Who or What Is Soul-Patrol?

Soul-Patrol is an informational, news gathering and educational series of internet resources focused on funk, soul, jazz, blues, rock artists, music and culture.

Soul-Patrol highlights the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, this is the time period of the American Civil Rights movement, and those massive changes that are reflected in the music and the culture. Soul-Patrol is also at the forefront in bringing you news, information and the music of the future of Black Progressive Music scene, related political, social and historical perspective/context. It also includes Essays, Album/Book reviews and commentary, analysis and discussion.

We reach over 500,000 Soul Music fans/month

Yes, it is 100% Black-owned”, yet there is much more behind that simple statement of fact. It started with a very simple idea, to simply run a web site, that the two of them would manage, with Mike handling all of the back end technical stuff and Bob handling all of the web page construction, mailing list moderation, and marketing.

We have been involved in the Data Processing Industry for over 20 years as a Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Systems Architect, Strategic Planner, Methodologist and Systems Integrator, for many of the largest companies on the Fortune 500 map.

It is Soul Patrol’s ownership of BOTH it’s content and technology infrastructure that makes it unique. Most sites own and manage their own content. NOBODY (except for us) is CRAZY enough to undertake
managing the underlying technology infrastructure (servers, telecommunications links, and programming) that makes the presentation of the content possible.

Because of our long experience in the world of Data Processing, Mike and I feel that it’s an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT to use state of the art technology (hardware and software) components, for the site. We also have developed a state of the art & flexible architecture to deploy those components.

This is what also makes it possible for Soul-Patrol to extend it’s reach and service it’s sponsors and partners, with effective communications tools and technologies to help them to advance their goals as well.