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Minnie Riperton Update from Maya Rudolph, Minnie Riperton Update from Maya Rudolph, Minnie Riperton Update from Maya Rudolph,

Minnie Riperton Update from Maya Rudolph, Minnie Riperton Update from Maya Rudolph, Minnie Riperton Update from Maya Rudolph,


An Update From Maya Rudolph

  • The P*Funk Review first put up the Minnie Riperton page about a year and a half ago and since that time I have received many letters from Minnie Riperton fans all over the world asking me questions about Minnie, her music and her family. The web page is one of the most popular one’s here on the site and I have been quite pleased with the overall feedback.

  • Recently I came into contact with Maya Rudolph, Minnie’s daughter. She had heard about the page and she was curious about it. Maya agreed to answer some of the questions that I submitted to her, from web site visitors about her mother’s music, her family and about herself.

  • Bellow are Maya’s responses to the bulk of the questions that were submitted to her and also her response to the questions that she did not choose to answer at this time.

  • On a personal note, I think that Maya is one classy lady and as perhaps the "world’s biggest Minnie Riperton fan" 🙂 I am extremely proud of Maya.

    Hopefully she will continue to remain in contact as time goes on.

–Bob Davis


Yeah- I was afraid this would happen. I would rather leave the question answering up to you simply because the page is about my Mom and not about me or the rest of my family.

I don’t think it’s fair to any of my family members to just start talking about them over the web. There is a fine line between public and private information. I don’t think any of the questions were strange or intrusive, but I think it is important to keep privacy private. We’re just a regular family like any else, but that’s all we’ve got and I think it’s important to keep it that way.


About myself- yes, I am an actress as well as a musician and that is a choice I have made. I have never received any recognition because of my mother but simply for the work that I have done. That is something I think is important for me to keep in perspective because of the career choices I have made.

I hope this is understood. Like I said. I was really curious to see my name and information on a page, and I wanted you to know how appreciated it is. But I’d like for it to remain the way that it has been which is by and for the people my parents created music for.


As far as availablity on her music, the only CD’s I am aware of are Perfect Angel, the Capitol greatest hits collection, Chess:Her Early years which is great, and some Chess compilations featuring her early girl group The Gems and her "other" name Andrea Davis. The only other stuff that made it to CD is probably English Blackmarket stuff… I don’t know of anything else. I’ve seen one Rotary Connection CD and that’s it. Chess and Capitol haven’t been the greatest record companies, but then again are there any at all?


I guess the other thing to let people know is that every year here in LA on or around my Mom’s birthday we have a run that raises money for breast cancer research and helps to raise awareness in the black community as well as in anyone else who shows up. It’s fun. And people can find other Minnie Riperton fans there as well as young and old people or people who just love to run.


No, I’m not M’ya. I believe she’s 18 or so.


I know that TVLand or VH1 just aired a performance of hers on the Midnite Special so write in and request that one.


I’m not an EXTREMELY private person. It’s just that the page is about my mother, not about me or the rest of my family and I would rather keep it that way. To me the page is about her brief and amazing career and where she came from. So in that respect I am happy to have been able to answer some of those questions for people. I’m not a recluse or anything, I’m just a normal person.

Other than that Bob, I told my Dad about the site but he does not surf the web. So, I hope you understand my wishes and good luck with everything. Thanks for all your kind words, So there you go. Keep in touch, and thanks again for the site…


**Final note: I will not give you Maya’s email address (so don’t ask me for it)

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