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    Last Updated: 2/18/2002

  • Greg Cook Bio

    Greg Cook was born in Los Angeles, California on October 13, l959.

    At the age of eight Greg began playing piano and performed for many school and social functions.

    During high school Greg became a member of the acclaimed Dorsey High School Jazz Workshop and soon mastered the art of playing the guitar, drums and fender bass.

    After high school Greg mastered programming, sequencing and orchestration while working with various bands in the black circuit clubs around Los Angeles.

    From that experience Greg performed with the group "Side Effect" and Stanley Turrentine, as well as Phillip Bailey of "Earth, Wind and Fire", Miki Howard, Vernel Brown, Jr., Denice Williams and as arranger, writer, and Musical Director with Lisa Gay.

    As a staff musician his credits include "Wind on the Water" for NBC's movie of the week and film scoring for the feature film "Gridlock".
    Greg is one of the "first call" musicians in Los Angeles places him in an elite group of players.
    Greg is a multi talented musician, arranger and songwriter, whose knowledge covers a wide range of styles and techniques from Beethoven to the Beatles. His engineering skills has him "on call" for various recording and mastering projects in and around Los Angeles.

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