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Subject: STOMP

STOMP Album: God’s Property from Kirk Franklin’s Nu Nation

For those of you that think that gospel music has gone too far

You think we’ve gotten too radical with our message

Well, I’ve got news for you, you ain’t heard nothing yet

And if you don’t know, now you know it.Gonna go there

You better put them hands together

And act like The Lord been here

2-Lately, I’ve been going through some things

That’s really got me down

(Put your hands together, come on)

I need someone, somebody, to help me come and turnMy life around

(Ah, I feel like havin’ some church up in here)

I can’t explain it, I can’t obtain it. Jesus, your love is so, it’s so amazing

It gets me high, up to the sky. And when I think about your goodness

It makes me wanna STOMP

(Ha ha, you can’t take my joy, devil)

1-Makes me clap my hands

Makes me wanna dance and STOMP

(Oh, you better put your hands together.and have a Holy Ghost party with me)

My brother, can’t you see? I got the victory STOMP

(No weapon thrown against me shall prosper

I’m more than a conqueror.. Can I get a witness up in here)

Cheryl James (Salt)’s rap:

When I think about the goodness and the fullness of God

Make me thankful, pity to be hateful than grateful

The Lord brought me through this far

Tryin’ to be cute when I praise him

Raise’em high, I keep it live, beat bumpin’

Keep ya’ jumpin’, make the Lord feel somethin’

Ain’t no shame in my game, God’s Property

Came to get wit’ Kirk, ain’t no stoppin’ me,


"G.P. are you with me?

"Oh yeah, we’re having church, we ain’t going nowhere".


I promise the STOMP, the whole STOMP

Nothing but the STOMP

It ain’t over, it ain’t over!



What do yall think ???

Subject: STOMP….Discussion

  • I think it has gone too far.

Praising God is praising God. HE(or she)does not have a set formula on how to praise Him .It’s all in what you feel not the rhythm you say it in. It’s whether you believe.

  • I really like the previous Kirk Franklin albums; I think he’s given the genre a shot of adrenaline (like gospel really needs adrenaline ). I haven’t heard the new one, but I know I’ll pick it up soon, because I trust the guy’s instincts

    One of the best musical moments of my life was hearing the New Hope Baptist Church choir tear the roof off the Birmingham Museum of Fine Arts, 100 some odd voices telling the world "Why We Sing". I’m not religious, but that stuff moves me

  • Has Kirk Franklin gone too far? I still think he is the reincarnation of MC Hammer…LOL I grew up in a quiet little Catholic Church where loud music and "stomping" wasn’t the norm for me. I think as long as folks are actually listening to the words and taking it to heart I don’t see any problem with it. This might actually be a way for people to get excited about going to church or at least thinking about praising.

    Since I didn’t grow up with traditional (black folk) gospel music in my church this doesn’t bother me. This might just turn out to be a positive

  • I do not consider my self to be a religious person but I will say that the song seems to be a good way of getting the message out to younger people .so it’s all good to me!

  • The song "Stomp" uses samples from P-Funk, "Salt" (from "Salt n’ Pepa) raps on it & Kirk Franklin himself is doing his best Bootsy Collins impression

"It’s a MONSTER FUNK jam ……."

  • "Stomp" as well as all the other Kirk Framklin songs are all good. And I do have them all. I do agreed that people should listen to the message and not be concerned about how that message be relayed to others.

    Being a gospel music DJ myself I play mostly traditional with a good mix of contemporary including Kirk and Stephanie Mills. My listeners are older and "Stomp" is a selection that I will not play only because of that fact, but Kirk as always gives me a good selection that I can play.

    As long as we respect the style that is used to carry the message whether we like it or not, then we as a whole will concentrate on the message and folks isn’t that the way it should? Gospel music whether its rap, hiphop, or that good old fashion hand clapping, foot STOMPing, stand up in church testifying music, it all comes down to one main point. Giving God the glory

"Better put those hands together and act like you know up in here"

  • Any way that the message gets out is a good thang!!!

It has stopped a lot of folk in their tracks, and makes them realize that there is a power greater than all of us.

The kids love it!

Kirk and the Nation were recently at Chicago’s House of Blues.

I did not make it,but I heard they had a "Holy Ghost Party" and "stomped" the house down.

  • Ya know I was just listening to "Jungle Bass" – Bootsy Collins yesterday & it made me think of Kirk Franklin !! LOL

    I am no authority on Gospel music. Who else would you recommend that a "stone cold funkateer" such as myself listen to & enjoy ?

    (I hope Bill doesn’t tell me that I am in need of ALL of it…:))

  • I highly recommend tracking down the disc on Flying Fish by the Birmingham Sunlight’s. I first heard them "sitting in" one night with the Holmes Brothers, and I’ve seen them every chance I’ve had since then. They’re an acapella quintet in the tradition of the Fairfield Four or the Five Blind Boys of Alabama. Their vocal prowess rivals the Neville’s

    Speaking of the Five Blind Boys, they can be heard on "The Gospel at Colonus", a stage show put together by Bob Telson (he wrote the song "Calling You")and Lee Breuer that retells the Oedipus legend through gospel music.

    The album was produced by Gary Katz of Steely Dan fame, and is an old vinyl favorite of mine that I understand is now out on CD.

    You’d probably love the late Marion Williams, too. The Shanachie label has a wonderful overview of her career, My Soul Looks Back.

  • Thanks for the recommendations……..btw I have seen the Five Blind Boys before in concert (I saw them at a Blues concert) and they were GREAT !!!

  • Back to Stomp, isn’t it an extraordinary and kinda neat thing that the CD is sitting at #5 on the Billboard Top 40 this week? And I’m not talking the Gospel or R&B Top 40!

  • I haven’t checked the chats lately & I didn’t realize it was that high, but that doesn’t surprise me one bit

    "STOMP" is a monster jam & it should have some good crossover appeal

  • Wouldn’t you agree that if the message is positive shouldn’t matter whether he has gone "to far " or not ???

  • I couldn’t agree with you more…besides is there a rule book that says gospel music should be done in only one particular way??? I have seen some folks in my church. .get "downright funky !! " If the message is there and its reaching our youth. .more power to the artists…..

  • I also have Kirk Frankilns previous albums… Off the second one ..he does a fine job of covering all aspects of music…Melodies from Heaven has been played on many radio stations as well at many many skating rinks…What ya lookin 4 is a song directed at young people ..hip/hop style…So this new record does not surprise me…I have heard that there was an article in the business section of the LA times about how well the record was doing… that surprised me !!!

  • Even though you didnt grow up in a "Foot stomping" kinda church are able to appreciate the music for what it is .praises to one higher than us ..Kirk Franklin has appeal for all people ..and crosses the fine line of gospel and secular..

    I personally find nothing wrong,, ,and hope to see more of this trend ..I would rather have my kids listening to "STOMP"…than gangsta rap.

  • Being a Gospel DJ.. Im sure you will remember the controversy surrounding The Clark Sister.."You Brought TheSunshine"..and Tremaine Hawkins "Fall Down"…Traditional Gospel has and always been the foundation. .nowadays it does take a little more to reach our young people.. I have heard several hip/hop gospel groups. .that at first you don’t realize they are gospel..but hey as a mother of 3 young men.. I would rather they listen to gospel rap than gangsta rap.. "aint no party like a holy ghost party"…one of lines from one of the kids favorite…so I think it all depends onyou..

    One thing I think is important and that is that we adults dont make such a big issue of it to our kids positive music is just that. .positive music. .We have a hip/hop dance group here in San Diego called the "Steps of Praise"..they come from all churches and denominations. .ages range from 13 to 17..and they do dance routines to hip/hop gospel ..and let me tell you these kids are full of the love of GOD ..there has been talk that Kirk Franklin wanted to sign them up to tour with him…..

    Singing praises is just matter what form the music takes

  • ^5 to you

    I havent seen them in concert…but Im sure they will be selling out all over !!!!!

  • I for one think STOMP is a great song.. In today’s society of such negative music. .to hear a song that is positive and brings a positive message across is proof that there still is hope!! I and my children attend church on a regular basis and my boys are in the children’s and youth choirs.

    Our youth choir will be doing Stomp as part of their youth day Sunday next month. Im sure that some will disagree with the young people "gettin their groove" on in the choir stand. but we are very fortunate to have a pastor who supports our young people and says he would rather have them dancin in the church house than on the street. He makes a very valid point ..after all, if the music is positive and is reaching those who would not normally listen to gospel. isn’t this a good thing ?? I think we tend to get tied up when it comes to what is "right or wrong" when it comes to gospel music.

After there an unwritten rule somewhere that says gospel music cant be funky ??. Many R&B..Jazz and Blues Artists ..and yes even some of those rappers came from church backgrounds ..they may not have sang in the church choir..or cut a gospel record. .but many grew up in the church. For myself, I know as a child going to church was not a choice you made.. Come Sunday morning you got dressed and went to church..and as long as you lived in my mothers house ."yo butt was goin to church !!" LOL

I applaud all positive music. .regardless of the source.. ^5

to Mr. Franklin and company.. BTW did you know there are several very good hip/hop gospel groups out there ???

  • I guess that is a way of looking at, and the point is to get the message across…..but truly if I walked into a place of worship and they were carrying on like I see Kirk Franklin carrying on…….I would get up and leave

    You dance and rock at certain times….and you worship in a serious fashion at other times……two different things.

    Our kids today just want to ROCK, places of worship are not the place for it. Just IMO!!! j

  • Let me say that when it comes to gospel music most people want to make it seem as though it has to be somber and tell of only struggles. We often talk about the need to appreciate music and that shows in the many different types of music that exists.

    Gospel is an expression of Joy and praise to God, Why do we have to be critical of the way a person chooses to express that joy and his method of giving that praise. God has diversities of ministry because he has to reach us all and just as R&B, Country, Funk, Soul and all the others through time has changed in order to get attention, so must Gospel also change in order to reach and get your attention. What God requires is that we do not change the message but instead use that message to draw others to him. Personally I love the song and think it’s another indication that Kirk is a Musical Genius (even

    though he never really sings LOL ).

    The message that is displayed in the song tells of a struggle that was overcome in victory and because I feel so good it makes me want to Stomp the Devil and give God some Praise —- I can’t explain it Jesus yo love is so amazin, it gets me high, up to the sky " And when I think about you goodness it makes me want to STOMP". The message is not radical it is just a method that is outside the norm but the message is the same GIVE GOD SOME PRAISE. If we all would take the time and just look back at how Gospel has met with opposition every time it changed then you will see that it’s only the dawning of a new sound in Gospel Music.

  • I can remember similar controversies surrounding artists such as Billy Preston, Voices Of East Harlem, Andre Crouch, Edwin Hawkins & YES…..(even Aretha !!!).

    So this is nothing new…. Welcome aboard !!

  • Hmmmm we usallly agree on everyhting..but I have to disagree with you here…(s) As a parent. .I hear what’s available for our kids to listen to…and I know for a fact that you can prevent it from being played in your home but when they leave the house what are they listening to ??

    I still say that everyone has his/her own way of expressing their faith. and if our young people want sing and dance to a gopsel song..more power to them. In order to reach the young people. .you have to think like them….

  • Welcome to Urban Sounds my friend…. (s)

    As you stated there has always been and always will be controversy surronding anything that is perceived as "different"… I have said it before and Ill say it again…A positive message is much better than a negative one.. and with the way our society is today. .we need all the faith and positive actions possible…

    Would you be offended if your choir did "Stomp" ?

  • Well I do agree that to reach the young we have to think like them… we can agree to disagree on the other stuff…..

  • Thanks for the Welcome —- and yes I do remember the controversies surrounding those particular artists you mention especially Edwin Hawkins who is considered the father of contemporary Gospel from his hit "Oh Happy Day"

    People thought the man had committed blasphemy because they felt he was trying to take Gospel from the traditional and Hymnal type songs. And we are talking about Kirk and Stomp —- What about BB and Cee Cee, or the Wynans, maybe the Williams Brothers, or do I dare say John P. Kee OOOOOOH they brought with them some grimaces with the new innovative type sounds so lets settle back and enjoy the music — and thanks again for welcoming me aboard.

    One more thing I hope everyone will remember that the Devil was once one of Gods angels music has always been in heaven and it is evident through the Psalms that God loves songs of praise so why worry about the sound just make sure the message is right

    Chris {Loves Gospel Music}

  • Hi

    Thanks for the warm welcome to the Urban Sounds Boards I agree with you that A positive message is much better than the negative ones —- I noticed that when Biggie Smalls died there was condolences all over the boards saying another great Rapper had met a violent demise but yet we are offended when a Gospel Record or Artist crosses the imaginary line drawn in the sand and we start oooos and ahhhs because it sounds different. How many people have been killed because of a Gospel song as compared to the Gangsta Rappers — or on the flip side how many people have found Christ or happiness as they listen to the Gangsta rappers as compared to listening to the Gospel Sounds whether traditional or contemporary or as some say radical.

    I love Music but Gospel has a special place cause it gives me the feelings of comfort and joy as well as peace. Those are the feelings needed to maintain a positive attitude.

    Thanks again

  • Agreement has been reached !!!!!

    As long as we keep reaching out to our youth .that’s the important thing !!!

  • Great comments !!!

    And I agree….music has the ability to do something special for you. whether its Jazz..Blues..Classic Soul..Funk..Reggae of Gospel…it can lift your mood the dark clouds away. .lighten up your soul. .relax your mind…For me…music is indeed the best medicine of all !!!

    ( I love music…any kind of music…I love music…just as long as its swingin…)

  • Thanks for your great reply Chris. You are right on the money. I recently interviewed Mr. Ira Tucker of the Dixie Hummingbird and he commented on this briefly. I personally don’t think the same situation exists that we had when "Oh Happy Day" crossed over in the late sixties. Now distribution is wider, and more stations are more open to programming "popular" Christian Contemporary Music, thanks to them and folk like Aretha Franklin, and the Staple Singers. That term didn’t even exist back then!!

    One thing disturbs me however. Some folks are getting into the song, dancing and not listening to the lyrics as I noticed at the BET boat ride here a few weeks ago. All some folks hear is the P-Funk sample. If we listen to both songs, Stomp and One Nation Under a Groove, you will see that the message is similar. Think about it. And listen closely!!

  • …what have I been saying all along??

    It’s the Essence of tha Funk!!!

    Now…would you trade your spirituality for what’s behind the third door?? I don’t think so. Me neither!!! So high…you can’t get over it. So wide…you can’t get around it. So low you can’t get under it!! GP are you with me??

  • Oh Yea, they got the church thang workin over here!!!

  • You bring up a very good point . I was just discussing Kirk Franklin’s album here recently. I think it is great that the young folks are given an option of a different sound to praise the Lord with but here is the gamble that you take. Weigh it yourself. If there is no one around, like a Christ centered minister, to cover and explain what Kirk is trying to do then all the kids will hear will be the beat I guarantee you. The church I attend our minister is very strong about not singing old, I’m going die hymns, and prefers to teach that God wants us to enjoy our stay here on earth as long as we stay within his teachings through the scripture.

    In my opinion Kirk is really trying to make a strong difference. He is really trying to get the word out there. But what might and in some respects is happening is that too many parties are using his music and the dancing that is being done believe me does not lift up praises to God. Play the upbeat songs I think it is great but you are going to have to include some spoken scripture with it to bring everything back to what Brother Kirk is doing. If not you just have another good beat that will start to be mixed and sampled with other tunes that don’t even have the same idea as Kirk

  • Good point, I Hope folks don’t focus to much on the messenger and the way he brings the message, cause if this is the case we may overlook the WHOLE Message. I’m glad he’s ( KF) is trying something new and maybe it way soak in. Also I saw KF&GP on The tonight Show about a month ago and the song Stomp had a whole different vocal arrangement, and it was straight to the point too.

  • I don’t feel like Kirk Franklin has went to far with his Stomp song. I have enjoyed every CD that this talented young man has put out.. He is trying to "REACH A GENERATION THAT KNOWS NOT GOD." Some people may never take the time to hear anything about having the Victory over anything. He has done a good job. Even when you listen to the rest of his CD, which I think is great, it moves you in. I love the song My Life Is IN your hands. My prayer is that the Lord continue to use and anoint Kirk to spread the gospel. He has a Ministry and he’s doing a great job.

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