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    Last Updated: 3/18/2002

  • Lisa Gay Bio

    Lisa Gay was born in Los Angeles, California on March 21, l957 to a musical family.

    Lisa's musical interests began at Coliseum Street Elementary School where she played cello, the ukulele, and sang in the school chorus. At Audubon Junior HIgh School she sang first soprano in the choir and continued her singing at Hamilton High School in Madrigals.

    While attending Pitzer College, Lisa majored in Education and had the opportunity to sing in the Claremont College Choir. During her brief stay at Pitzer in l975 she decided to pursue a singing career.

    Her amateur experiences (1975-1978) include working in the black circuit clubs of Los Angeles, performing as a soloist and in groups. From this experience she was hired as a studio background singer, her first session being with bassist Chuck Rainey and the late keyboardist Richard Tee. Within a few months she became a background singer for Letta Mbula ( A & M Records).

    After touring with Letta, Lisa returned to the L.A. circuit clubs and continued as a soloist and backup vocalist.

    In May of l978, Lisa went on tour with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. and remained with them until June 1981.

    Lisa's interest in music never waned; however, Lisa developed in the retail industry. Lisa was in management at Robinsons, Nordstrom and Macy's, where she also coordinated and performed in various special events.

    After being in retail management for fifteen years Lisa decided it was time to reenter the musical field, full time, once again.

    In June 1996 Lisa executive produced her own demo with Tony Drake and Mark Cargill as producers.

    Given the costs of recording and marketing Lisa continued in the retail world through October of l996 and while at Macy's (downtown Los Angeles store) Lisa Gay & Thrill performed at the popular "Downtown Mid-Day at Macy's" in June l998, and returned for an encore performance in November l998, sponsored by Macy's and K-BIG 104 Radio, Los Angeles.
    As the recording project was close to completion, Lisa left Macy's to join Tommy Hilfiger (Beverly Hills) which allowed her to explore even more opportunities with the group doing "live" performances. In November of 2000, with the release of "Watch What Happens", the "Lisa Gay and Thrill" showcase was held at Santa Monica's DC3 for invited guests. It became their farewell performance in Los Angeles, as the group left to tour on the Carnival Cruise Lines Ship, "Ecstasy" (Miami/Key West/Bahamas/Cozumel).
    The group successfully able to promote "Watch What Happens", returned this past winter to continue their quest to share the gift of music.

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    Currently, Lisa Gay & Thrill perform at various venues in and around the Los Angeles area.

    Lisa Gay & Thrill's CD, "Watch What Happens" debuted in Fall 2000.

    Whether it's Pop/Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Country Western, Broadway Show Tunes, or her own compositions, Lisa's smooth, sweet flowing tones and riffs showcases a style which captures audiences everywhere she performs. . .

    Lisa has recorded with

    Paul Humphrey (drums)
    Richard Tee (Keyboards)
    Chuck Rainey (bass)
    James Gadson (drums)
    Don Lewis (keyboards)
    Gail Deadrick (keyboards)
    Stu Gardner (arranger/ Cosby Show)
    Rodney Friend (gospel vocalist and arranger)
    Barbara Morrison (vocalist)
    Joe Cocker (vocalist)
    Brenda Lee Ager (vocalist)
    Patricia Henley (vocalist)
    Bob Henley (vocalist)
    Tony Drake (guitarist)
    Greg Cook (keyboardist)
    Mark Cargill (violinist)
    Scott Cannady (bass)
    Larry Washington (drums)
    Kevin Brandon (bass)
    Andrew Carney (trumpet and flugelhorn)

    Lisa's live show performances

    Los Angeles Black Circuit Clubs: 1975-1978

    As member of group "Cool Ice":
    Opening Act: Al Wilson and LA Express - 1976
    Opening Act: Ebony Music Awards Party - 1975
    Solo Artist:Songwriters' Awards - 1977
    As background vocalist:
    Letta Mbula (A & M Records) - 1976
    As lead background vocalist:
    Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. - 1978 to 1981

    As solo vocalist:
    Robinsons Special Events - 1982 to 1984
    Nordstrom Special Events - 1985 to 1989
    Bullocks/Macy's Special Events - 1990 to 1996

    As member of group "Lisa Gay & Thrill":
    Macy's /Federated Special Events - June 1998 and November l998
    Spotlight performance with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line "Sovereign of the Seas" - 1997.
    AFTRA- "Singers in The Spotlight"-Solo performance (Planet HollyWood Beverly Hills, CA) selected by the AFTRA Los Angeles Singers Committee to perform for industry executives. 1999 Lunaria Restaurant and Jazz Lounge December 1999 with "THRILL" and in (2000 - 2002) Gardenia Restaurant and Lounge in Hollywood, CA.
    Private parties and social venues with "LISA GAY AND THRILL"

    Lisa's television performances

    "The Gong Show" - 1976 Burbank, Ca.
    with "Cool Ice" backround vocalist
    with Michael Petersen a.k.a. "Mr. Aretha Franklin" - won 1st Place
    Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. - background vocalist
    "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson - 1978
    "The Mike Douglas Show" - 1979 Los Angeles, Ca.
    "Jesse Jackson Push Convention Show" - 1980 New Orleans, La.

    Lisa's Songwriting (Own Compositions)

    "Day by Day"
    "Believe in Love"
    "Land of Me and You"

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