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Rest in POWER Brother Morris “B.B.” DICKERSON of WAR (71)

There is a soft, drizzly overcast with birds softly chirping this grey morning in Los Angeles… a serenely bittersweet setting as our city says goodbye to a singular figure in Black Music… B.B. Dickerson of Harbor City, CA – who stepped up as an 11th hour replacement to join his uncle Howard Scott in WAR – made music that set the souls of folks on fire – World-Wide. A rock solid, bottom-dominating, Essence-clocking, Zen-like figure as Bass Man Incarnate of WAR’s O.G. Magnificent 7 (dig him on “Nappy Head,” “Low Rider,” City, Country, City,” “Galaxy,” hell, EVERYTHING WAR did), a brother of deep moods as a person who took zero shit from anyone (peep the opening of the WAR documentary – he did not play – he was THE FIRST person to leave the band on his own terms), and the PROPHET with the penetrating stare-deep-off-into-space-gaze who composed and sang WAR’s eternal classic, “The World is a Ghetto”… B.B. was as REAL, STRONG & TRUE a Black Man as Our Music ever got. So blessed to have interviewed the surviving members as Lowrider Band when he was alive…gently smiling behind sweat-smudged spectacles and pain-socketed eyes.
“Fly On, Brother B.B.- Morris Dewayne Dickerson!!!” Charles & Papa Dee await with wings for your Future Flights. Utmost Respect and Love ❤

Photo with Lyric Overlay by B.B.’s daughter, Angelique

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