P*Funk Review – Freak Of the Week

P*Funk Review – Freak Of the Week


Freak Of The Week

SYSTEM Greeter: You are now in room “Funk”
SYSTEM Greeter: You have READ/WRITE Access

SYSTEM Greeter: “Heavens Angl” has entered the room
Heavens Angl: Hi
cannonball21: hello H.A.
Heavens Angl: We have a new commer coming in tonight
nightrain: Hi Angl
Patro: what’s up Hea
Heavens Angl: How is everyone
nightrain: cool
Funky Moon: Hi Angl
cannonball21: chillin’
Heavens Angl: Hang on hell be here in a min
nightrain: ok
Heavens Angl: So how is everyone doing
nightrain: I’m cool Angl
Patro: everybody’s great heaven
Heavens Angl: Patro have we talked before???
Heavens Angl: Ok
Funky Moon: Are you gonna use the pix
Patro: I don’t know, have we
SYSTEM Greeter: “blue passion” has entered the room
cannonball21: I forgot a group in my list…Lakeside.
nightrain: hi blue…..I like that name !!!
nightrain: 🙂
Heavens Angl: Hi Blue
nightrain: “All The Way Live”
blue passion: thanx
Patro: what about Bohannan
Heavens Angl: Blue this is the funk room
Heavens Angl: I was telling you about
nightrain: <—-thinks Coolio had better be givin them some BIG $$$$$$$
Heavens Angl: Blue is into the funk
blue passion: hi angel
Funky Moon: They’re on Summer Jam too, cannonball….Liked Bonannon, Summertime groove!
Heavens Angl: Hi
Heavens Angl: So whats happening
Patro: Earth wind and Fire, are they still around
Funky Moon: I saw them last year Patro
nightrain: u dig Bohannon Moon ?
SYSTEM Greeter: “FunkOverlord” has entered the room
Patro: really, where Funky
Heavens Angl: So whats Been going on
nightrain: we have just been….”groovin” Angl
FunkOverlord: hi everyone!
Patro: were they still jamming Funky
Heavens Angl: So Blue you into funk or what???
nightrain: Yo Overlord….wazup ?
Funky Moon: Hey Overlord !
Patro: overlord
Heavens Angl: Hi overload
FunkOverlord: not too much, how ya’ll funkin?
nightrain: Yeah ….I heard that too Moon !!!
Heavens Angl: So Blue you listen to funk???
FunkOverlord: oh, i see train!!!
Patro: I didn’t Maurice White was sick
FunkOverlord: and you Angel?
Heavens Angl: Great
Heavens Angl: Just been abuisey little bee
blue passion: ya mon i’s dig that funk
Funky Moon: Yes we do !
FunkOverlord: FM?
Heavens Angl: What do you listen to Blue
Funky Moon: I remember, I think I still have it
FunkOverlord: it’s gettin funkier by the minute!!!
Heavens Angl: Has anyone seen Enslaved???
blue passion: everything from george clinton to the gap band
Heavens Angl: Cool!!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: I love the gap Band
FunkOverlord: no tell us about it
Heavens Angl: George is the sh*it
cannonball21: i have a single around here somewhere. i can’t get rid of my vinyl.
FunkOverlord: how was the show??
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!
blue passion: there playing tramps this week
nightrain: not yet Angl
Heavens Angl: Really did everyone hear that the gap band is playing Tramps
cannonball21: Too true, I guess I stray off the beatne path a bit too much.
FunkOverlord: the web page is baddd!!!
nightrain: I heard about that one …passion
blue passion: whats up train?
cannonball21: here’s one for the group…The invisible man’s band.
nightrain: It is all FUNKED UP….in honor of the “symbol man” for this week…..Overlord !!
nightrain: “Gap Band”
FunkOverlord: cool
nightrain: I dig em….I should go & see them…..but…
Heavens Angl: Does Chaos And Disorder in the beginning sound like something Lenny Kravits would play
blue passion: is any here a musician?
nightrain: my wife won’t let me out of the house !!!
nightrain: lol
cannonball21: What is your favorite “symbol man” song?
Heavens Angl: Singer here
Patro: bass player here
Heavens Angl: Mine is Adore and The cross
cannonball21: no talent here.
FunkOverlord: add Angelique Kidjo to our international funk list
blue passion: no angel it sounds more like jimi hendrix then lenny
nightrain: I sing in the shower
Heavens Angl: You think
nightrain: lol
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: Im just a lonely reporter
nightrain: u a Hendrix fan ….passion ???
cannonball21: I like “Private Joy.”
Patro: heaven’s Angel what kind of reporter
blue passion: HUGE!
FunkOverlord: hey there’s a Cosmic Coolout Concert here on Saturday
Heavens Angl: A reporter for U
Patro: o’h I like that
Heavens Angl: I report everything I hear
nightrain: cool……what city are u in passion ?
blue passion: if your my reporter i’ll be your spy
Patro: Heaven, I take it you are fem
Heavens Angl: Ok
FunkOverlord: yo Dawg! how you funkin!!
Heavens Angl: Yes I an a woman!
blue passion: new york
FunkOverlord: and all woman!!
Heavens Angl: Yep
Heavens Angl: A beautiful woman in heart mind and soul
nightrain: NJ
FunkOverlord: pittsburgh
Patro: what about physique
blue passion: thats cool wit me
Heavens Angl: Physique is in the mind
Patro: can
Heavens Angl: I love CHAOS AND DISORDER
Patro: can’t touch the mind
Funky Moon: Later cannonball
Heavens Angl: May you sleep with the angels and wake in the dawn
blue passion: ok patro lets not get ahead of ourselves
FunkOverlord: someone took our stations copy!!
Heavens Angl: Oh yes you can if you close your eyes
nightrain: I’m broke & can’t afford to buy any CD’s right now !!!
Patro: what’s a Delta Dawg, is that from Miss.
FunkOverlord: played jungle boogie on air today. pts 1&2
Heavens Angl: Oh You have to buy it
Heavens Angl: Cool Funky
Heavens Angl: Its great
blue passion: jungle boogie is the shit
Heavens Angl: Its FUNKY SEXY
Funky Moon: It is !
FunkOverlord: get down, get down!!
Patro: you like sexy Heaven
Heavens Angl: I like it there!!!!!!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: I love sexy
Funky Moon: lol
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: On your heavenly body I swear
FunkOverlord: it’s hot in here!
Patro: no its funky in here
Heavens Angl: Hot I havent started yet
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!!
Funky Moon: I need to turn on the AC !
blue passion: oooooooh
FunkOverlord: my wife is sleep
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!
Funky Moon: LOL
Patro: what does that symbol mean heaven
Heavens Angl: Showing dirty movies like some kind of whore
Heavens Angl: What symbol???
Patro: LoL
blue passion: it means losers on line ( beware!)
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!!
nightrain: I turn my back for a miniute….
blue passion: just kidden
Heavens Angl: No one can be more made up than you
nightrain: ….& u folks go XXX RATED on me !!!
nightrain: lol
FunkOverlord: and…
Heavens Angl: How come when I come here it gets XXX rated???
Patro: it really means loser on line
FunkOverlord: we can’t help it. she makes us
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!!
Funky Moon: Its a line from a song on C&D!
Heavens Angl: : )
nightrain: hmmmm
nightrain: SHE must be pretty powerful !!!
nightrain: lol
Patro: what’ D
Heavens Angl: You only know what you know
Heavens Angl: The galaxy is up
Funky Moon: Angl”s Back !…LOL
DLWB: lol
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: You know that
Patro: Heaven are yu a northerner or southener
DLWB: i knew that
Heavens Angl: I guess its not the same without funky sexy
Funky Moon: No it ain’t !
Heavens Angl: Im both directions
FunkOverlord: she sexy, it doesn’t matter!!
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: FUNKY
Heavens Angl: Same December is so funky
FunkOverlord: yeah
nightrain: cool
Heavens Angl: Blue???
Heavens Angl: Did I put you to sleep???
Funky Moon: Yes it is, you heard it b4
Heavens Angl: BLUEEEEEEE
blue passion: yeah babe
Heavens Angl: so lets go
blue passion: no!
Funky Moon: LOL
Heavens Angl: Now there is a party over here
Patro: a’y I wanna party
FunkOverlord: has anyone checked out Adina Howards new song?
Heavens Angl: No
Heavens Angl: Whats it called
Heavens Angl: Right the wrong
Heavens Angl: Hear the song
FunkOverlord: she uses a lot of P-Funk lines
nightrain: “Freak” ???
Heavens Angl: People Need a dose of pussy control!!!!!!! LOL
Patro: do yu have that dose
Heavens Angl: Did someone say freak???? Im a freak
FunkOverlord: i must meet you soon!!
Heavens Angl: So Patro where you from
blue passion: word! so am I
Patro: what kind of freak, Atlanta metro
nightrain: lol
FunkOverlord: yeah train, i know
Heavens Angl: Im a sexy funky freak
Heavens Angl: Right train!!!!!!
Patro: how old are yu, Heav
nightrain: “freak of da week” !!!!
Heavens Angl: I just love having fun
Heavens Angl: 27
Patro: where are you from
Heavens Angl: Blue wanna freak it up???
Funky Moon: of the Century !
FunkOverlord: yow!!!
nightrain: NJ/39
Heavens Angl: Of the universe
Heavens Angl: Queens NY
FunkOverlord: go hed girl!!
Funky Moon: I should have known better !
blue passion: oh shit thats wild
Heavens Angl: Better
Patro: You ever had a southern gentleman
Heavens Angl: Whats wild
Heavens Angl: Nope
Heavens Angl: Yawwwwwwnnnnnnnn LOL!!!!! just kidding
Patro: you wanna try one
Heavens Angl: Blue is my freak for tonight
nightrain: “wild child”
Funky Moon: runnin’ wild
Heavens Angl: Zannalle is the funkiest song on the whole cd
blue passion: just enying the converstion
FunkOverlord: un, un, um!!
Heavens Angl: Funk who are you???
Funky Moon: I like the version on Neon better
FunkOverlord: yes my dear
Heavens Angl: Last time I got in trouble with your other half
Heavens Angl: : )
nightrain: uh oh
FunkOverlord: she doesn’t understand!
Heavens Angl: Oh
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: Will you let me type on your computer BLUE???
Heavens Angl: I rock therefore I am
FunkOverlord: i still would like to meet you however
blue passion: LOL!!!
Heavens Angl: Me to
Heavens Angl: So Train what did you tell them About me???
SYSTEM Greeter: “ImhotepX” has entered the room
nightrain: LOL
Heavens Angl: Hi Im
FunkOverlord: train gave me a good discription
Heavens Angl: WHat did he say???
ImhotepX: Hey Angel.
Funky Moon: Not me !
Heavens Angl: Hi
nightrain: Yo Imhotep…wazup ?
Heavens Angl: How are you Im
ImhotepX: all alboard nighttrain
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
ImhotepX: coolin’ out and u?
blue passion: whats up im?
nightrain: <—likes this person !!!
ImhotepX: hey passion.
nightrain: What city are u in Imhotep ??
Heavens Angl: Everyone here is to funky
ImhotepX: atlanta waitin’ on da mothership
nightrain: cool
nightrain: Suck my mind and I will lick your funky emotions.
nightrain: ALL PRAIS MUNSTA !!!!
Heavens Angl: So every funky soul in this room say funk 3 times
Funky Moon: Funk Funk Funk
nightrain: Funk Funk Funk
Heavens Angl: Yea go baby
nightrain: <—-Makes his FUNK the P FUNK …….& wants to get ……FUNKED UP !!!
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!!
FunkOverlord: Funk, Funk, FUNK!!!
Heavens Angl: Hey Munsta
Patro: what happened to Bootsie
nightrain: <—thinks Angl is….SuperFreak
ImhotepX: <—–likes da vibe gimme da funkfunkdunkfeet, gimme da good life!
nightrain: “Gonna Make u Sweat & make U wet……….Just to See How Funky You Can Get” !!!
Heavens Angl: OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Heavens Angl: Is that right???
nightrain: Hey Man…Smell My Finger
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
Funky Moon: LOL!!!
Heavens Angl: go baby
FunkOverlord: Sex Machine
nightrain: I thought u would like that one !!!
nightrain: LOL
Patro: I think some one is already wet
ImhotepX: git up on this…
nightrain: Muthaplucker
Patro: heaven, are you soft and wet
ImhotepX: i never learned to swim…..
Heavens Angl: Hey Im just sweet and tasty
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!!!
Patro: sweaty and tasty
Heavens Angl: LOL!
Heavens Angl: I have an announcemen to make
nightrain: yes Angl ?
Heavens Angl: Ok August 2
Heavens Angl: there is going to be a rave at WebsterHall in the city
nightrain: hmmmmmmmm
nightrain: u going Angl ???
Heavens Angl: The rave is about O{+> so all that wants to come let me n=know so I can out you on my list
Heavens Angl: Its a party for O{+>
Heavens Angl: His music all night long
Heavens Angl: Seriously
FunkOverlord: that sound cool Angel
Heavens Angl: So all here is welcome
nightrain: hmmmmmmmm…….I wonder if my wife would let me out of the house for that one ????
Funky Moon: LOL
Heavens Angl: Its going to be great
ImhotepX: thanks angel I’ll see if I can get my transporter to work
nightrain: lol
Heavens Angl: Ok
FunkOverlord: i wish i didn’t live so far away sometimes
Heavens Angl: Bring your wifes
Heavens Angl: Im bringing Blue with me
nightrain: “what a novel idea” !!!
nightrain: lol
FunkOverlord: my wife love the symbol man!!!
Heavens Angl: So bring them Ill be good i promise!!!!!
Heavens Angl: : )
FunkOverlord: she has never been to the city
Heavens Angl: She would have a good time
nightrain: lol
nightrain: u ….”good” Angl ???
FunkOverlord: maybe…..oh never mind
nightrain: lol
Heavens Angl: Yes Ill be a good angel
nightrain: good….whe have been having a party…
Heavens Angl: :} evil smile
nightrain: …Angl just got back from Minesota….
Heavens Angl: Yes it was great I went to the DAvid letterman show to I seen O{+> he looked just so happy
nightrain: ….we made some big changes to the FUNK web page…
Heavens Angl: Hes in the clous and stars in his eyes
nightrain: ….we now have 2 “symbol man” chats each week…
Heavens Angl: Dont rub it in train I still cant get the page
ImhotepX: <—-:#
FunkOverlord: who? Dr. Funkenstein?
Heavens Angl: I really wanna tell ya I luv ya
Heavens Angl: I like it there OHHHHHHHHHHHH
FunkOverlord: it is cool Angel
nightrain: sounds like u may need some……”hands on computer consulting” ….Angl ????
Funky Moon: LOL
Heavens Angl: ]LOL!!!!
FunkOverlord: i volunteer!!!
nightrain: any Volenteers ???
Heavens Angl: Blue would you give me hands on training??? LOL
nightrain: too late Overlord !!!
nightrain: lol
FunkOverlord: oh, single men only?
ImhotepX: can I be of any assistance?
Heavens Angl: Assistance is what I need
Heavens Angl: Im a bad girl
Heavens Angl: I need a spanking LOL!!!!!!
FunkOverlord: bend over
nightrain: whoa……
FunkOverlord: and hold your ankles
Heavens Angl: LOL!!!!!!
ImhotepX: well Angel I’m your single man…..what with da Freaky stuff?
nightrain: “Triple X”
Heavens Angl: so we need to talk seriuos now
Heavens Angl: Really
ImhotepX: spankin’ and bendin’ y’all need a private room for alldat!
FunkOverlord: okay
FunkOverlord: my wife hancuffs me to the computer!!
nightrain: now, now, nwo…..what would Dr. Funkenstien say about this kind of behavior ??
ImhotepX: unless I can watch<———LOL, (HAHA)
MUNSTA: lol!!!! To the computer! You are a freak!
FunkOverlord: lot of im’s on that one!!!
FunkOverlord: ha, ha
FunkOverlord: i’s tha FunkOverlord!!!
nightrain: ok ok now…………..
Heavens Angl: Im leaving
ImhotepX: now that’s a Freaky Deaky Scene I can’t imagine.
Heavens Angl: Ill see you all later
Heavens Angl: Live for love
Funky Moon: Later Angl, sweet dreams!
FunkOverlord: se ya , peace sis
ImhotepX: keep em’ tight in Heaven, Angel
nightrain: bye Angl
Heavens Angl: May you all sleep with the angels and wake in the dawn
SYSTEM Greeter: “blue passion” has left the room
MUNSTA: Good night sister!
SYSTEM Greeter: “Heavens Angl” has left the room

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