

9. Free for All

10. Harlem Nocturne

11. Fever

12. Not Now-Later On

13. Golden Striker

14. Insensatez

15. You Came a Long Way from St. Louis

16. Batida Differente

17. Nana

18. Groovy Samba

19. Influenza de Jazz


1. Man and a Woman

2. Day Tripper

3. Come Back to Me

4. Little Boat

5. It’s Time That You Settled Down

6. Good Thing (Is Hard to Come By)

7. 1-2-3

8. Only Yesterday

9. Sunny

10. How Insensitive

11. Sidewinder

12. Amor Em Paz

13. Desafinado –

14. Bolinda de Papel –

15. Insensatez

16. Maria Ninguem –

17. O Barquinho –

18. Samba da Minha Terra –

19. Rosa Morena

20. Consolacao

21. One Note Samba

22. Bim Bom

23. Deve Ser Amor


1. Scratch

2. Philly Dog

3. Happy Brass

4. Good Lovin’

5. (Theme From) This Is My Beloved

6. Free Jacques

7. Our Man Flint

8. Fiddler on the Roof

9. (Theme From) Malamondo

10. Down by the Riverside

11. Monday, Monday

12. Skip to My Lou

13. Turkish Coffee

14. Incense

15. Odalisque

16. Do Wah Diddy Diddy

17. Uskudar

18. Oud and the Pussycat

19. Yavuz

20. Dance of the Semites

21. Eli Eli


1. Superman

2. Etagui

3. Jisco Dazz

4. Rock Freak

5. Stomp Your Feet

6. Body Oil

7. Django

DISC: 10

1. Yellow Fever

2. Comin’ Home Baby

3. Hey Pocky A-Way

4. City of Dreams

5. Kidnappin’ Lover

6. Walk on the Wild Side

DISC: 11

1. Turtle Bay

2. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

3. (A Theme From ) Cries and Whispers

4. Do It Again

5. Now I’ve Found a Lady

6. Happier Then the Morning Sun

7. Family Affair

8. Never Ending Song of Love

9. Rainy Night in Georgia

10. (Just an Old) Balalaika Love Song

11. Reverend Lee

DISC: 12

1. Hi-Jack

2. Pick Up the Pieces

3. Lady Marmalade

4. Mediterrean

5. I Can’t Turn You Loose

6. I Won’t Last a Day Without You

7. High Above the Andes

8. Bird of Beauty

9. Guava Jelly

DISC: 13

1. Bend Down Low

2. Sir Charles Duke

3. Cecelia

4. Cinnamon Flower

5. Memphis Underground

6. Another Star

DISC: 14

1. (Gimme Some of That Good Old) Soul Beat Momma [Live]

2. Never Can Say Goodbye [Live]

3. Respect Yourself [Live]

4. Memphis Underground [Live]

5. Hold On! I’m Comin’ [Live]


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