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Funky Stuff Review – Bernie’s Comming Jazz/Funk, R&B/Funk/, Rock & Roll/Funk, Dance/Funk, Funk, Funk, Funk,



Funky Stuff Review – Bernie’s Comming Jazz/Funk, R&B/Funk/, Rock & Roll/Funk, Dance/Funk, Funk, Funk, Funk,



You have heard the name Bernie Worrell for years He started tickling the ivories at three and a Half, proceeded to give His first concert at four years of age, and wrote His first piano concerto at eight — a certified prodigy. Studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, and Julliard laid a undeniably strong classical foundation for the supernatural experimentation to come. Bernies extensive discography and collaborations are too massive to list in its entirety.

He was a Founding member of the PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC Family. recording and co-producing fifty-odd albums and crisscrossing the globe with live shows that promised to free your mind as well as other body anatomy. This one-a-kind melange of artists and visionaries influenced andcontinues to influence music today, an epic legacy of psychedelic space-dance.

Worell added his brand of funky cleverness and Afro- polyrhythm to the TALKING HEADS, contributing to the seminal album and video, Stop Making Sense.

Bernie Has never stopped working and creating, lending his eclectic and capable talents to THE PRETENDERS, THE ROLLING STONES, SLY AND ROBBIE, KEITH RICHARDS, GOLDEN PALOMINOS, FELA KUTI, THROWING MUSES, JACK BRUCE, JODY WATLEY, DEE-LITE, SOUL ASYLUM, among others DAVID BYRNE cites Him as a genius,” RICHARDS says, “the rare qualities of intuition and taste, not to mention Humor all come together In Bernie Worrell”

Rappers and Hip Hop founders Have payed Homage to Bernie by making Him one of the most if not the most, sampled musicians ever. Everyone from DR DRE, ICE CUBE. SALT N’ PEPA, SNOOP DOGGY DOGG, RUN DMC TONE LOG, REDMAN, LAST POETS, EN VOGUE, to name a few, Have built songs around His imminently catchy and complex riffs But let’s face Pt, Bernie doesn’t need a resume or references–His cross-cultural genius is found in his fingers.

Well you all have asked me time and time again.. “Where is P-Funk” ??
Well here he is “Mr. P-Funk” himself…..Bernie Worrell
…now that he will be here LIVE in the Urban Sounds chat area FUNK room…what do you want to ask him & what are some of your comments about P-Funk in general ?

I would like to know what is he currently involved in ?? Is music still just as much a factor in his life ?

I would want to know what it was like to attend the New England Conservatory of Music ??
Were there many Black students there at that time ?

So many questions to ask…..hmmmmmm maybe since we have had a few people unable to agree on the essence of funk…we will be able to ask the expert what his definition would be, and how exactly he would break it down to those people who have yet to be “funktized”!!!! Should prove to be a very interesting conversation..i hope that everyone who ever had any kind of question re:”da funk”shows up next friday…cuz……
“were gonna have a funky good time”

Parliment..Funkadelic..Brides of Funkenstein, Sir Nose The Void of Funk . I see that we have Bernie Worrell coming to P* next Friday night. I can honestly say those groups did have a big impact on my life way back then, the way we dressed, talk, etc…. I just wished those 8-tracks were more durable back then . How many of you all seen them in concert??? You could not forget those costumes and stage setups, I was amazed at how many peope they could fit on a stage and not fall off. I had the pleasure of seeing them on stage a few yrs back for a reunion here in NY. They was a little bit more toned down but the memories they brought back was all good!!!!. Hey!! I hope I didn’t raise no rukus by starting this board here instead of the Funk section. Do anybody know if they are touring again??? If not…let see if we can talk him into getting the group backtogether for a reunion concert..LOL.

I never had the chance to see them in concert, but has always loved the music. Remembering tunes like: “Mothership Connection (Star Child)”, “Unfunky UFO”, “Supergrooovalistic-Prosifunkstication”, “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)”, “Night Of The Thumpasaurus
People”……. and the clothes they wore,,,, man!!!
I’m sure a lot of funkateers will be there next Friday to enjoy the chat. Do you still own a pair of “platform” shoes ?

I have seen them a BUNCH of times, more times than I can remember (“long term memory disability”)…:)
They were/are trully badd !!!
We are quite fortunate to have Bernie Worrell one of the “chief chefs” in mixing together the ingredients in the stew that they cooked.
Bernie as the co-author of Cosmic Slop, Flash Light, Chocolate City, Up For The Down Stroke……..
….P. FUNK (Wants To Get Funked Up), Mothership Connection (Star Child), Do That Stuff, Uncle Jam etc. and as the keyboard wizard who provided the glue that held the maddness of the P-Funk mob together.
Bernie is a certified “musical genius” !!…………I can’t wait to chat with him !!

I was looking around all my old tapes last night, and I can’t find any of em!!! Guess I will have to make another trip out to music stores to update my collection < I will be sending the bill to you, lol>. I threw out my platform shoes last yr after I tried to get in em again and almost killed myself, I forgot how dangerous they were, lol.
Did Bernie or any other band member ever write a book about the groups??? I am sorry to say I never bought George Clinton’s last album that came out…I think last yr with a new band. But if any of them make the effort to make anotherone I will definately lay down some money for it

You’re gonna be broke by the time you leave that music store. I personally, never worned platform, I love my NECK too much. ummmm, wondering if I could find that album for you ???
I will be there!!!!

“Funkatized”………….now you will have to tell me exactly what that one means ????

Thats an easy one to answer…..”being baptized with the funk” !!!!!!!!! Lol

Just based on just his knowledge of music, this will be one exciting discussion. Since we’re all interested in the history of “Funk”
I would like to know what it was like to work with Bootsy Collins.
(& was anybody ……..badd enough to touch them “starchild shades” !!)

My questions to Bernie would be about “where are they all now” and is anyone gonna write a autobiography about thelife and times with the bands . I would love to see a reunion concert again. Send E-mail to Sinbad so he will include them in his next 70’s HBO concert I would like to hear about how it was to work with the likes of Bootsy and George.

Now that’s a thought!!! Sinbad is the guy to pull it all off < I love this guy> (oops hope da ex don’t see this). Interesting question tho, where is ALL the member of the band today and what are their goal at present ?

A question that I’d like to ask is his opinion to the criticism that electronic music helped to end funk music. I feel that artists like Bernie & Herbie Hancock have used electronics to make some innovative and funky music.
Even tho it were criticized, I think that it “enhanced” the music. Certainly took it to a new level!! What are your/anyone thoughts on how electronic music help or hinder da FUNK ?

Bernie is the best place to get ya answers!!! I’m sure he will tell ya ! Look at it this way,,,, who would have more insight than Bernie ?

I am looking forward to this, I am very curious as to what the rest of the band is doing….Hey!!! do anyone know Sinbad’s e-mail addresse??? We gots to tell him to include all the funkateers from back in the day at his next
I wouldn’t mind getting Sinbad up in here at some point to discuss his whole FUNK deal………obviously he is a “soulmate” to everyone here !!!

“how high was yo fro” ?

The use of “electronics” is certainly contriversial. While I would agree that technology has certainly provided an expansion of the boundraries of the music, at the same time it also “limits” the oppurtunities for the musicians themselves to obtain work (re:Sampling Technology).
Personally (as a certified ‘nerd’) I don’t feel that the march of technology will or should be stopped. It is up to the musicians themselfs to figure out a way to harness the technology, so that the end result is … ……still GREAT music for us to listen to….Bernie Worrell himself just might be the most sampled man on the planet….

There is no “real” P-Funk without Bernie as I found out the hard way in Atlantic City a couple of months ago.


When Bernie gets here we are ALL gonna be so “Knee Deep” in FUNK……..Prodigy will NEVER be the same …………………:-)
Did anyone ever check out Berine with the Talking Heads ?
I’m counting the days with ya

I certainly hope that Prodigy has a “removable roof”, thus eliminating the need to “tear it off” !! ………:-)

Bernie now has his own band called “Bernie Worrell and the WOO Warriors”. They have some up coming gigs in and around the NY that some of you may be interested in attending.
Bernie has also been playing some gigs with Will Calhoun’s band.
Bernie threw down at the Hendrix tribute show last month in NY

Sorry i will have to miss this one. I LOVE PARLIMENT AND ALLTHE OTHER NAMES THEY WERE. Did he write much for Dr. Funkenstein? what were those guys on to come up with some of the names of the characters? Who did the art work on the lp covers? They were GREAT!!!!! I have read and loved every oneof them. I am afraid to think of what they must have been on to come up with some of that stuff LOL. Wish i was on some of it back then. Ummmmmmmmmm maybe not. Will he help keep funk alive and make more music in the future like those of the past?

I understand that Bernie Worrell And The Woo Warriors are going to be playing in NYC on New Years Eve……Well since I am stuck in SUNNY Ca. I will have to hope that someone attends and feels moved to give those less fortunate a complete and detailed run down of this sure to be Funktastic show..

I can’t wait until Bernie visits us. I’ve heard rumors about George and things he’s done, I hope Bernie will shed some light on them. This chat has the potential to be very controversial, enlightening, and informative. I wonder if George is concerned about what may be said about him.
hmmmmmmm Gee I dunno but it might be a good question to ask Bernie.
IÂ’m wondering if George has a P* account ?

In ebonic terms : It’s ALL good!!! 🙂 The house will be “packed”!
We could do an entire month’s worth or discussion on this topic. Some might feel that it’s off topic……however it happens to be RIGHT ON THIS PRTICULAIR TOPIC. The music of P-Funk if nothing else takes “ebonics” to it’s highest level.
The language of the streets has NEVER been more concisely articulated than by P-Funk.
Never learned to swim !!

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