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Sun Ra – Brotha From Another Planet

While I was a college student back in the 1970’s I got the opportunity to see Sun Ra perform in concert twice. On one of those occasions prior to the actual concert itself the film “Space Is The Place” was shown.

The film is shot at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt and consists mostly of the Arkastra in performance and Sun Ra explaining his philosophies. One of the things that .Sun Ra discusses is his belief that Black people came to the earth from the planet Saturn and built the pyramids in Egypt. This theory of course has been advanced elsewhere andis a key component of the P-Funk philosophy as well (see: Afronauts).

Sun Ra goes on further to explain that Blacks will never truly be free until they return to the planet Saturn because it is their “natural home”

This theory has been espoused by other FUNK artists as well (ex. Charles Earland on the album “Leaving This Planet”)

Back in the 70’s these kind of theories were quite popular. As far as music goes I would have to say that Sun Ra is probably the originator of the idea !!

So anytime we hear a FUNK jam with a “Sci Fi” theme we should all probably thank Sun Ra for it !!!

I think that it would be fair to say that Sun Ra was an innovator of the first degree and that he is a pioneer of certain themes that were later an influence on people like George Clinton and Miles Davis

After listening to the entire “Singles” CD it is clear to me that Sun Ra was mixing “soul, jazz, rock n’ roll & blues”…so you know what that means for me !!! 🙂 ,

Disc: 1

  1. A Foggy Day – The Nu Sounds
  2. Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie – The Cosmic Rays
  3. Dreaming – The Cosmic Rays
  4. Daddy’s Gonna Tell You No Lie – The Cosmic Rays
  5. Bye Bye – The Cosmic Rays
  6. Somebody’s In Love – The Cosmic Rays
  7. Medicine For A Nightmare – Arkestra
  8. Saturn – Arkestra
  9. Supersonic Jazz – Arkestra
  10. Happy New Year To You – The Qualities
  11. It’s Christmas Time – The Qualities
  12. Muck Muck – Yochanan
  13. Hot Skillet Mama – Yochanan
  14. Great Balls Of Fire – Arkestra
  15. Hours After – Arkestra
  16. Teenager’s Letter Of Promises – Juanita Rodgers
  17. I’m So Glad You Love Me – Juanita Rodgers
  18. The Sun One – Yochanan
  19. The Sun Man Speaks – Yochanan
  20. The Sun Man Speaks – Yochanan
  21. October – Sun Ra
  22. Adventure In Space – Sun Ra
  23. Message To Earthman – Yochanan
  24. Message To Earthman – Yochanan & Sun Ra And Arkestra
  25. State Street – Sun Ra


Disc: 2

  1. The Blue Set – Sun Ra
  2. Big City Blues – Sun Ra
  3. Tell Her To Come On Home – Little Mack
  4. I’m Making Believe – Little Mack
  5. The Bridge – Sun Ra
  6. Rocket # 9 – Sun Ra
  7. Blues On Planet Mars – Sun Ra
  8. Saturn Moon – Sun Ra
  9. The Sky Is Crying – Lacy Gibson
  10. She’s My Baby – Lacy Gibson
  11. I Am Gonna Unmask The Batman – Lacy Gibson
  12. I Want An Easy Woman – Lacy Gibson
  13. I’m Gonna Unmask The Batman – Sun Ra
  14. The Perfect Man – Sun Ra
  15. Journey To Saturn – Sun Ra
  16. Enlightenment – Sun Ra
  17. Love In Outer Space – Sun Ra
  18. Mayan Temple – Sun Ra
  19. Disco 2100 – Sun Ra
  20. Sky Blues – Sun Ra
  21. Rough House Blues – Sun Ra
  22. Cosmo-Extensions – Sun Ra
  23. Quest – Sun Ra
  24. Outer Space Plateau – Sun Ra

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