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Major Harris Chat Session

Major Harris Chat Sessionimage  earthjuice Welcome to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room. on MONDAY 4/16/2001 at 10pm est… ..

Say Hello to our special guest, Major Harris of the legendary Philadelphia Soul group ..the SUPERSONIC DELFONICS 

  Major-Harris has joined.

  earthjuice Welcome Major 

  Major-Harris Thank you for having me. 

  earthjuice You are quite welcome 

  Major-Harris I’m looking forward to it.

  earthjuice Many people remember you, some who haven’t heard from you in years, this will be a good chance for them to re-aquaint themselves with you 

  Major-Harris Hello 

  earthjuice Greetings Major…..Welcome to Soul Patrol chat 

  Major-Harris Thank you for having me. 

 Major-Harris Well we’re here now. 

  April Hello Mr Harris 

  Major-Harris Hello April 

  April Thank you for sharing your time with us 

  Major-Harris Hello Funkafize 

  Funkafize Hi everybody! Hi Major! 

  April I saw you at the World trade center this summer. It was a fun show 

  earthjuice Major, can you tell us how you got started in Show Business? 

  Major-Harris Thank you, yes I was at that show, it was beautiful, about five thousand women were there 

  Funkafize Hey Major, we worked together a couple of times at Lehman Center in the Bronx. 

  April All drooling over you 

  Major-Harris I started in church singing, from there I started singing in Jr. High school 

  DeaneGood good evening Major 

  Major-Harris sang in the bathroom, cause you know it had that sound in there. 

  Major-Harris And from there I started singing with the Teenagers. 

  earthjuice With Frankie Lymon? 

 Major-Harris Yes, with Frankie. 

  Funkafize Major, I heard that the High School that y’all went to in Philly, spawned a lot of talent. 

  earthjuice Where did you go to High School? 

  Major-Harris Maggie L. Walker High School, in Richmond VA 

 Deane Major, is Hollywood there with you? 

  Major-Harris Well, hello, Brian, maybe I’ll get a chance to get back to the Leiman Center 

 Funkafize Douglas Payne, a guitarist in Philly also plays with U guys. 

  Major-Harris No, Hollywood isn’t here with me, I haven’t seen Hollywood in a few years now. 

  Bill-Carpenter hi Mr. Harris. 

  earthjuice Major……How did you become a member of the Delfonics? 

  Major-Harris I knew Jay Thomas who introduced me to William, who heard my group 

  Bill-Carpenter  Love Won’t Let Me Wait is one of the benchmarks of the Quiet Storm radio format. How do you feel about that categorization and that type of music in general? 

  Major-Harris And he thought that I would fit right in with the Delfonics 

  earthjuice What year did you join the group? 

  April Mr Harris, do you ever perform "I Got Over Love"? is there a story behind that song? 

  Major-Harris I love it. I produced Love won’t let me wait, I was trying to reach a level of music that was sensualist. 

  Major-Harris And I’m very thankful that I’m on the quiet storm across the country. 

  Major-Harris Yeah, I do perform it. My brother Joe wrote that song, the same one who wrote "Jealousy" 

  Major-Harris And yes there is a story behind it, ….I’ll just leave it at that. 

  delma Hello Major. 

  Major-Harris I joined the group in 1971 

  Funkafize I gotta tell u, like I tell my peers, U are one of the nice guys in the biz. It’s always a pleasure to work with U. 

  April oh ok. you’ve piqued my curiosity but I won’t pry 

  Major-Harris Well, really ’70, my mistake. 

  earthjuice What hit songs of the Delfonics can we hear your voice on? 

  Dolly Hello there 


  Major-Harris Thank you very much , Brian. 

  Major-Harris From 1970 to 1975 

  Bill-Carpenter how did you come to create the boogie blues band ? 

  Dolly Will there be an Anthology of the Delfonics? 2

  delma  Do you keep in touch with former group members? 2

  Major-Harris I picked those guys out of musicians that I had met and known in Philly 

  Major-Harris And I put the band together in Philly around about 1974 

  Bill-Carpenter  how did the sound of that group differ from your previous work? 

  Major-Harris I keep in contact with most of the musicians. 

  Major-Harris I guess, now that I’m doing all of the writing myself, without others, that would be the difference. 

  Major-Harris I used to write the lyrics, and they would write the music, now I do both 

April  Are you recording any new music? 

  delma Do you perform around the country now? Dayton, Ohio? 

  Major-Harris Yes, I do. I don’t know when we’ll be back in Dayton, but probably before the summer is up. 

  Bill-Carpenter  Almost everyone has heard Luther Vandross’ version of Love Won’t Let Me Wait, but I wonder what you think of the versions nancy wilson and then Johnny Mathis-Deniece Williams did? Do you have a favorite version other than your own? 

  Major-Harris Yes, I am working on a new album right now. 

  Major-Harris I love all of them, and I’m very honored that they would do my song. 

  April Thats great. I’ll be waiting to buy it. 

  Major-Harris I think that they all did a great job!

delma Do you promote any other groups/artists? 

  Major-Harris Thank you very much, April 

  Billy-Ross Hello Major Harris and all 

Major-Harris I’m looking for some to promote and produce. 

  Bill-Carpenter  Did you ever reject a song that went on to become a hit for someone else? 

  yvette has joined. 

  April you’re welcome Mr. Harris. I love your voice and I know for a fact that it is still strong 

  delma That’s great, I know you inspire many new artists. 

  Major-Harris Not that I call recall, I reject very few song, if they are good or have anything to do with any part of my life or 

  Sylvia hello all glad to see some of us here. Hi major harris 

  Major-Harris something to do with it, I don’t turn them down. 

  Major-Harris I hope that I do, I try hard. 

  Bill-Carpenter  Can you name one particular song that you had gotten to before someone else did? 

  delma  Do you work on any movie soundtrack projects? 

  Bill-Carpenter  That you wish you had gotten to sing before someone else got to it 

  Major-Harris I did once, but they didn’t use it. It was a love movie. 


  Major-Harris I put it out on a cd Major Harris, "best of" the name of the song is " the trouble with love is goodbye" 

  Byron-Woods Hey everybody! How are you Bro Harris! 

  Major-Harris So do I yvette 

  Bill-Carpenter  That’s a great song title 

  earthjuice Major……How many babies do you think have been conceived to the sound of your voice?….:) 

  Major-Harris Latin, Jazz, and Contemporary Blues will be included on the new album 

  Bill-Carpenter  Did you start off singing in church? Who have some of your musical influences been? 

  Major-HarrisWell, so far up to date, "love won’t let me wait" has sold over 8mil copies, so let me guess 

  Major-Harris a few million…. lol 

  Byron-Woods Sounds like a well rounded CD! Looking forward to buying it! 

  earthjuice BLUES…..Don’t a LOT of Soul Music fans claim that they don’t like Blues? 

  Major-Harris Yes, in church, then Jr. High, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra 

  Major-Harris and Sammy Davis Jr. 

  Major-Harris That’s men, I have a different group for ladies. 

  Dolly For the record Love won’t let me Wait is the reason my son was born:-) 

  earthjuice Alright Dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  April  Will you be performing in NYC soon? Do you still perform solo or just with the Delfonics? 

  Bill-Carpenter  who were some of the lady singers you looked up to? 

  delma  Mr. Harris..what new artists do you your style of music? 

Sylvia Well major harris I hope all goes well for you in your new endeavor. 

  Major-Harris Not that I know of, anybody that has had the blues, and I’m sure that anyone is love has had the blues. 

 Byron-Woods Any Chicago performances? 

  Major-Harris What is the date on the NY show? 

  Major-Harris Hopefully during the summer I will be in Chicago. 

  Byron-Woods Cool! I hope to check out the show 

  Major-HarrisThat you Sylvia 


  sbshowband Hi Major! It’s Carole from Special Blendz. How are you? 

  Major-Harris Hopefully Tampa will be included in the summer tour, cause I love the Florida area 

  Sylvia /Major-Harris Well major harris I hope all goes well for you in your new endeavor. 


  delma  Are you involved in any TV legend specials coming on TV? 

  sbshowband "Breeze" said to say "Hello" 

  Major-Harris Hello Carol!! Deleware! 

  April Mr Harris, would you please give Bob a list of your tour dates to post in the Soul-Patrol Digest? I’m sure that nay people on that list would love to see you 

  bshowband  Where are you going to be next Major? I just got here, so missed that info if you already gave it. Say "HI" to the beautiful Marty for me too! 

  Major-Harris Who wanted feedback on their new album?? 

  Byron-Woods Major, One of my favorite tunes is "What’s The Use In the truth"…Man, That’s a cold tune! Brother you sang that one! 

  sbshowband  Delaware sure was fun! We had a ball playing on the show with you. 

  delma  Where are you originally from? 

  Major-Harris Richmond, VA 

Major-Harris Thank you, I had a ball too!! 

  delma  Ok, not too far from me….Delaware, Ohio. 

  earthjuice That is where D’Angelo is from, what do you think of his music and why do you think that he is so popular among Classic Soul fans? 

Major-HarrisThank you very much Bryon, that’s one that I produced 

  sbshowband Are you going to be doing any dates with the Delphonics in the near future? 

  Major-Harris I’m glad that someone could understand that. 

  Major-Harris Yeah, I’ll be doin some dates in Cali, Arizona, and Las Vegas. 

  Major-Harris At the end of May and beginning of June with the Delfonics, and the Chi-lites and Stylistics. 

  sbshowband  That’s great! I look forward to seeing you again real soon! 

  Major-Harris Thank you Carol. 

  Bill-Carpenter  what does your current show repertoire consist of? 

  Major-Harris goodnight Billy 

  sbshowband  Any Philly dates or tri state area this summer? 

  delma Mr. Harris it has truly been an honor to get a chance to meet and chat with you. Wow! 

  sbshowband G,nite Billy-Ross. 

  Major-HarrisMy solo show consists of besides my own material. Pop songs and Jazz song, as well as Standards 

  Byron-Woods Yeah you laid it bro…Good luck on the new CD man, I’ll be looking out for it. I gotta run and walk my dog "BeBop" Peace, B. 

  Billy-Ross Goodnight sb 

  Major-Harris delma, the feeling is mutual, and I’m glad I got a chance to chat with everyone. 

  ali  what about Detroit? 

Bill-Carpenter  what are some of the specific songs you often do in your show? 


  Major-Harris All of the songs that I have recorded I do, because I never know which ones someone wants to hear. 

  ali Hello! Detroit loves you! 

  earthjuice Take care Marsha 

  sbshowband Nitey nite, Marsha! 

  Major-Harris And I love Detroit !


  delma Have you ever been approached to sign on at Motown? 

  earthjuice What do you think of D’Angelo and why he is so popular among the "old school crowd"? 

  Major-Harris No I haven’t but I would love to sign with Motown 

  delma  Cool!! 

  Major-Harris He’s my homeboy, he’s from VA too, I think it’s his style that the old school crowd loves 

  ali P. S. Didn’t I blow your mind is my favorite song!  

  earthjuice I think that D’Angelo does right by the traditions of R&B music 

  April The laid back, I know I’m cool style of his music? 2

  Major-HarrisIt was a big hit to the delfonics thanks to William Hart who wrote it and Thom Bell 

  delma  What do you think of rap music? 

  earthjuice The Delfonics won a GRAMMY AWARD for that song in 1969 (wayyyy before I was even born… 

  Major-Harris I think it’s okay, I like Will Smith. Because he doesn’t us profanity, but I have other people that I like 

  Major-Harris which they call, underground, like the Wu-Tang Clan and Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are good friends of mine 

  April I’d have to go with Over and Over as a favorite Delfonis song 

  Major-Harrisand Snoop Dogg is cool. 

  Major-Harris That’s one of my favorites too, that William wrote. 

 delma Oh, I love snoop dogg. 

  earthjuice I like that song also, April along with ………..Hey Love 

  April ok now how about "Think It Over"? 

  earthjuice That too April………. 

  delma  Do you have contact with other old school groups like..the Tempts, Dramatics, etc. 

  Major-Harris Think it over is definitely one of my favorites because I sing part of the lead on that. 

  earthjuice Major, what Delfonics song is your favorite to perform live 

  April  We all know that THE SONGS were La La Means I love you and When You Get right down to it  

Major-HarrisYes the Dramatics, Bluenotes, Chi-lites, Stylistics, Ray,Goodman, and Brown. 

  Major-Harris Cuba Gooding. 

  delma  Dramatics were in one of Snoop Doggs’ songs/video. 

  April  The lyrics of Think It Over are deep 

  Major-Harris I will remember you, would be my favorite to perform live, it’s on the album "defonics: Forever new" 

  Funkafize  Major, did the film, Jackie Brown, renew interest in The Delfonics? 

  delma  Love that Ron Banks…and the Dramatics. 

  Major-Harris Yes I think it renewed a whole lot of interest especially over seas.

  delma Main Ingredients…Cuba Gooding, right? 

Major-HarrisYes Main Ingredients. 

  Funkafize  It was funny how the guy in the film, went into a record store, and got your stuff right off a rack in the front. Wish it was really like that! 

  delma Do you ever do shows with the Dramatics, Main Ingredients? 

  earthjuiceMr. Harris has to leave now 

  earthjuice Everyone say good nite 

  Major-Harris I enjoyed chating with you all. 

  delma  Goodnite Mr. you.. 

  Major-Harris good night. and thank you Bob. 

  Funkafize  It was a pleasure, I’m sure we will bump heads again on the circuit. 

  April Good night Mr Harris 

  earthjuice Thanks for spending the time with us Major, everyone here at Soul Patrol is glad, cuz we wanted to give you your PROPS, 

  April Its been wonderful 

  Major-Harris Well you can find the albums in the oldies stores. 

earthjuice You deserve them for ALL that you have given to us 

earthjuice I’m outta here…..nite all and thanks for coming out

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