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the LEGENDARY Harvey Fuqua



  imageHarvey-Fuquahas joined.

D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:Mr. Fuqua! Sir it is an honor! I am here to attend the chat and listen and learn.Respect to You


Andrew:hey it’s about 1am here in Ireland

Harvey-Fuqua:Good evening

D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:hello all/Mr.Fuqua

Mike-Tuggle:Good evening, sir

Byron-Woods:Hello Mr. Fuqua

DUSTYMOP:you know I am a doo wop and oldie crazy lady haa Hello Harvey

John-Rozz:Hello All

Andrew:hello mr fuqua

Harvey-Fuqua: Hey Bob

nightrain:If you have any questions for Mr Fuqua, just go ahead and post them right in the chat room

Harvey-Fuqua:Hello Andrew

imageHarvey on DOO WOP and The MOONGLOWS

John-Rozz:Hi Harvey, Did Chuck Barksdale ever sing with the Moonglows

Harvey-Fuqua:Yes, Chuck sang with the Moonglows

nightrain:Chuck Barksdale (he must be a whole lot older that I thought…

Byron-Woods:Mr. Fuqua, you and the Moonglows were in excellent form on the recent dowop special. Any more in the making/

mmdellls:The harmonies, were happening on Do-wop 50 Harvey

John-Rozz:Ditto on the Doo Wop Special

Harvey-Fuqua:yes, we have plans for a national tour in the works

John-Rozz:was that later after the Rainbows

Byron-Woods:Is Chicago on the tour?

D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:what about Canadian dates?

Harvey-Fuqua:LOL ……

Mike-Tuggle:You produced the Spinners, “That’s What Girls Are Made For” in Chicago. Did you do it at Chess?

Harvey-Fuqua:Mike we produced the Spinners in Detroit

Byron-Woods:Hometown, U know I had to ask…LOL!

Harvey-Fuqua:Chicago and Canda …… Toranto


D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:Toronto only a hour away!

John-Rozz:when is the Toronto date

nightrain:ok………I don’t think Harvey’s got his schedule in front of him, but I’m sure he will hit ALL of the spots where the FOINEST ladies are located : )
imageHarvey’s New CD: “The Voice Of Experience

Byron-Woods:Are you still working with Smokey?

Harvey-Fuqua:Yes, I am still working with Smokey ……

Byron-Woods:Man,His new Cd is smokin!

nightrain:What projects are you working with Smokey on (yall knew I had to ask that)

John-Rozz:Smokey will be here in CT in a few weeks at Foxwoods

Harvey-Fuqua:we just finished “The Voice of Experience“, my CD …… Smokey worked on this CD

Harvey-Fuqua:it will be released March 1st

Byron-Woods:I knew you would ask that one, Nightrain: !

nightrain:Sounds fantastic Harvey, I can’t wait to hear it, so that we can tell EVERYONE on the Soul-Patrol to buy it : )

Harvey-Fuqua:I did a cut with Smokey, a cut with Etta James and Sylvia Robinson

Byron-Woods:Man, sounds like a nice CD! You and Etta recorded back in the day?

Harvey-Fuqua:yes, I did some great work with Etta ….. an entire album which was never released

Harvey-Fuqua:only singles where released …. “If I can’t have you” and “Spoonful”

Byron-Woods:Maybe, we’ll see that unreleased album. You and Etta Had a nice sound together

D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:is sylvia still doing Bluegrass on Sugarhill?

Harvey-Fuqua:I think she is ……

Harvey-Fuqua:this is my first solo CD

John-Rozz:sounds great

nightrain:ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk, ooooo “Sylvia” Pillow Talk,

Mike-Tuggle:Oh, I saw a reference that said Chicago. Did you use Hitsville or United to produce them?

Mike-Tuggle:The last time I talked to Paul Riser, hw was trying to locate Jerry Long. Would you have any info on his whereabouts?

Harvey-Fuqua:Mike we used both Hittsville and United

J–BaileyTell me more about your times at the Howard Theater/

Harvey-Fuqua:The Howard was my all time theater to work in

nightrain:Harvey, we are all aware that Alan Freed is listed as “co-songwriter” with you on the hit song …”Sincerely”,….Harvey, can you tell us what your relationship was like with Alan Freed?

Harvey-Fuqua:he left us to go to NYC …….

Harvey-Fuqua:Freed was our first manager

D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:Did Freed ever write anything?

nightrain:Did Alan Freed actually “co-write” the song ….”Sincerely” with you?

Mike-Tuggle:I saw you in one of Alan Freed’s rock &; roll movies. I have it, but I can’t remember the title.

Mike-Tuggle:Did you work much with Riley Hton?

Harvey-Fuqua:yes, Riley did a lot of our arrangements ……. even on New Birth

Mike-Tuggle:Riley retired years ago. He lives here in Chicago.

Harvey-Fuqua:shortly my duet with ETTA will be released on my own label

Harvey-Fuqua:my CD is the first released and then the “Moonglows 2000”

Mike-Tuggle:I’ll be looking out for it.

John-Rozz:same here can’t wait

Harvey-Fuqua:due to the way we market the artist you can look for a great many artist to join us

Harvey-Fuqua:For example…Pookie Hudson and the Spaniels …..

nightrain:Harvey, will you be making your CD and other products available directly to the fans, via your website?

Mike-Tuggle:I saw the Moonglows in the film, “Rock, Rock, Rock”. Did you film it in New York or Hollywood?

Harvey-Fuqua:the three films Rock, Rock, Rock …. Mr Rock and Roll and Go Johnny Go where all done in NYC
imageHarvey on Motown, Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye

Mike-Tuggle:I’d love to hear some unreleased Marvin and Tammi. But I guess that’s up to Universal Music.

Byron-Woods:Harvey, You and Johnny Bristol were such a great production team. Any chance of a reunion? Also are you Tammi Terrell, and Johnny Bristol singing background on “I can’t believe you love me”?

Harvey-Fuqua:yes, Johnny and I will be working together very soon

Harvey-Fuqua:yes that was Tammi, Johnny and myself singing background

Luv:Didnt Marvin Gaye once sing with the “new Moonglows?”

Harvey-Fuqua:yes, Marvin did sing with the New Moonglows

Harvey-Fuqua:the Moonglows tour schedule will be posted ASAP

nightrain:Harvey, can you tell us what it was like working with the “young” Marvin Gaye?

Harvey-Fuqua:Marvin was so eager to learn …… very attentive, absored everything I had to give to him
imageHarvey on the Dells, the history of Chicago Soul, etc

Mike-Tuggle:Harvey, did you ever see the TV documentary, “Record Row?”

Harvey-Fuqua:sorry, I didn’t see “Record Row” ….. when was that?

Mike-Tuggle:It covered the blues and soul music industry on South Michigan Avenue from the ’50s through the ’60s. It covered Chess, Vee-Jay, Chance, etc.

John-Rozz:Harvey would you consider a corporate event

Mike-Tuggle:Etta James narrated the documentary. I aired on WTTW-Chicago 2 years ago.

Mike-Tuggle:I could try to get you a copy of it, if you like.

Harvey-Fuqua:yes, I would like a copy

DUSTYMOP:I need you to perform in Weschester NY at my retreat Hudson Valley conference center in June NY I am Parent leader and I need your group We have about 2ooo parents in our district in NYC and we nedd music so let me know your contact person we have funding no problem

Harvey-Fuqua:– I would love to do a corporate event

Byron-Woods:I was playing some rare Motown the other day and I ran across “Stay a little longer” by Yvonne Fair. Man, what a great record! How did you like working with her?

Harvey-Fuqua:H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y MMDELLS

mmdellls:Fuke, I told Chuck, that you were the guest host tonight

Byron-Woods:Happy B-Day!

Mike-Tuggle:I read that when Marvin and Chuck were with the Dells they lived on 57th &; Woodlawn in Chicago. That’s not far from my house.

mmdellls:Most folks don’t know it, but The Dells are clones of The Moonglows, they taught us everything that we know, and Harvey is our father

Harvey-Fuqua:Hey, MMDELLS I can’t wait to hear your new CD

mmdellls:It’s baad, but Harvey, you gotta call us

Harvey-Fuqua:LOL …… MM I appreciate that but you guys did all the work ….. I love you I am waiting for you guys to do something my new label

mmdellls:Fuke, we’ve still gotta do this album together, before the culture bandits take it all…

nightrain:^5 MMDells

nightrain:Sounds like we have a potential deal in the making?……lol

Harvey-Fuqua:MMDELLS you are so right and I like that …… Culture bandits

mmdellls:I hope that you told them about the Cecil &; Grion Hotel, when we lived in Harlem lol

Harvey-Fuqua:MMDELLS ….. about living in Harlem ….. if only walls could talk …. LOL

Harvey-Fuqua:yeah ….. we did live on 57th Street, loved working there and eating at Harold’s Chicken Place too

Mike-Tuggle:LOL. There are more Harold’s Chicken Shacks in Chicago now than you can shake a stick at.

Mike-Tuggle:As a matter of fact, there is a Harold’s four blocks away from your old place on 57th.

Byron-Woods:Hey Mike, and the chicken is still good!

John-Rozz:the old days

DUSTYMOP:oh this is glorious I am happy because you bought me so much happyness

mmdellls:Mike, no…The Dells are in Harvey, Floosmoor, Olympia fields, Chgo, and University Park

Harvey-Fuqua:MMDELLS I am preparing it right now

mmdellls:Marvin is recovering nicely from a hip-replacement, and we work at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on the 23rd

Byron-Woods:I am glad Marvin is doing well, MMDells

Harvey-Fuqua:MM I had my hip done a year ago ….. tell Marvin I don’t want to see him sitting around anymore

John-Rozz:hopefully the right people will be there listing to the Dells so they can be inducted to the Hall


Byron-Woods:John, I hope so! They deserve it…Big Time!

mmdellls:Thanks, but it all came from the Gentleman that is tonights host.

Harvey-Fuqua:I am almost next year the DELLS will be inducted

Harvey-Fuqua:I am almost sure

mmdellls:I hope that everyone knows that Harvey Fugua is responsible for the success of : The Spinners, Dells, Temptations, Tammy Terrell, Marvin Gaye, Etta James, New birth, and many many others

Harvey-Fuqua:MMDELLS ….. I love you and Thank you …… you know I need to call you soon
imageHarvey on the Legendary FUNK Group New Birth

nightrain:Harvey, how did you come to discover the Nightliters/New Birth

Harvey-Fuqua:Nightlighters/NewBirth are from my hometown Louisville

Mike-Tuggle:I liked the Nite-Liters “K-Jee”, Harvey. What did you think of the version by MFSB?

nightrain:KAY-GEE &; AFRO STRUT……2 SLAMMIN FUNK JAMS by the Nightliters!

Byron-Woods:“I Can’t understand it” all time Fav New Birth, besides Until it’s time for you to go

Harvey-Fuqua:I like the fullness of MFSB ……. I liked the BIG sound

Mike-Tuggle:Bobby Martin, who produced MFSB’s version of MFSB, as well as much of Gamble &; Huff’s music is retired from the business as of the early ’80s. He works for the Department of Immigration in Seattle, not too far from Thom Bell.

Harvey-Fuqua:The Nightlighters are one of my funkiest bands

Mike-Tuggle:I mean Bobby Martin produced “K-Jee”…….typo

Mike-Tuggle:I know that the Nite-Liters cut that song at RCA Studios here in Chicago.

Byron-Woods:Harvey, what’s the name of your new label?

Harvey-Fuqua:The label is called Resurging Artist, LTD


Mike-Tuggle:Harold’s sauce is still da bomb.

John-Rozz:Harvey when were the Crazy Sounds formed 1950???
imageHarvey on Disco, the R&B Foundation, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

nightrain:Harvey, we know that you also produced Sylvester and “Two tons of Fun”, what are your feelings about the so called “disco period”?

Harvey-Fuqua:Disco was a great period of my life ….. I loved the music and I loved the partys

nightrain:Bob Davis told me that if they induct Eric Clapton into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of fame one more time, that he is personally going out to Cleveland to burn it down…

Harvey-Fuqua:Bob I can understand how you feel

mmdellls:Harvey, I would love to see the R&;R Hall, working in conjunction with The Rhythm &; Blues Foundation, where you and Jerry Butler, and doing such a Great Job, giving the pioneers of R&;B their just due

Harvey-Fuqua:MMDELLS …… I would love to see that happen too …..

Mike-Tuggle:Universal Recording went out of business a few years ago. That was too bad.

Byron-Woods:Harvey, What is the title of you solo CD?

Harvey-Fuqua:The Voice of Experience is the title
imageHarvey remembers Zeke Cary & the GREAT vocal groups

mmdellls:I was truly sorry to hear about Zeke Carey (Flamingos) death, which seem so unimportant to the press

Harvey-Fuqua:MMDELLS, you know I was with Zeke in the hospital in DC the day before he died

John-Rozz:Zeke’s death really seemed to go unnoticed so sorry to hear this my best to his family

Harvey-Fuqua:I also went to his Norfolk, VA and no one from the business attended

Harvey-Fuqua:Pookie and I sang “I Only Have Eyes For You” to Zeke in the hospital

John-Rozz:I worked with him and Jake in the 80’s producing oldies shows in Connecticut great guys

Byron-Woods:Man, Zeke was a great singer!

Harvey-Fuqua:even though he was out of it …. it seemed he rallied a little to join us

mmdellls:Pookie Hudson, was suppose to let us know when the funeral was, but we’ll talk about that when I see you

Mike-Tuggle:Harvey, do you know who produced the Flamingos “I Only Have Eyes For You” on End Records?

Harvey-Fuqua:Byron, that is so very very true of Zeke

mmdellls:I hope the Flamingos go in next year…..It’s strange, that Johnnie Carter is the only surviving flamingo, and he’s been with the Dells since 1961

Harvey-Fuqua:Mike, I am sorry but I really don’t know ….. in those days we produced ourselves

Mike-Tuggle:I thought it might have been Richard Barrett, but production credits were rare in those days.

Mike-Tuggle:I loved the Flamingos. Sollie McElroy and Nate Nelson had two of the most beautiful tenors in doo-wop history.

John-Rozz:no question there Mike

Harvey-Fuqua:Mike that is very true ….. especially Nate

Mike-Tuggle:Nate’s version of “Goodnight Sweetheart”, which was the B-side of “I Only Have Eyes For You” is one of my favorites.

Mike-Tuggle:Nate’s version of “Goodnight Sweetheart”, which was the B-side of “I Only Have Eyes For You” is one of my favorites. I played it for my two-year old niece and she fell fast asleep.

John-Rozz:Those Parrot &; Chance Recordings

mmdellls:We call The Flamingos “The Birds” back in the day, but as great as they were……No other group had the harmony and sound of The Moonglows.

Harvey-Fuqua:well folks I am going to have leave you good people

Byron-Woods:MMDells…You’re so right!

mmdellls:Call me, or Chuck…….Love ya

John-Rozz:have a good one Harvey

Byron-Woods:Take Care Harvey…

Harvey-Fuqua:remember you can order it off my website

Byron-Woods:Take Care Harvey…

nightrain:Thanks Harvey, you are welcome back here in our chat room anytime you like Just think of Soul Patrol as home…: )

Harvey-Fuqua:Thank you for having me and I’ll be back to visit

nightrain:And once again…..Happy Birthday to MMDells…………Happy Birthday to MMDells…………Happy Birthday to MMDells…………Happy Birthday to MMDells…………Happy Birthday to MMDells…………Happy Birthday to MMDells…….

John-Rozz:do the Dells have a web site

Harvey-Fuqua:Thank you Night Train

Byron-Woods:“AND mANY mORE! sho bop do wop!

nightrain:Harvey’s website and the Dells will be up soon…..we will be letting you know all about them on the mailing list

mmdellls:I hope that we all really know just how very important Harvey Fuqua is to Music, and incidentally, his uncle was one of the original Ink-spots. Thanks for the birthday greetings, and our web site is completed, but not up yet

D-J–DOLLAR-BILL:Thank you for your time Mr.Fuqua.Hope you become a regular or lurker on the list.Thanks Train,Night all
imageHarvey-Fuqua:has left…

Byron-Woods:Nightrain:, What a treat!

John-Rozz:More people should know about Harvey

Mike-Tuggle:I’d like to get Harvey a tape of the “Record Row” documentary. He said he wanted to see it.

nightrain:Byron, this is just the first of many sessions like this we hope to put together, as MMDells was saying, it’s important that we give props to our GREAT artists, by allowing them to have this kind of forum, where they can say what they want and tell the REAL story

Byron-Woods:You right John, Harvey is a legend U Dig!

nightrain:Mike….if you email me atearthjuice@prodigy.netI will see to it that Harvey gets your message

nightrain:I gotta split now yall…..thanks for coming out and supporting Harvey



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