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Alex Harris

I took a listen and thought that the song is off the hook (think Sam Cooke/Al Green). Highly recommended for those of you who thought that R&B music has been quite literally “circling the drain in the toilet” for the past few years. But never mind what I think, take a listen for yourself at the link below..

Note on Alex

There are certain traits that I look for in an artist. Sometimes those traits become evident on an initial listen. But sometimes it is a cumulative thing, that slowly but surely evolves over time. When that happens it’s even more satisfying to me as a music fan. It tells me that artist has made a long-term commitment to the quality and depth of their music. They are willing to take a chance that exposing as much of their true selves as possible they thair art, will draw not just people, but people with whom they can develop symmetry, that lasts a lifetime. What more could you possibly want from an artist, than to develop that kind of a relationship with their art. Sound strange? Weird? Perhaps, but not really. If you think about it, this is exactly the kind of relationship you have with artists whose music you have loved for decades!

–Bob Davis

Our friend Alex Harris just informed me that his new single has been released. His note is posted below..

I took a listen and thought that the song is off the hook (think Sam Cooke/Al Green). Highly recommended for those of you who thought that R&B music has been quite literally “circling the drain in the toilet” for the past few years. But never mind what I think, take a listen for yourself at the link below….

***NEW MUSIC ALERT!!!! ***
I am super excited to share with you that my new single, Lose My Religion, is available NOW!!!!!
The song pays homage to my southern Georgia roots while celebrating the beauty of love and passion when one meets the love of their life, as I did in my own love story. Love is full of so much beauty and wonder!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to co-create this song with Multi- GRAMMY Award Winning Songwriter /Producer, SHANNON SANDERS.
Produced by my creative genius brother and GRAMMY and EMMY Award Winner, David Harris and yours truly.
Monophonics (Rhythm + Horns)
Chantel Hampton (BGVs)
Shoutout to All Who Are Playing the Song, Thank You So Much!

Ray RaydioKang Daniels Chris Clay Myron Ruffin Pepper ThomasiHeartRadioMusic Choice and so many more …Thanks
–Alex Harris

  1. Alex Harris new EP, Frequency, is Out Now. We can raise the vibration of the planet through music and positive energy. Click here to listen
  2. Alex Harris Virtual Album Release Party’s FREE LIVE Performance of his new EP, Frequency “



Meet Alex…..

Alex Harris has a growing following world-wide due to his electrifying and soulful performances. His polished lyrical styling, and dynamic energy, is a breath of fresh air with an earthy twist, that transcends genres and captivates audiences. In each song, the soulful and powerful vocalist reveals his creative ability to connect love-stories with his southern Gospel roots invoking the vibration of a ‘soul-revival’. Alex’s unique vocal sound and songwriting ability captured the attention of the legendary music executive and producer, Richard Gottehrer, while working alongside GRAMMY Award winning producer and songwriter, David (Swagg R’celious) Harris at the Orchard Studio in NYC, in a songwriting session, and was offered a recording contract on the spot. Out of this partnership “Frequency” was born. It is a unique sonic blend of southern soul, alternative grooves, and Gospel grit.

Here is Alex on the “southern soul” tip, demonstrating his versatility. (He sounds like he’s right off the STAX label, doesn’t he?)…I’m expecting BIG things from him in the R&B, Southern Soul, Neo Soul, Smooth Jazz and Pop music marketplaces.

2 thoughts on “Alex Harris

  1. Yesterday I got a message from Bob Davis on Facebook but I didn’t see it until a few hours later. I immediately answered it and apologized for replying earlier because I was busy. He invited me to the Alex Harris online album release party and asked me to do a review – but it was starting in 25 minutes! I’ve known Bob since Urban Sounds on Prodigy and contributed to his P*Funk Review and Soul-Patrol websites many years ago. I was really hesitant because it was an artist I was unfamiliar with and it was short notice giving me little time for preparation. What if I didn’t like him? I expressed my concerns to Bob but I reluctantly agreed.

    It was billed as a 30 minute online mini concert – EP release party for “Frequency”. I’ve been to a few online concerts and you never know what to expect. So I decided do this review differently and review the entire online experience. I was about to be introduced to Alex Harris.

    When he started singing, his powerful soulful voice was a welcome surprise. His voice at times reminded me of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and Al Green. I hate to make those comparisons because he’s not trying to sound like any of them, it’s just his God given voice! He is a great singer with a great stage presence. He would lean into the camera and sing (I imagine many of the females in the audience loved that!) Once he dropped to his knee reminiscent of James Brown. My favorite moment was when he sat and sang while playing acoustic guitar, such a beautiful song. He had a great band who sounded like they’ve been together for a while. The whole concert seemed too short, wanting more. It was a great introduction to Alex Harris! I was so impressed that I bought his EP “Frequency” on Amazon.

    With Covid-19 shutting down live venues, artists are connecting with music fans virtually more often. Alex Harris did an excellent job with his show. It looked professionally produced and at times looked like a live music video. The uplighting brought the band out of the background wearing their white shirts and thin black ties. The lighting made Alex in his orange suit glow at times against the dark background. I was really impressed with the shows production values. Out of all the online shows I’ve seen, it comes in second after Sheila E’s benefit concert for Elevate Oakland. Thanks Bob for talking me into watching Alex Harris’s show!

  2. This review is from our friend Lawrence Perry….

    Review: Alex Harris 10-8-20

    The Return of the Black Man.

    I’m going there straight out the gate!

    I’ll say it so nobody else has to trouble themselves.
    It’s been 40-50 yrs since we’ve seen him or heard him.
    I’m not talking about the schmoozer or crooner.
    Neither the runnin, gunnin, melismatic (my word) metro men but an honest to goodness Soul man.
    A Stagolee if you will.
    You see it’s not enough to just be a Soul man.
    Hell any ol Tom Jones or Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars can lay that claim these days.
    Soul men to me are just slick Blues or Rhythm and Blues guys.
    Not quite crooners these guys get your blood boiling with a combination of skill, grit, passion, sex and swagger.
    They sing so well – and they know it – they can sneer or smile their song.
    You’re going to love it and they know that too.
    It’s because it’s honest and authentic.
    It’s spiritual.
    It is literally of the soul.
    As such when ones honesty is that fearlessly expressed pretense is diminished and pure love remains.

    Alex Harris is one who can possibly join the ranks of classic Soul artistry.
    He certainly has the skills.
    From the growls to the semi squalls and highlight swoops to the upper register and the smoothness in between Mr. Harris evokes the likes – at least for me – Al Green, Chuck Jackson, Wilson Pickett, Otis, Sam and even some Teddy to boot.

    To clarify though this ain’t JB or Jackie or Luther or Stevie or anything in that vein.

    It also reminds me very much of Tre Williams as well.

    His presentation – a nice bright yellow suit – is also in this tradition of proper minstrelsy.
    I say this in a positive way which should probably be explored further in some other discussion.
    Suffice to say he’s an entertainer and not just a flat foot singer – even though he could be.
    He looks good and sounds great.

    The only sticking point I have is a big one:
    Where’s the Soul MUSIC?
    Look, I dug the R&B classic Maggot Brain guitar arrangement on Solomon Burke’s Cry To Me which allowed Alex to really blow it out the box.
    I especially dug Humanity for similar reasons. (It also reminded me of Tre’s Everybody Knows).

    However none of these tunes had me hummin a hook or in any way giving me anything near what this man’s voice deserves.
    This is a good looking man who sings his ass off.
    Teddy, Marvin, Al…killers…bastards…cads….ykno – Stagolee.
    That’s the Soul man.
    Panties to the stage.
    Mini riots. Roses for the ladies.
    The whole bit.

    I’m sayin give my man some tunes he can sink his considerable talents into.
    He’s got looks, charisma n attitude to burn.
    Give these ladies something they can feel.
    The brothers will naturally follow.

    This speaks to the elephant in the room.
    The pc version is called ‘mass appeal’ or ‘broad based’ which are all lil millennial code words for crossover.
    I beg any and all involved with Alex Harris career to not get caught up in this foolishness.
    A Soul man is a Soul man.
    And what Soul men do is sing good Soul music.

    Alex Harris is the return of the black man in all his dark, magnificent glory!
    Let him shine, Shine, SHINE!!!!!

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