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Sarah has been singing all of her life. Born the seventh of thirteen (13) children, Sarah began singing in The Trenton Church of Christ, Young Peoples Choir, in Trenton, New Jersey. Her tightly knit family, Pentecostal grounded and firmly held together by her late Father, Elder Abraham Dash, he was the Church of Christ Father of The State of New Jersey and Bishop. Her Mother, Elizabeth Evans Dash, was a nurse. Both parents stressed living in a God-centered life to all of their children with a strong belief in self, with their advice which Sarah has relied upon which has~ enabled her to endure and over come multitude of challenges, in her professional and personal life.

In her pre-teen years, Sarah turned to secular music, began performing with her schoolmates, and formed, a group called "The Del Capri’s"’ in which Nona Hendryx was also a member. They auditioned for a manager in Philadelphia named Montague and did a few talent and local shows around the Trenton area. When some of the Del Capri’s no longer showed the dream as Nona and Sarah their manager put them together with two other girls, Cindy Birdsong and Patricia Holte and called them "The Blue Bells".

Because was another group in the artist union with that name, the record company president re-named the group as, "Patti La Belie and The Blue Bells." They rolled out with the hit song, "I Sold My Heart to the Junkman," that bought them national and international attention.


On The Rolling Stones first American and Canadian tour, Patti La belle and The Blue Bells was the opening act. Shortly there after, Cindy Birdsong left the group to join The Supremes, Nona, Patti and Sarah decided to continue as a trio.

Feeling that they needed a change, Sarah contacted Vicki Wickham, a British television producer of "Ready Steady Go." Ms. Wickham along with the managers of the legendary Pete Townsend’s group "The Who" took them to England where they did a complete change with image and style of singing approach as no black female singing group had ever done.

After living in London for nearly a year, they hit the American audiences with a new look and new name "LABELLE." Now Vicki Wickham was their sole manager.

Overnight, the group rose in popularity in the pop music world with their individual sleek space age inspired costumes, and cutting edge sultry songs’ of lust and desire, with strong political messages. Their cross over album "Night Birds," on the Epic label sold to gold album status. The gold record single, "Lady Marmalade, "placed them among the top pop groups in the world; in the six years, that Labelle crissed crossed the globe in concert.

Making history again, Labelle was the first black female group to perform at the world famous "METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE" at Lincoln Center in New York City. Sarah in silver bra, space skirts, and flowing feathers, holding the harmony with her partners, Nona and Patti La Belie effortlessly reaching high harmonies with her 4 and 1/2 octave range.

On a personal note, Sarah had a surprising, happy, tearful history making moment when her father, Elder Abraham Dash, joined his wife, sister and sister-in law, children and close family members that evening. Seated in the reserved royal box, with Mrs. Dash, at The Metropolitan Opera House making that his first time to see daughter perform secular music, live.

When Patti, Nona, and Sarah decided to pursue solo careers. Many fans around the world cried.

Labelle came together to record the single "Turn It Out," for Steven Spielberg’s film, "To Fong Woo, " starring, Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayzee. "Turn It Out" was the lead song of the film and went to number one the dance charts.

Sarah, solo, belting out dance club classics with and edge, on "Sinner man," "Lucky Tonight," and "Low down Rhythm. if Sarah was "the pretty one," the girl next door, the woman in red, beckoning you with her siren’s call.


When Keith Richards ran into Sarah at CBS presidents office, he said to her" you are the voice I want on my solo album." The album was called "Talk Is Cheap. " As the female, counterpoint to his rough-hewn vocals on their duet "Make NO Mistake," and "Rock Awhile." Sarah toured with Keith and was show cased in tour de force version of "Time Is on My Side." Sarah received a platinum album for singing efforts on Keith Richards and The X-pensive Winos~ She later earned platinum again for the vocals on the rolling stones steel wheels album. Sarah recorded a second album with Keith Richards and The X- pensive Winos "Main Offender" and co wrote the single "Body Works" with Keith and Producer Steve Jordan. In addition, is looking at the third project when Keith finished his tour with stones.

Sarah took a break to work on her autobiography, Dash of Diva. She decided with her friend and confidante arm twisting (the late Pam Johnson) scripted excerpts and wrote a musical with same title debut at The Cross Roads Theater in New Brunswick.

Sarah received a citation from the deputy Mayor of New York City, Ruth Messenger for her work and efforts in the community where she raised funds for home-less single women with children. With her unselfish and generous time, the donation and funds she acquired mothers and their children with clothing, toys, books, after activities, excursions to amusement parks, theater in the parks, and most Important of all extra food. The many faces and have a true soul survivor and music legend, SARAH DASH



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