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Finding “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam”

A few of yall might remember an album that I reviewed back in 2008 called “Soul Talkin” by the late/great Linda Jones? If you remember that review, you might also remember that I went absolutely nuts over a badd azz song called: “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam”

Now I thought this album was fantastic. And I wasn’t alone. The album was also nominated for a Grammy Award. Cuz they quite literally brought Linda Jones back from the dead.

Of course, Linda Jones has a long history on the website. Back in the early days of the site we used to take polls all the time. And one of the questions we would ask was “What’s the best slow jam of all time?”

Guess what song won every year?


Now, even if you do not think that “Hypnotized” is the best slow jam of all time, it’s kind of hard to argue with the choice. In some ways “Hypnotized” is an iconic song for the genre.

When “Soul Talkin” was released in 2009 I got excited, because it featured songs recorded by the late/great Linda Jones that had never been heard. These songs were unfinished masterpieces, that Philly residents (& Soul-Patrol members) Helen Bruner & Terry Jones (Linda’s daughter) completed via the use of modern technology and serve as Linda Jones background singers.

Yet another example of Black folks “creating something out of nothing”

(mah people at their best)

Anyhow, to my ears the absolute best song on the album is a gem called “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam.”

You may or may not like it.

But I think it is killer.

And for some reason I felt like listening to that super erotic/super nasty/super sloppy slow jam tonight.

I have the CD. I also have “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam” as an mp3 file.

But for some reason I decided to do a little test…

I went to YouTube and typed “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam” into the search engine.

No video don’t understand why. Hell I could make a whole movie based around; “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam.

(a movie starring me & Pam Grier…..LOL)

Then I went to Google and typed “Linda’s 2 Minute Slow Jam” into the search engine.

I got dozens of hits. Some were just 30 second samples. But I also found a fair number of sites where I could listen to ALL 2:01 of Linda Jones and her obscure super erotic/super nasty/super sloppy slow jam.

I listened to the whole thing about 3-4 times.

And my “jones” for Linda Jones was done.

And then I thought about how easy it was for me to find this obscure song.

And to listen to it in stereo. As many times as I wanted. I can do the same thing tomorrow. Or the next day. Or every day if I like. I can listen to the whole track any old time that I get a “jones” for Linda Jones. And I can do it from now till the end of time……LOL

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