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Laura Rain and the Caesars nominated in the following categories for the Detroit Music Awards:

-Outstanding Video – Limited Budget

-Outstanding Blues Recording

-Outstanding Urban Artist/Group 

-Outstanding Urban Vocalist

-Outstanding Urban Recording

-Outstanding Urban Songwriters

Thank you, Detroit. I love you!

Congratulations to all of the Detroit Music Award winners, and to all the nominees.

Laura Rain and the Caesars proudly accept these Detroit Music Awards for:

Outstanding Blues Recording:

-“Different State of Mind”

Thanks to Max Bauhof, George Friend, Jay Paradiddle, Jim Alfredson, and Roscoe for their great work.

Outstanding Urban Songwriters:

-Laura Rain and George Friend

Outstanding Urban Vocalist:

-Laura Rain

My favorite release of 2021 (so far)

Click below and listen, just listen. Don’t even listen to the whole song, just listen to the first minute and tell me if this isn’t one of the baddest slow jams of the past decade? Just send me an email at and tell me if you agree with me or tell me I’m crazy 🙂

Here is what Laura Rain & the Ceasars have to say about “Closer to the Win”….

Our last single for 2020 is here and it’s a bit of a departure in tone and style. “Closer to the Win” founds its way into our lives over a year ago. It was originally written as a sort of throwback to early 60’s soul and we were unsure what to do with the song. We started by performing it often on the road, playing it to see how our audience would react. The message is very personal in many ways, and we weren’t sure if it was “getting through” and touching people. We then decided (late last year) to enlist our talented friend, drummer/producer Max Bauhof to produce and help capture a vintage tone and setting. The song twisted and turned as we added more texture with Jim Alfredson playing mellotron strings, vibes, organ, pianet and piano. Jeff Powe added his bass and backing vocals and the recording took on it’s own lifeform. We finally feel pleased with the outcome and present it to you below. Official release date 12-31-20, that’s right…New Years Eve. Check it out and stay tuned for MORE music coming your way as we prepare new material for 2021!

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