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After the country has been shocked and amazed by nationwide protests over the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, age 46, who died as a result of a simple arrest by police outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota; many Whites began to question the character and integrity of the individual which was murdered or whether the demands for proper justice being made by Black groups were unrealistic.

What seemed to be of less concern; however, is what this man could have possibly done which would end up in his death–since he was already subdued?

It seems incredulous to most Whites; since most of them are not subjugated to the same social pressures as Blacks and other people of color in this country. It becomes questionable, since Whites in America are not fighting for civil rights–which many of them believe every American has; that is, if the subject is ever considered at all.

It is hard for many Whites to conceive that the same group of people that founded this country proposing, “Liberty and Justice for all,” are subjugating ethnicities; simply because it isn’t their reality.

And while some of the immigrants may have been able to avoid the wrath of certain prejudices in America, partially due to uncertainty of pinpointing their ethnic origins; in the case of Blacks folks in America, it’s undeniably and unavoidably “skin deep,” making Blacks subject to far more mainstream opinions and social biases than anyone else.

I’m also certain that while most young Blacks are tutored as to how they should interface with local police; there isn’t an analogous dialog taking place among young Whites in their communities.

I’m sure part of the reason for such difference is legislation or the push-back police know will come from city and state representatives on behalf of their White constituency.

Another part is, it is usually members of their own race which are part of police force, which targets Black people in other areas; as well as, the continuity in thinking as reasons why many Whites have a hard time understanding such social discord.  Not to mention, there are other places in this country, where Blacks feel the police presence in their community is more for surveillance and protection for the stores in the area; than it is to protect Black citizens.

These protests aren’t simply for George Floyd, it’s for countless other incidents where White cops have murdered Blacks in the midst of applying excessive use of force which society nothing has done about it.

I find the origin of such things originate from the inception of this country; when most of country was a colony under England. [There was other European colonies; but eventually England drove away other contenders.]

Colonization is the action or process of settling among and establishing control over indigenous people in an area or the action of appropriating a place or domain for one’s own use.

Although Blacks may have been among indentured servants who settled in the Virginia area–it only took one incident of social unrest, before authorities swiftly wrote into law, the paradigm enslaving the Blackman for life.

Since then, Americans view non-Whites and women in this country as minorities; this type of posture displays an imperialist attitude which still exists in America today.  This country has real inequities written into the constitution itself; therefore, it comes as no surprise as to why current society attitudes are as they are.

After the Emancipation Proclamation and Juneteenth, the freedom and civil rights of Black folks lie in the hands of the group of people who founded this country.  Since 1863, Blacks has had two civil rights movements in this country, yet, no new social reform has been implemented to make the rights of Blacks commensurate with the rest of the American populace. Some of America’s prejudices towards Blacks were written directly into the US constitution and indoctrinated into its’ citizens–thus making matters common to view Blacks accordingly; subjecting Blacks to such perceptions, biases, and stereotypes.

Personally, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to remind Whites that despite of Mr. Floyd’s crime; his arrest should have never culminated into murder at the hands or a White man in uniform–possibly motivated by race hatred.

Black folks, and the rest of society need to know why Black folks are so subjugated to mainstream opinions (either subliminally or overt).  Many of our parents are painstakingly aware of this fact; because many Black parents instruct young Black males in a manner of social conduct, aimed to ensure their children could face social demons of today and come back at home; alive.  

Now, how many other ethnicities in America have to concern themselves with various social demons and “hidden dragons” before going to the doctor or receiving any social services?

I’ve noticed most people in this country (including my own folks) have a tendency to immediately jump to conclusions, when a Black person is being interrogated. Most think they must have done something wrong; when in reality, many times, he or she may have been attacked undeservingly, or were ill-equipped to handle the various vicious demon(s) they were facing–that is, dressed as authorities to protect such rights.

These points presented represent real terrorism and real social reforms that needs to be changed. Racism is a rampant social disease in America that needs to be curbed immediately.

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