Mothership Reconection – The Show

Mothership Reconection – The Show


Mothership Reconnection – The Show 7/4/96 Central Park

SYSTEM Greeter: You are now in room “Funk”
SYSTEM Greeter: You have READ/WRITE Access

Funky Moon: Hey train
nightrain: Hi Moon !!
nightrain: How are ya tonight ??
Funky Moon: Fine
SYSTEM Greeter: “Plain Old Me” has entered the room
Funky Moon: Funky Stuff review is listed on Infoseek!
nightrain: Hi Plain
nightrain: Wazup tonight ?
Plain Old Me: hey.
Plain Old Me: chillin’.
nightrain: u in to da FUNK Plain ?
nightrain: <—-system is VERY slow tonight
Plain Old Me: sho am. just saw da boys on the fourth in central park.
nightrain: cool
Funky Moon: How was it?
nightrain: how was the show ?
Plain Old Me: show #5 for me.
Plain Old Me: it was good. not their best. but they had the mothership. plus bootsy and some of the brides were there.
nightrain: cool…..I see u are from Plainfield…..u know em ??
Plain Old Me: my brother knows some of them fairly well.
Plain Old Me: i met eddie hazel once before he died.
nightrain: Now… is the BIG question…….did ya get FUNKED UP while u were at the show ???
nightrain: LOL
Funky Moon: lol
Plain Old Me: i’ve bumped into a few of them at shows.
Plain Old Me: sho did. if anybody got funked up, it was me!
Funky Moon: LOL
Plain Old Me: we’re you guys from?
nightrain: I Like Plain Old Me !!!
Plain Old Me: i mean, where’re
nightrain: in S. Jersey near Philly

Funky Moon: cali, originally from NYC
Plain Old Me: cool
nightrain: <—-Makes his FUNK the P FUNK …….& wants to get ……FUNKED UP !!!
Plain Old Me: lol
nightrain: I’m originally from NYC too
Funky Moon: I want the BOMB !
nightrain: cool
nightrain: I heard the show was GREAt…..did u also go to the afterparty ?
Plain Old Me: we decided not to go.
nightrain: Hey Man…Smell My Finger
nightrain: I heard that was a BLAST also
Plain Old Me: my brother had talked to billy bass (nelson) and he said he wasn’t sure if they were really gonna do any performing. we were both tired so we jetted back to the lab.
nightrain: One Nation Under A Groove
nightrain: How old are u Plain ?
nightrain: Lab ????
Plain Old Me: give details. i hope we didn’t miss anything too live.
Plain Old Me: lab meaning home.
Plain Old Me: 27
nightrain: cool
nightrain: I heard that they performed LIVE on stage at Tramps…..& …
nightrain: ….”tore the roof off the sucker”
Plain Old Me: get they get their groove on?
Plain Old Me: i mean did they get their groove on?
nightrain: yeah… I heard……but I wasn’t there
nightrain: Hopefully a brotha named “Munsta” will show up here tonight….he went
SYSTEM Greeter: “master tard” has entered the room
Funky Moon: Cool
nightrain: He call tell us all….what we missed !!!
Plain Old Me: we shoulda gone but we were tired the show started around 6:30 and lasted till 9:45. plus we were in line for about 90 minutes. we saw chris rock and his girlfriend. he looked like he was high on something.
nightrain: Hi tard….wazup ?
nightrain: u in to da FUNK ???
nightrain: <—-thinks Chris Rock always looks “high”
master tard: hells yes
nightrain: LOL
Funky Moon: Sure did in New Jack City !
nightrain: who do u like tard ?
nightrain: How true Moon !!!
Plain Old Me: hate to cut it short, dudes (and possibly dudettes), but i’ve had a long day, plus Star Trek Next Generation is ’bout to come on. I’ll be back sometime. I never knew this place existed before tonight.
Plain Old Me: g’night.
Funky Moon: Later Plain
nightrain: we are here every thur. & Mon nights at 11 pm
Plain Old Me: bet.
SYSTEM Greeter: “MUNSTA” has entered the room
nightrain: MUNSTA went to the concert last week…..let him tell us about the show ?
ImhotepX: git outta here….
FunkOverlord: really
ImhotepX: count me out, baby!
FunkOverlord: chek it out
nightrain: New Edition sampling Bob James ???
MUNSTA: Who cares about New Edition! This room is strictly for the FUNKEEE! No harm intended.
FunkOverlord: yeah!!
nightrain: Go head MUNSTA !!!
nightrain: lol
MUNSTA: The MOTHERSHIP will land in all of yalls towns.
ImhotepX: take control, brother soul!
nightrain: tell us more
MUNSTA: Blackbyrd taw the show UP!
nightrain: cool
ImhotepX: Rockcreek park did they do Rockcreek park?
MUNSTA: He did this solo that was PHAT!!!!!!
MUNSTA: One problem though, they did not do ONE NATION!
nightrain: awwwww
ImhotepX: i like mysterious vibes from the Blackbyrds
nightrain: <—just cracked open a new bottle of his favorite wine
nightrain: lol
nightrain: u go to the after party MUNSTA ??
ImhotepX: the navigator was asleep at the controls
nightrain: lol
MUNSTA: YES, at TRAMPS! It was wall to wall FUNKATEERS! It was truly funky in their, literally!
nightrain: <—likes your sense of humor Imhotep
SYSTEM Greeter: “Patro” has left the room
nightrain: <—should have been there !!!
MUNSTA: They played until about 6 in tha mornin’
nightrain: awwwwwwwwwwwww chit….& I missed it !!!
ImhotepX: The Mothership will land in the Black Mecca in 2 weeks…thanks ‘train!
MUNSTA: I must recommend T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M! to those who don’t have it! ImhotepX: …..and that is…..?
FunkOverlord: do you think it’s all that Munsta?
nightrain: <—has it & thinks it sucks MUNSTA……George has ripped the people off on that one…..sorry !!!
MUNSTA: The Awesome Power Of A Fully Operational Mothership!
FunkOverlord: maybe three good songs, i think
ImhotepX: iight the new album
nightrain: <—-couldn’t even bring himself to play it at the party on Saturday Overlord !!!
FunkOverlord: really?
Funky Moon: LOL
FunkOverlord: i like the jam about the swimsuits!!
nightrain: yup…..I think the album sounds like …”warmed over Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg” !!!
nightrain: lol
Heavens Angl: Ok
MUNSTA: Hey train, do like I did, my wife partied with me at the show right up front in Dr. Funkenstien’s face
MUNSTA: Hey train, what’s been goin’ on! Sorry I didn’t post a bulletin about the concert. this weekend I will get a chance to do so.
FunkOverlord: maxi, shaggy, and shabba are comming here in aug.
FunkOverlord: who? Dr. Funkenstein?
MUNSTA: I taped the show last week when the MOTHERSHIP landed on Letterman. Paul Schaffer was at the show, along with NY’s OWN Frankie Croker was there with his pressed AFRO.
nightrain: <—digs Frankie Crocker !!!
nightrain: he is a FUNKATEER !!!
MUNSTA: Frankie looked BUSTED!
ImhotepX: <—–remembers Frankie Crocker FunkOverlord: by way of pittsburgh!!
nightrain: by way of Buffalo !!!
nightrain: ….did u have anything else to report on the concert ??
MUNSTA: Well, BOOTSIE was terrific!
MUNSTA: On the Central Park lawn, the MOTHERSHIP truly landed! Funkenstien came out of the MOTHERSIP IN FASHION!
MUNSTA: Bernie Worrell opened the show with a real funky rhythm that woke the crowd! I stood on line for about 2 hours before the show.
Funky Moon: was it raining
MUNSTA: NO! We were protected from any weather hazards by the MOTHERSHIP! FunkOverlord: remember when Bernie was in the band as a regular?
Funky Moon: Yeah
MUNSTA: Well he is a regular now!
FunkOverlord: and David Sanborn
FunkOverlord: oh, again?
nightrain: Hey guys…..
nightrain: Peace….OUT !!!

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