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Subject: RASCALS

Can yall dig on this for a little “blue eyed soul” ??

1 – 2 – 3 …… (Good love)….. (Good love)
………(Good love) ……..(Good love)

I was feeling, so bad
I asked my family doctor just what I had
I said Dr. (Dr.)
Mr. M.D. (Dr.)
Now can you tell me what’s ailing me (Dr.)
He said yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah (yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah)
Yes indeed, all I, I really need

(Good love) Now gimme that good good lovin’ ……..
(Good love) All I need is love
(Good love) Good good lovin’ baby ….. (Good love)

Now honey please, squeeze me tight (squeeze me tight)
Don’t you want your baby to feel alright
I said baby (baby)
Now it’s for sure (it’s for sure)
I got the fever, yeah
And you got the cure (got the cure)
Everybody yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah
Yes indeed, all I, I really need

(Good love) Now come on and gimme that lovin’
(Good love) All I need is lovin’
(Good love) Good good lovin’ baby
(Good love)

(Good love)
(Good love)
(Good love) All I need is love
(Good love) All I want is love
(Good love) Lovin’ you early in the morning now
(Good love) Lovin’ you late at night now
(Good love) Love, love
(Good love) Love, love, love, love, love

Subject: RASCALS

  • Well just sing on wit yo bad self.
  • Hey now……,

As I noted over in the Blue Eyed Soul subject a Rascals song was the very first 45 that I ever purchased !!
I thought these guys were great they were the true precursors to Rare Earth & AWB in terms of being some FUNKY white dudes.
I wonder if they were only popular in New York ??

  • Did you like any of the Rascals songs ??
    Did any of you ever see the movie “Eddie & the Cruisers” ?
    Supposedly the Rascals were one of the groups used as the model for the band in the movie.
  • Hey,
    I listen to a few of their songs but I DID see the movie ” Eddie & the Cruisers”.
  • What did you think about the movie “Eddie & the Crusiers” ??
    I do know that the Rascals were supposedly one of the “models” for the band.
    Supposedly the “Soul Survivors” and Bruce Springstien’s E Street Band were also used as models for “Eddie & the Cruisers”.
  • I have albums “The Young Rascals” and “Groovin'” …was in North Carolina at the time and can attest that they were extremely popular there…
  • The movie was well written, the texture theme to it all told a story within a story.
  • All I can say is that I always liked them. Any thoughts as to why the Rascals didn’t continue to be hit makers in to the 70’s ?
    I always thought that their sound should have held up longer.
  • I also enjoyed the movie quite a bit, it was a simple & yet complex story about a time and a place that we won’t ever see again…….and that is a loss for us all !!
    I loved the soundtrack
  • Wasn’t there an “Eddie & the Cruisers” Part 2 ???
  • Yes there was……I didn’t like it as much as the first one. In “Eddie & the Cruisers 2” the premise was that Eddie had not died, but instead had gone underground.
    Like so many sequels I personally thought the plot was weak, the acting marginal & I felt like it was just done in an attempt to cash in quickly.
    The original was a classic in my opinion and is a really good document of what it must have been like to be in a “white soul band”
    I wonder if anyone else has seen both of these two movies ?
  • As with so many artists, the Rascals sound didn’t change with the times…I think they were rather young when fame hit and capitalized on it while it was there and faded when it did…also, there were major personnel changes in
    The group just wasn’t the same…Brings to mind such groups as Three Dog Night, Grand Funk RR, Rare Earth, Graham Central Station, etc.
  • They did unsuccessfully try to change their sound to more of a “rock” edge around 1970 ish. Personally I felt that they should have gone into a more FUNK direction. If they had perhaps they would have developed a sound similar to that of Dennis Coffy or Rare Earth and been more successful ??
    What do you think??

I like to speculate about stuff like this..:)

  • Well Bob, one could debate this for days…I personally think they were at their peak as The Young Rascals of the late 60’s recording with such people as The Isley Brothers and Johnny Rivers in his prime…Such classic albums as Groovin’, Freedom Suite, and Once Upon A Dream were recorded before the break up and personnel change in the group…After Ed and Dave Brigati left the group followed by Gene Cornish, they weren’t to be the same again…when you speak of Rare Earth and Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band you are really putting them down…Other than the album “Get Ready” what fame can be laid on Rare Earth? and Dennis Coffey?…
    I have to go to the stacks because I got it but don’t remember what it was…His later group, C.J. and Company was much better than the Guitar Band and I believe they only cut one album…true, styles were totally different, but longevity was not the latters forte…
    Keep luvin’ the music,
  • We may just have to “agree to disagree” on this one. I think that the Rascals were a great Soul group with a tremendous lead singer. What they lacked was a powerhouse band to go along with that great lead singer to make the transition in to FUNK. I used Dennis Coffy & Rare Earth as examples of what the Rascals might have sounded like had they been able to make the transition.
    Personally I really dug the jam “Scorpio” and feel it’s a classic jam. Rare Earth is a group that I was fortunate enough to see live back in 73 & when I saw them ……….they were SMOKIN !!

I–just wants to celebrate……:)

  • Sure they were “smokin”…but far from great
  • Of course Rare Earth wasn’t great…but they were damn good They had some pretty good covers of the temptations jams and as I indicated earlier they were a good live band.
    I would put them in to the “Bar Band” category…….but I sure liked em a lot !!

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