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Living Colour – Home Page

Living Colour – Home Page



Critical wax, Seminal acts and Crucial facts
from: Earl Douglas, Darrell McNeil, Laronda Davis of the BRC. Click here and check the groove: (Living Colour, Band of Gypsy’s, Shuggie Otis, Eric Gales, Erykah Badu, Mos Def and more) and LEARN (Angela Davis, Langston Hughes and more) a little bit more about OUR legacy and pass it along to your children… Click Here to listen


Living Colour was a band BEFORE it’s time and AFTER it’s time. Best FUNK group of the 80’s in my opinion, yet many Black people did not like them. Shows how the forces of marketing work. A lotta folks didn’t listen to their music cause they were marketed as "rock". Their lyrics were as DEEP and POWERFUL as any group produced in the 70’s in terms of having a sense of a social consciousness as they discussed the key issues of the 1980’s (which were no different than the key issues of the 1970’s or the 1990’s).

The did all of this with a SLAMMIN beat that evoked a combination of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Funkadelic. But they weren’t a "retro" group, they fused rap and modern "rock" in a way that rendered each of those two genres "harmless". Living Colour was the first and only one of the Black Rock Coalition (BRC) bands (to this point) that have made it "big". There are many other BRC bands, mostly in NYC who are absolutely SLAMMIN that carry with them the same kind of philosophy that Living Colour did. The whole idea that Black people playing "rock n roll" seems to be so frightening to so many people. Living Colour EXPLODED the myth that Blacks weren’t supposed to play rock n’ roll.

They evoked Little Richard time and time and time again to remind us…. ..Black people INVENTED rock n’ roll!!!!!




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