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New from Pete Belasco – “Strong and Able

As we relaunch, we wanted to include this feature on our friend Pete Belasco’s brand new album “Strong and Able.” Pete has long been a favorite of mine, not only have we previously featured him on, but his music was also in heavy rotation at As an added bonus, we also wanted to introduce a new recurring feature, with our friend Darryl King. In Philadelphia Daryl was known far and wide as the go to guy for new music at the legendary Sound of Market record store, in Center City (where I had been a customer since the 1980’s). Since the demise of the store Darryl has upped his game and moved his person to person new music recommendations to video, with the web series “Shine the Light.” So rather than have me tell you about Pete Belasco’s new album, we thought that it would be perfect to have Daryl do it…..“Sound of Market Style!”

Strong and Able is the re-emergence of an artist whose music lives in its own lane…a uniquely recognizable voice and sound; A collection of sultry passion set in song.Strong and Able is a collection of personal experiences put into song. A pure reflection on the resilience of soul, spirit, and rediscovery.

“Humans have issues and drama, and musicians are human…so, you can fill in the blanks. There’s a template, an overlay of life issues for all of us. Mine is possibly not that different than yours.”
– Pete Belasco

Track Listing:
Strong and Able
Stop the Presses
Top of the World
My Sunshine
Moment Away
Keeping It Real
Fan Your Flame
When You’re Ready
Rubber Ball
Pick it up (analog or digital) at:

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