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Soul-Patrol Introduces: Julie Dexter (Jazz/Soul/Funk), Concious, Dexterity, Peace of Mind, Ketch A Vibe

JULIE DEXTER: ONLINE LISTENING PARTYSoul-Patrol Chat RoomON March 31 2005 @ 10 pm est. We feel so strongly about this new CD that in addition to emailing me your comments, we want to invite you join us for a LIVE/INERACTIVE DISCUSSION where we will not only listen to ALL OF THE TRACKS from Julie Dexter’s new CD called "Conscious" together as a group, but we are going to ask you to share your commentary in ourchat roomwith the rest of us while we listen!

Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we are taking this oppurtunity to introduce you one of my own personal musical treasures….JULIE DEXTER. Feels kinda funny to use the word "introduce", when talking about Julie Dexter. I have been a fan of her CD’s and her live performances for quite a while. However I do realize that many of you have yet to experience JULIE DEXTER. My hope is that you will allow me to do so at this time, by reading these articles about Julie Dexter in this newsletter and then doing several things:

1. Click on themusic linksand take a listen to her new CD "Conscious" (we are streaming all 51 min. of it).

2. Click on the links in the articles to
visit Julie’s websiteto learn even more about her (sign the guestbook while you are there to let he know that you came by).

3. Join us on 3/31 in the
Soul-Patrol chat room for our Julie Dexter Online Listening party(Julie and her crew will be with us that night to take your feedback) and finally, "Conscious"

if you like the music & dig the vibe go ahead and buy a CD online

Even if you can’t bring yourself to do any of those things in support of this great young artist, take a few moments to forward this email along to 5 people that you know here on the internet that like good music

You won’t be sorry (and neither will they!!!)…

–Bob Davis

1. Biography: Julie Dexter  

Julie Dexter

Born and raised in Birmingham, England of Jamaican parents, Julie Dexter is a world-renowned singer / songwriter who has won numerous international awards. A classically trained musician who writes, arranges, composes and produces, Julie is considered by many to be one of the most important female vocalists of her generation. Deeply influenced by legends such as Abbey Lincoln, Billie Holiday and Nancy Wilson, as well as popular icons such as Omar and Sade, Julie takes classic soul to the heart of artistry.

Julie Dexter’s artistic passion flows through her latest recording, Conscious, which reflects upon what she perceives as the highest principle of life. While consciousness provides us with our perception of the world and our relationship to it, Conscious conveys Julie’s insightful musings on love, trust, and the plight of perseverance. Within this disc Julie addresses the superficial limits of "life", transcending its biological definition by acknowledging its spiritual essence. "Its not enough for us to walk the earth day by day without questioning our purpose for being." Julie asserts, furthermore, that as human beings our blood keeps us alive, yet it is through consciousness that we thrive. As such she compels us in the disc’s title track to re-evaluate ourselves as she rhetorically asks, "How you’re living?."

Julie Dexter’s myriad musical manifestations have astounded fans and critics across the globe. Over the past seven years Julie’s career has taken her through the circles of jazz, broken-beat, bossa-nova, and soul. The dynamic voice of Julie Dexter was first heard in 1997 on Dune Records’ release of J-Life, a UK group led by Jason Yarde, that sought to invigorate the public concept of Jazz as a dying tradition. While this debut recording showcased original instrumental compositions and stirring renditions of jazz standards, it also contained a swinging cover of Loose Ends’ hit song "Gonna Make You Mine," which amply featured the soulful croon of Julie Dexter. Julie gained her "chops" for cutting her vocals on this record by touring several continents with jazz wunderkind Courtney Pine as a lead vocalist of his ensemble. This musical school of tough-love learning would also give her the confidence to begin to perform and record as a solo artist, garnering the seven song EP, Peace of Mind (2000) and then later the full-length recording, Dexterity (2002), both of which were independently released on her own label, Ketch A Vibe

Ketch a Vibe is an independently owned and operated label founded by Julie Dexter and the late Ken Stone. It currently features projects by Julie herself and singer songwriter Michael Johnson. The label is currently distributed in The United States by Select O Hits Distribution and Groove Distribution in association with Edclectic Entertainment

These two recordings gained international acclaim for Julie’s talents in addition to her collaborations with broken-beat innovator IG Culture ("The Plan" & "Free As") and bossa nova composer Thomas Naim ("Like Ours").

For the past four years Julie Dexter has spent the millennium sharing the stage with this generation’s cutting-edge soul artists, including Jill Scott, Bilal, Amel Larrieux, Donnie, Omar, Jaguar, Rachelle Ferrell, and Fertile Ground, to name a few. While Julie Dexter is more than able to hold up against her peers, her music has also been praised by them. In time the world will hold Julie Dexter in the same regards as those stellar artists who regard her well


Click here to listen to Julie Dexter’s NEW JAZZ/FUNK/SOUL CD called "Conscious" & Light the candles and incense for this one folks…
Here is the track listing: 1. Choices, 2. Like Ours, 3. Look Who’s Got Ya Back, 4. A Place For Us, 5. Show Me Now, 6. Rhythms Daughter, 7. Conscious, 8. Small World, 9. I See Colors, 10. The Race, 11. Rain Song

2. Concert Review: Julie Dexter In Concert @ World Cafe Live in Philadelphia  

Julie Dexter

On 2/25/2005 I ventured into Philadelphia to see Julie Dexter do a live show @ World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. It was part of a larger event called "Blue Funk Livepod" that is held monthly at World Cafe Live. Blue Funk Livepod is a multifaceted/eclectic event that includes House DJ’s, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, a Fashion Show, live music, information and more that is directed at an "urban bohemian crowd" (cornrows and nappy hair afros). The World Cafe Live is a brand new performance venue in Philly comprised of two separate performance spaces one seating about 1,000 and the other seating about 150. The building also is the home of WXPN radio a station long known for it’s "eclectic programming".

So the analogy for those of you in NYC is that this event was be something like if BB Kings was housed in the same building as WBAI and independent promoters were allowed to come in and use the venue for various types of activities.


The crowd was hyped, pumped and Julie Dexter did not disappoint. For me the reason why our support (patronage??) of LIVE music events has become so critical. The "live" hip hop artist who had proceeded Julie Dexter on the stage was simply awful. Admittedly, it’s been a very long time since I had seen a "live hip hop show". I suddenly remembered how terrible "live hip hop" sounded and why I had stopped going to those type of shows. I actually wanted the rapper to shut up and just let the DJ rock the house!

Julie Dexter and her band (more on them later) came out and SMOKED the audience.

This was the second time that I had seen Julie Dexter perform live.

The first time was at BB Kings in NYC 3 years ago when she appeared with Fertile Ground, Rhythm Republic and Shelly Nichole’s BlakBushe. Back then she gave a soul/jazz type of performance that was off the hook in a "Billie Holiday/Nancy Wilsonish (with just a touch of Reggae) kinda way". That night we had about 30 members of Soul-Patrol in the audience and they of course responded by purchasing the CD.

This time out it was kinda like night and day musically, because what I saw in Philadelphia was an all out FUNK assault, that actually got the "too cool to be cool Black bohemian crowd" up off of their be-hinds and dancing. In addition to singing her butt off, Julie also took a turn at keyboards. It was a short set (bout 6 songs) mostly featuring cuts from her new CD "Conscious". Julie engaged in actual communication with the audience, not only giving props to Philly’s musical legacy but to the crowd themselves for showing up and being so enthusiastic to seeing a LIVE band/singer.

After the show, I spent some time backstage with the band waiting for Julie (she was besieged by autograph seekers and CD buyers) where I learned that the core of the band (including background singer Deborah Bond) were formerly of the band "Soul Element". Some of you here might remember that "Soul Element" was one of the very first bands that we featured on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

Well even if you don’t remember them, they sure as hell remembered Soul-Patrol and that rather crude broadcast.

Anyhow, it was all rather cool for me to see this generation of underground soul artists coming of age and coming together full circle!!

I spoke with Julie Dexter and she was truly excited both about the show and her new CD called "Conscious". It’s a much more personal album than her previous efforts filled with slices of life (social concerns & romance) that she wanted to address.

She also talked with me quite a bit on the plusses of being an INDEPENDENT artist and the satisfaction she derives from it, despite all of the hard work. That hard work was clearly in evidence last night as I observed Julie’s team (including our friend Mark Powers) busy scurrying around not only engaged in setting things up, breaking them down, handling CD sales, autographs, interviews and making arrangements to leave town all at the same time.

Julie Dexter is an artist who has been hanging around Soul-Patrol for years. Her website was one of the very first "underground soul" artists websites to provide a link to us many years ago. She is now on her third album and we are hanging tough with her as the music keeps getting better and better. In my opinion both on CD and LIVE Julie Dexter is now ready to break through and find an audience of hungry and frustrated music fans who want THE REAL THING

For those fans they need not wait much longer, because as Sam Cooke said "A Change Will Come" and the time is upon us for that change. With artists like her, my feeling is that the future of Soul music is in good hands. Artists like Julie Dexter are leading the way on multiple levels.

Look for her new CD "Conscious" playing on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

Stay tuned…

–Bob Davis


Click here to listen to Julie Dexter’s NEW JAZZ/FUNK/SOUL CD called "Conscious" & Light the candles and incense for this one folks…
Here is the track listing: 1. Choices, 2. Like Ours, 3. Look Who’s Got Ya Back, 4. A Place For Us, 5. Show Me Now, 6. Rhythms Daughter, 7. Conscious, 8. Small World, 9. I See Colors, 10. The Race, 11. Rain Song

3. CD Review: Julie Dexter – "Conscious"  

Julie Dexter

Julie Dexter – "Conscious"


This is an album that I have been listening to off and on for the past month. It’s definitely become one of my "secret pleasures". Watching the career of Julie Dexter has become for me something akin to slowly watching a flower bloom. Closed it looks like it might be average and pedestrian, however slowly over time it blooms and becomes more and more beautiful. This is some serious "grown folks music" that is both thoughtful and erotic. Serious lyrics of romance and love, backed by by slow burning jazz/funk. Comparisons are always unfair, but I’ll do it anyhow. Does anyone here remember how they felt when they first heard Angela Bofil, Gabriella Anders, Sade, etc…(Julie Dexter gives me that very same feeling).

This album represents in my mind what all of the failed attempts at "neo soul" aspired to, but never quite measured up to. Of course the term "neo soul" is now out of vogue, but I’ll take it and use it for my own purposes. As a child of the 1970’s I can say without any sense of trepidation or fear that if this album had come out in say 1976 all of the rest of yall who are "children of the 1970’s" would have brought this album as soon as you heard it, rushed home, carefully removed the album from it’s sleeve and placed the pristine LP on the turntable. Then after that first play, you would be on the phone to your friends to come on over and listen. After hanging up the phone, you would then break out the incense and "iced tea" fully confident in the knowledge that you were about to turn your friends on to a musical treat that would soon send them scurrying down to the record store to repeat the very same process that you had just gone through yourself. Taken as a whole all of the songs sound like they could have easily been retitled "Adventures In Paradise Part 2".

My favorite song on this album is "Small Talk", I haven’t heard horns used so effectively in a slow jam in a long time. "Conscious" is the best album I have heard so far in 2005 (we shall see if it stays there?)

I fully realize that many of you out there are skeptical, and are saying to yourself (What in the hell is Bob talking about I’ve never even heard of Julie Dexter)…. But that’s ok

(it won’t be the first time that has happened)

Yall gotta get past that "I’ve never heard of artist XXXXX" mentality. I realize that may be difficult for some of yall. But if you can’t you are gonna miss out on some GREAT music.

If you are a person who falls into this category, I ain’t mad at cha, but please do me a fava by passing this review on to at least 10 other people that you know. Who knows, you just might be turning your friends on to some music that might change their life, if even for just one day. And for having done so, they will be eternally greatful (and you get some "extra karma points")

This is one that you need to put on your short list of unknown artists that I asked everyone here at the beginning of the year to COMMIT TO BUYING A CD DIRECT FROM A ARTIST WEBSITE IN THE YEAR 2005

We have already started featuring Julie Dexter’s new CD "Conscious" here on Soul-Patrol.Net radio ( and so far yall seem to dig it. This week we are doing this email blast and having an online listening party in our chat room. I strongly urge yall to check these things out if you want to experience some BRAND NEW…

"Great Black Music From The Ancient To the Future…"

Julie Dexter – "Conscious"

–Bob Davis


Click here to listen to Julie Dexter’s NEW JAZZ/FUNK/SOUL CD called "Conscious" & Light the candles and incense for this one folks…
Here is the track listing: 1. Choices, 2. Like Ours, 3. Look Who’s Got Ya Back, 4. A Place For Us, 5. Show Me Now, 6. Rhythms Daughter, 7. Conscious, 8. Small World, 9. I See Colors, 10. The Race, 11. Rain Song

4. Concert Review – Julie Dexter @ BB King’s in New York City  

Julie Dexter

Some say the state of Black Music is completely in the tank, with extremely little variation from song-to-song, act-to-act. Others say that the innovation that once marked the great funk and "Urbane Soul" of the late 60s and early 70s–drawing upon influences that came from almost EVERY corner of music–is left only to the study of music anthropologists and the distant memories of those who experienced it…in addition to the now played-out "contemporary music history" anthologies that pop up on the tube now and again.

Make no mistake, though: the greatness and spirit of that era still lives. To be sure, it doesn’t live on in the current sordid state of commercial Black Music radio. Its musical sophistication alone demands too much of today’s typical radio station listener. However, if one is attuned to a fast-growing and very vibrant Black underground; one that is uniting Black Music audiences across the nation and across the different and diverse demographics that marketers try to separate, that seeker is being rewarded time and time again.

Such was the case one Sunday Summer evening at BB King’s in New York City, when this so-called seeker was treated to a four-course musical feast through the musical talents of Fertile Ground, Julie Dexter, Rhythm Republik, and Shelly Nicole & Blakbushe. Mixing the best of today’s and yesterday’s musical spirit, these four acts ran through a diversity of musical styles that left practically everyone in the room fulfilled.

My favorite performer of the evening was Julie Dexter, who I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear for a while. A very interesting mix of jazz and funk, Dexter dazzled as her set was highlighted by a lot of shifting time signatures as band and singer executed–with ACUTE precision-on various musical stops-and-starts. She threw in a very eclectic version of "My Favorite Things" that had to have Coltrane smiling from heaven and giving his blessing. Throughout her set, Dexter and company kept the level of musicianship very high. Other highlights of her set included tracks from her fine CD, "Dexterity:" the seemingly autobiographical "Faith," "That’s Livin’," "Walk With Me," and "I Dream."

More events of this type are sorely needed in Black Music today, and more are being promised. BB King’s was packed with a crowd that ranged in age from the 20s through the 50s, indicating that good music is truly appreciated across the so-called demos of Black America. The event was sponsored by Black Rock Coalition,, Groove Addiction, and, Marc Powers/MN8 Enterprises(DC), and FunkshunalEntertainment.

Hosts Sara Hill (SISTAfactory.), Bob Davis ( and Darrell McNeil (Black Rock Coalition) did an excellent job keeping things rolling all evening.

–Charles Duke

(Charles Duke is an, author, activist, educator and entrepreneur currently residing in NJ)


Click here to listen to Julie Dexter’s NEW JAZZ/FUNK/SOUL CD called "Conscious" & Light the candles and incense for this one folks…
Here is the track listing: 1. Choices, 2. Like Ours, 3. Look Who’s Got Ya Back, 4. A Place For Us, 5. Show Me Now, 6. Rhythms Daughter, 7. Conscious, 8. Small World, 9. I See Colors, 10. The Race, 11. Rain Song

4. Upcoming Performance – Julie Dexter Coming To Club 75 In Cleveland (4/28/2005)y  

Julie Dexter


Thursday, April 28, 2005 @ CLUB 75

Featuring A Live Performance w/ Band from Ketch-A-Vibe Recording Artist and the UK Queen of SoulÂ…..JULIE DEXTER

Performing songs from her critically acclaimed LP "Dexterity", and her phenomenal new LP "Conscious"

w/ Special Guest, Columbus, Ohio’s ownÂ….MIDDLECHILD

Doors open @ 9PM. Admission is $10.

CLUB 75 is located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland @ 75 Public Square.

Ph: (216) 566-7575.

For more information on Ketch-A-Vibe recording artist JULIE DEXTER, go to her website at:

Presented by: UNLIMITED WEALTH ENTERTAINMENT, COORS Light, GREY GOOSE VODKA, in association with Liquid Soul Radio), Soul Patrol Radio, and The Spa Lounge


Click here to listen to Julie Dexter’s NEW JAZZ/FUNK/SOUL CD called "Conscious" & Light the candles and incense for this one folks…
Here is the track listing: 1. Choices, 2. Like Ours, 3. Look Who’s Got Ya Back, 4. A Place For Us, 5. Show Me Now, 6. Rhythms Daughter, 7. Conscious, 8. Small World, 9. I See Colors, 10. The Race, 11. Rain Song

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