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Southern Soul and Blues – TONI GREEN: THE ESSENCE OF SOUL

Southern Soul and Blues – TONI GREEN: THE ESSENCE OF SOUL



FOR those of you that think soul music is something extinct, how wrong you are , because as you sleep soul music is still awake and very much alive. One of the Artist you may be sleeping on is Toni Green, the Essence of Soul. At 17 yrs old Toni toured with Hot Buttered Soul with the great Issac Hayes and then with the wonderful Luther Ingram. Opportunities like that on your resume normally would have you in high demand, but who can decipher the politics of the music world.

Over the last few years Toni Green has put several CD’s that all deserve to be heard from Mixed Emotions to the latest More Love, I for one have not heard a sour note nor a bad song. In my not so humble opinion Toni Green is equal to the task of living up, and adding to the legacy of Soul Music no matter what label we put on it now. Her stage presence is ferocious and feminine, a crowd pleaser and a big teaser, was that not the stuff of Jackie Wilson and so many other performers who knew live performance is where people truly remember you?

The title of her latest CD is ironic since the biz-ness of Music is showing the sister no love. Toni though, shows she still has more love for her fan base with this strong selection of soul serenades and bluesy ballads. From the title More Love to Angel, Toni sings her ass off, but it seems almost like she is speaking in some urgent manner to express her love & life lessons, in order to tell us how serious all this life can be. Do me a favor and check out the song "Best Woman" great example of telling somebody they have lost you and they will never find another like you. Free (not Denise Williams song) is my favorite vocal on this CD and is so good they bless us with Free pt 2.

Let me just say right now Toni Green is my constant companion…in my CD player,

so check out all her music, and put her in your CD player too. For then you will be showing Toni Green, More Love, just like she deserves, after-all she is the Essence of Soul..

–Enorman Harris

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