P*Funk Review – What Is Funk?

P*Funk Review – What Is Funk?


What is Funk ??? (part 1)

SYSTEM Greeter: You are now in room “Funk”
SYSTEM Greeter: You have READ/WRITE Access

nightrain: Hello Room !!!
BRO AMOS: johnny taylor, wilson pickett, ike turner, clarence carter
bluk: Your only 5 years older than me
Jonjazzy: Welcome back nighttrain
nightrain: how old is everybody ??
bluk: Bro Amos you must be about 40
punxy: 31
bluk: 30
BRO AMOS: meters, sos, gap band,
nightrain: <—is 39

Jonjazzy: bro Amos is about 36
nightrain: Meters are…..BADD !!!
BRO AMOS: ella, duke, sachmo,
nightrain: LOL
bluk: WEll since you’re all older than me what is funk
nightrain: FUNK….is a way of life !!!
punxy: This is true
Jonjazzy: Funk is a four letter word.
bluk: No, I mean the music, what artist
punxy: It’s a concept – not an artist
BRO AMOS: king pleasure, babs gonsalez, dizzy, miles, ornette, mingus, monk,…
nightrain: hmmm
Jonjazzy: Hey nighttrain you remember that song song What is funk??
nightrain: that is the eternal question punxy !!!
nightrain: nope Jon
BRO AMOS: tha’s funk too……
BRO AMOS: and i’m 41
bluk: So Elton John is funk to right?
Jonjazzy: I think it was by Geogre Duke
bluk: Bro Amos men your old
bluk: lol
BRO AMOS: to all those records he listened to
Jonjazzy: On the Just for you Album.
nightrain: To paraphrase Gill Scott Heron…
BRO AMOS: i had good teachers!!!
nightrain: …if u have to ask what it is…..then u ain’t got it !!
Jonjazzy: Now that’s funk GSH
bluk: ARe all of you guys men
nightrain: yup
punxy: That’s the truth nightrain!!!!!!
punxy: yea man
bluk: All black people got funk
Jonjazzy: Last time I checked bluk I was.
Jonjazzy: Wait let me look again
nightrain: hmmmmm
BRO AMOS: 360 degrees of the blues, 800 shades of funk, and a whole lot of soul!!!
Jonjazzy: Yeah I’m still a man.
bluk: I;m the only female which is why you refuse to answer my question. A female would have answer me by now
BRO AMOS: bluk, do you think we are sexist?
Jonjazzy: Funk is a Four letter word that’s the answer bluk.
nightrain: there is no definition for FUNK….it is just something that ya have to LIVE !!
bluk: My question was what artist sings the must funk
punxy: Don’t try to tell me ONLY blacks have funk – if that’s true, then I’m an insideout oreo!
bluk: A oreo is part white and black right
BRO AMOS: aretha, tina, betty, ella, carmen, big maybell, should i go on?
nightrain: hmmmmm
Jonjazzy: No the Average White Band was some funky white boys.
bluk: Aretha is soul there is a difference
punxy: That’s right
nightrain: yup
Jonjazzy: Hall and Oates,and KC and the Sunshine BAnd
nightrain: “Spanish Harlem”….is FUNKY…
nightrain: …& so is the Soundtrack to Sparkle
bluk: KC is funk not Hall and Oates
punxy: This is true
nightrain: Curtis Mayfield wrote all of the songs
punxy: I’m not talkin ’bout the whites who TRY to be funky – It comes from within
BRO AMOS: i don’t agree. there nothing funkier than areatha doing gospel, or della reese, or shirley ceasar
nightrain: “Freeway of Love” was….VERY FUNKY !!!
Jonjazzy: Hall and Oates was some funky white boys when they first came out.
nightrain: yup
nightrain: & don’t forget Stevie Ray……That was some MEAN FUNK !!!
bluk: No, Bro Amos, Aretha is nothing but soul at the best
nightrain: “Wild Cherry”
Jonjazzy: The H20 album was funky
nightrain: Mich Ryder”
Jonjazzy: Right night
nightrain: “Dennis Coffee”
Jonjazzy: Even Kenny Loggins
punxy: Nightrain – you got em down!
BRO AMOS: funk came from the church, and field hollerin black folks, and from the moans on slave ships, and from the beat of the drum!!!
nightrain: “Red Hot Chlli Peppers”
bluk: So you say nightrain
Jonjazzy: Dobbie Bros too
Jonjazzy: Three dog night
Jonjazzy: CCR
bluk: Three dog night before my time
BRO AMOS: so i guess kirk franklin is not funky?
bluk: James Brown
bluk: Kirk Franklin is Gospel
BRO AMOS: or commissioned?
Jonjazzy: Kirk Franklin is kinda funky.
punxy: BRO AMOS – can’t argue with that – but every black who knows me well says I got it – and I don’t think I learned it – it’s a natural thing
nightrain: CCR……”swamp funk”
bluk: Punkxy, that s you black side coming out
nightrain: some Blacks ain’t got da FUNK !!!
punxy: This is very true!!!!
BRO AMOS: hey bluk, where did funk come from?
nightrain: “Charlie Pride”
nightrain: “Clarence Thomas”
bluk: That is what I’m asking you
SYSTEM Greeter: “USTA31” has entered the room
Jonjazzy: Johnny Mahtis
bluk: nope
nightrain: devoidofunk”
nightrain: Wazup UST ??
bluk: Johnny Mahtis is not funk or even close
USTA31: What do y’all consider funk
USTA31: Whad’dup!
BRO AMOS: i know, but there seems to be some phiilosophical struggle here
nightrain: Tell em what da FUNK is ??
Jonjazzy: Funk is not domestically produced!!!
bluk: They are trying to figure it out usta31
USTA31: George Clinton is the master. Build from there.
nightrain: P*Funk, Hendrix, Chick Corea, James Brown, Billy Cohham, Sly Stone, Living Colour, Kool & The Gang, War, Passport, AWB
bluk: That is funk to me USTA31
Jonjazzy: Clinton learned from the masters
nightrain: Rick James, Cameo, Miles Davis, Lakeside, Stevie Ray Vaughn, D’Angelo, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Manu Dibango
BRO AMOS: where did george get the funk from?
bluk: USTA do you think Aretha is Funk?
USTA31: Damned if I know, but he got it. Don’t deny it
BRO AMOS: i wanna tesify!!!
nightrain: George used be a staff writter at Motown
Jonjazzy: Bo Diddy,chuck berry,Howlin Wolf,Muddy Waters etc….
USTA31: Aretha got funk
nightrain: Go ahead Jon…. nightrain: ….that is getting us closer to the answer !!
bluk: No Aretha is Soul USTA
USTA31: Kook & the Gang?
USTA31: Aretha is funk.
nightrain: “Good Times Are On My Mind”
USTA31: Funk can be soul too
Jonjazzy: Funk is form on the blues you can dance to.
punxy: You can’t tell me George learned to be that funky – He just has it
bluk: Bro Amos what year did funk come out?
nightrain: <—-Likes Chuck Berry !!!
bluk: 70’s
nightrain: lemme answer that one….
BRO AMOS: you have been brainwashed bluk. free yo mind and…..
nightrain: ….FUNK came out….
Jonjazzy: Funk,Soul,Blues all the same basically.
nightrain: …..in 1693….
nightrain: …the year of the first slave ships…
bluk: wrong answer
USTA31: Funk comes from the heart.
nightrain: …that is when FUNK started !!
USTA31: You guys R not trying to date funk. That is ludicrous
Jonjazzy: Bluk get up for the down srtoke.
nightrain: nah……FUNK comes from the SOUL…..& the pain !!!
bluk: If I was to buy a funk tape it would only have 70’s group on it.
USTA31: Okay, I can buy that
punxy: Right on Nightrain
nightrain: James Brown….????
bluk: Nothing from 1600 ok come on people
Jonjazzy: Disco in my hood was called Funk.
nightrain: same here…
BRO AMOS: bluk, did you ever read Amiri Baraka’s IN THE TRADITION?
nightrain: …but musically speaking….
bluk: Disco and funk similiar
USTA31: Disco will never be funk… TAKE THAT BACK!
bluk: no Amos whose is that
nightrain: ….your earlier set of answers was on the money Jon !!!
bluk: No, Disco and funk are similiar
Jonjazzy: In the hood Disco was funk.
nightrain: 1970’s definition Disco= Funk + Gay Dance Music
USTA31: Don’t irritate me now. Disco is disco. The Bee Gees were never funky
BRO AMOS: maybe i can send it to you so you will get a clearer understanding
nightrain: my point exactly
bluk: What the heck is Gay dance music
nightrain: LOL
USTA31: Gay Dance Music. You mean house.
Jonjazzy: I know train Bo Diddy,Howlin wolf and Muddy Waters,Son Johnson,etc started the funk.
nightrain: I dunno but I read that equation someplace
nightrain: u got it Jon
bluk: lol
BRO AMOS: CLASS STRUGGLE IN MUSIC…….don’t you get it??
bluk: How would you know that and you weren’t even here yet
nightrain: that’s right
bluk: What type of class struggle, funk was declared in the 70’s
nightrain: hey bluk…..I have a question for ya…
SYSTEM Greeter: “USTA31” has left the room
bluk: ok
nightrain: ……are u trying to say that basicly 1970’s “black music” is funk & that’s it ??
bluk: Yes
Jonjazzy: The Disco in my Hood jammed The Fat Back Band and One Way and The Barkays no Bee Gees maybe Studio 54 did but not in my Hood.
BRO AMOS: wrong, WRONG!!!
punxy: Oh please!!!
nightrain: Oh chit !!!
bluk: No people funk music is in the 70’s
BRO AMOS: help her somebody!!!
punxy: quickly
bluk: You tell me whose funky now today in the 90’s
bluk: You think funk is just a sound but it isn’t
BRO AMOS: i never said that
Jonjazzy: Gap Band ,Brownstone,Maxwell and Mary J blinge to name a few.
BRO AMOS: hmmmmm?
bluk: Mary J ablige is not funk
BRO AMOS: why isn’t she?
bluk: Each era has it music agree
Jonjazzy: She is to me.
nightrain: Sure she is FUNK
bluk: the Blues in the 60’s Pop in 70’s rap in the 90’s BRO AMOS: you dropped a bomb on us, sis
punxy: The answer to ” What is FUNK ” may be ” If you have to ask – you wouldn’t understand “
nightrain: not a very good singer…..but she is FUNKY !!!
nightrain: LOL
Jonjazzy: LOL
Jonjazzy: Come on train that’s cold
bluk: Punxy I resent that statement because it’s true
BRO AMOS: amerika eats its young
bluk: not true
Jonjazzy: Electric Spanking of all War Babies.
BRO AMOS: its not nice to fool mother nature
BRO AMOS: a lucious b….ch it is true
Jonjazzy: This Blowfly the master of class and goin to sock some soul to your a–.
nightrain: (sorry but I couldn’t resist that one )
BRO AMOS: bluk, are the talking heads, funky?
bluk: Talking heads never heard of them
Jonjazzy: With Bernie on Keyboards I think so.
BRO AMOS: ohhhh nooooo!!!!!!
bluk: Funky is a style which is not apparent today
Jonjazzy: Bluk what’s your favorite song??
bluk: Dont’ know
Jonjazzy: Today
BRO AMOS: honey, how old are you, and what planet did you come from?
Jonjazzy: She’s 30 and from Planet Hollywood.
nightrain: LOL
bluk: I like Anita BAker, Toni Braxton
nightrain: Talking Heads ar the chit !!
nightrain: <—saw em live in Houston in 1984 !!!
bluk: I’m from the motor city and unless you are from motown you can’t tell me about music.
BRO AMOS: that’s cool, but you have to hang with us for awhile
Jonjazzy: Holly wants to go to California if holly could only if Hollywood.
BRO AMOS: hang wid us , i mean
nightrain: go ahead Jon !!!
Jonjazzy: So your saying Marvin was’nt Funky??
nightrain: Talking Heads are SUPER FUNKY !!
bluk: Marvin was sould just like the temp, four tops
bluk: soul I mean
BRO AMOS: take me to the river, wash me down
nightrain: D’Angelo is a wannabe Marvin !!!
nightrain: LOL
Jonjazzy: Got to give it up ever heard that song bluk.
BRO AMOS: gonna wait to the midnight hour
Jonjazzy: Now that’s funky
bluk: Acourse I’m from Detroit where the music came from
nightrain: yes it is Jon
nightrain: “Let’s Get It On”
BRO AMOS: the music came from all over
bluk: Nope , you are so wrong
nightrain: “Detroit”……..that’s where John Lee Hooker is from !!!
Jonjazzy: I know but i can’t get her to see that , now that’s funky
bluk: Detroit started the music and don’t you forget it.
nightrain: u dig John Lee Hooker bluk ??
BRO AMOS: you need a lot of help
Jonjazzy: Detriot by way on Mississippi
nightrain: true….but he lived in Detrot as an adult
bluk: I don’t need any help, are you trying to tell me motown wasn’t started in Detroit.
nightrain: “a record company” ???
Jonjazzy: I know I just making a point to bluk train
BRO AMOS: from Africa, to the Carribean and America
bluk: In so was the birth of soul music
nightrain: that produced a lot of “watered down” BLACK music ???
bluk: train, what are you talking about,
Jonjazzy: Ever heard of Wattstax records bluk.Tell her about that Bro Amos.
nightrain: “birth of soul”……in Detroit…….up north ???
nightrain: LOL
BRO AMOS: boy are you brainwashed, even Jerry Butler wouldn’t say that or Smokey!!
bluk: Wouldn’t say what
nightrain: “coldblooded”
nightrain: LOL
punxy: Gotta go all – see ya
Jonjazzy: Bluk is this a assignment for debate class??
bluk: When they show documentary on tv who do they show not the carribeans or Africa, but Detroit mI is where the soul started
nightrain: “what does “tv” have to do with this music ??
bluk: I’m talking about facts
BRO AMOS: what about Memphis? or other parts of the globe?
nightrain: facts…..from “tv” ????
bluk: After the facts
nightrain: LOL
Jonjazzy: Wattstax records in Memphis
nightrain: Booker T & the MG’s !!!
bluk: I’m leaving you are starting to make me mad, Detroit started sould music from that derived blues, and everthing else.
BRO AMOS: i guess elvis discovered rock n roll with the big bopper?
Jonjazzy: WLAC in Nashville Tenn and JAck the Rapper.
SYSTEM Greeter: “bluk” has left the room
Jonjazzy: Green Onion
Jonjazzy: Archie Bell and the Drells
BRO AMOS: sis needs some help!!!
nightrain: “Born Under A Bad Sign”
Albert Collins that’s my Boy.
Jonjazzy: I mean Albert King
SYSTEM Greeter: “bluk” has entered the room
nightrain: now…..be nice
Jonjazzy: Welcome back Bluk
nightrain: whew
nightrain: I forgot…
BRO AMOS: don’t go away mad….
Jonjazzy: Ring the Bell school in.
nightrain: …bluk…
bluk: How can we have so many people in the same room with the same mind set
nightrain: …did u say that u were an AA ?
nightrain: & how old are u ?
bluk: If I was white I would have run a long time ago right
Jonjazzy: She’s loading her six shooter
nightrain: well…how old are u ?
BRO AMOS: look outtt!!
bluk: 30
nightrain: (chill out fellas)
nightrain: ok
nightrain: now here is the deal…
nightrain: …we aren’t trying to be “mean”…
Jonjazzy: I can’t believe your 30 bluk
bluk: Why is that
nightrain: …we are only trying to give u back something that was stolen from you
nightrain: your HISTORY !!!
Jonjazzy: You don’t remember Memphis sound
nightrain: nah she doesn’t Jon
Jonjazzy: The Barkays and Con Funk Shun
bluk: Yes, I remember them
bluk: I consider that to be funk
nightrain: that was in the 70’s…
Jonjazzy: Well now you see.
nightrain: …in 1970 she was only 4 years old
nightrain: she says that funk was only in the 70’s
Jonjazzy: I hear them in every song I ever heard .
bluk: age check
nightrain: she just doesn’t know…..cause she never heard the stuff before then
nightrain: <—39
BRO AMOS: my wife is 31 and she’s knows better than that!
Jonjazzy: I went though teen years from 70 to 80.
bluk: Better than what Amos
BRO AMOS: we need to school you bluk
nightrain: how old are u Jon ???
Jonjazzy: 35
nightrain: Here is a question for ya bluk …
nightrain: ….Who invented Rock & Roll ???
bluk: See, this is what I’m talking about, you guys aren’t tha much older. So some of you are talking trash because you wern’t all around.
nightrain: u are right on time J
nightrain: answer the question
BRO AMOS: your sense of history is lacking, i’m sorry
bluk: Rock and Roll is stolen music from blacks
Jonjazzy: Who invented it.
bluk: Do you want a name
Jonjazzy: Please
bluk: I don’;t know Chuck Berry
Jonjazzy: LOL
Jonjazzy: Close my dear
bluk: I’m not as brainwash as you think I am. My point is it wasn’t called funk back than rock and roll.
Jonjazzy: What about Lil Richard
bluk: OK, agree fat diminos
Jonjazzy: The list can go on and on.
nightrain: well that’s close enough……the point is …
Jonjazzy: Jook joint music
nightrain: …at least u know that much…
bluk: I know a lot and I want take your insults
nightrain: hold on bro…
bluk: Now hear this you say rap is funk right
Jonjazzy: No Bluk I’m not insulting you
nightrain: …now would u consider James Brown to be FUNKY ??
BRO AMOS: me neither
bluk: yes, I said that at first
Jonjazzy: Just your knowledge of music.
nightrain: …when do u think he first started playing music bluk ?
bluk: Before our time
nightrain: well don’t u think he was funky back then ?
bluk: But, he was funky in the 70’s not 60’s
nightrain: u ever hear of the JB’s ???
bluk: 60’s was soul and blues the funk came later
nightrain: before they were known as the JB’s….
Jonjazzy: Maeco Packer and Fred Wesley
BRO AMOS: forget that tree you made!!
nightrain: …they were called the “Famous Flames”…
bluk: Oh come on you guys never heard of that group, you were all to young
Jonjazzy: You ever seen ED Sullivan Show
nightrain: …….& before they becam the “Famous Flames”….they were Little Richard’s …..backup band !!!
bluk: no and neither have you
nightrain: hey……bluk…
Jonjazzy: Every Sunday night
nightrain: …didya know that …
BRO AMOS: like i stated earlier, i had good teachers
nightrain: …Bootsy Collins & his brother….
Jonjazzy: LOL
bluk: What are you trying to say Amos
nightrain: …..played with the JB’s …during the 1960’s ??
bluk: That I’m ignorant now,
nightrain: Big J …..lived practicly around the corner from James Brown !!!
BRO AMOS: just chill and feel tha phunk
Big J Day: He lived in his castle on Linden BL.
nightrain: yup St. Albans !!!
Big J Day: It was black & had a moat
Jonjazzy: I have a Nehpew with a degree in Music from Grambling and I taught him about music and he’s your age Bluk and that’s no excuse.
bluk: Nightrain, I understand where you are coming from but blues are blues, rock is rock, soul is soul, rap is rap. What does age have to do with anything
nightrain: bluk…..the whole point of this discussion is that u can’t let them steal your history away…
nightrain: If things hold true to form….
Jonjazzy: Sly Stone,Miles and Barkays we jammed it all at my House growing up.
SYSTEM Greeter: “UltraFlesh” has entered the room
Jonjazzy: Not Just Motown
nightrain: LOL
bluk: Who is trying to steal our music down, the white men is well aware of where the music came from.
UltraFlesh: funk is the best music
nightrain: Yo Ultra ….wazup !!!
Jonjazzy: nuthin
BRO AMOS: why are you catagorizing tha music. Funk is more than a Label
Jonjazzy: funk is a way of life
nightrain: did anybody else in here see that ??
bluk: I never say funk wa a label, it’s a style ok
nightrain: Thank u Flesh !!!
Jonjazzy: Is nothing scared night train
Big J Day: Sinbad’s Summer Jam?
nightrain: YUP…
Jonjazzy: i live my life by the kode of the funk
nightrain: Go ahead Flesh !!!
bluk: Well, guess, I’m out its been real , I ‘ve learned something and hopefully you have too. Peace out.
Big J Day: Talk 2 U Wednesday nightrain: Later

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