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Sinbad – Happy Birthday (& The SupaBaddAzz Classic Soul Radio Station)

His dedication to the preservation and expansion to Funk music is well known and well documented. No need for me to list those here. What there is a need for is for YOU to understand what has happened to him

It sure is good to see that this brotha is getting better.

Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.

This is one of those times!

Sinbad & Soul-Patrol

EDITORS NOTE: You might be wondering just why Soul-Patrol is so concerned with Sinbad?
Thats because of “The Imaginary SupaBaddAzz Classic Soul Radio Station.”
It’s that great big ol Radio Station up in the sky, and everything that surrounds it, we think is worth saving. Here is that link again:

That’s what I was trying to save.
So was Sinbad.
How do I know this?
It’s because I got to know him pretty well in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. You all got to see his efforts to do so via cable TV, with his “Sinbad Summer Jams.”

You got to see me attempt to do it via the award-winning station from 2007 – 2011 called Classic RnB @ A few of you here might even remember listening to it. It was both Slamming and Award winning indeed. It was voted as the #2 “Oldies” format station on the internet. #1 was Cousin Brucie.

(& #10 was 50’s/60’s also programmed by yours truly)

The link will take you to the music library that I used to create the hourly, daily and weekly playlists for the station.
Here is that link again:

Feel free to steal/borrow from it as much as you like. Honestly there is little value in this or any music library. It is intelligence built into those hourly, daily and weekly playlists that are worth their weight in gold. Those have never been published and never will be.

Anyhow, I came across this today and thought that some of you might enjoy taking a look at it… especially in light of Sinbad & his improving medical condition. He and I had many telephone conversations about the futility of trying to save something that it’s own creators and consumers didn’t really appreciate the value of.

Nevertheless, this brotha will always have the utmost of respect from me for what he tried to accomplish. He tried to do the impossible, and continued to try even in the face of failure.

One last note of importance. Sinbad grew up in a place called Benton Harbor Mi. It is a failed Black suburb/school district. I spent my teenaged years living in a place called Roosevelt, NY. Another failed Black suburb/school district. There are a number of such places across the United States, created during a time when “moving to the suburbs” seemed like it just might provide a solution (Ferguson, Mo. was yet another one of these places)

One thing that living in a place like Roosevelt or Benton Harbor, is that children are taught that nothing is impossible. And very often it is Black children who come from these kinds of areas who accomplish what seems to be impossible. And that is how I will always think of Sinbad. A brotha who tried to do the impossible. And I am overjoyed to know that he is still here with us!

Here is that link again:

–Bob Davis

The Journey Forward

EDITOR’S NOTE – Sinbad – I’m not going write much, because I really do want you to go to the website at the link, and of course to share the link. Over the years, I have met many people who have told me that their mission was to “keep the funk alive” (or words to that effect.) However, I can assure you that NONE OF THEM ever put as much skin in the game, towards that’s end, as Sinbad. I first met Sinbad in the late 1990’s and of course the two of us immediately bonded over FUNK music.

His dedication to the preservation and expansion to Funk music is well known and well documented (ex the Sinbad Summer Jams?). No need for me to list those here. What there is a need for is for YOU to understand what has happened to him and that he needs our help. Go to the following website, which is run by his family, to find out what has happened and how you can help…(Bob Davis)

The Journey Forward

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