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Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – Baby Baby Don’t Cry – A True Story

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Now let me explain myself just a bit (for those of u who have never heard this record…)


BABY, BABY DON’T CRY – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

As with many things in music……there is something VERY real in the message of this song to me, and I’d like to relate a little story to you that makes it so….

Many years ago, in what seems like another place and time, I fell in love with a married woman, this woman truly BLEW MY MIND. She did so in such a way that brings to mind the lyrics of "Baby Baby Don’t Cry"…….Here’s why….


The song begins with the sweet (George Bensonesque?) guitar stylings of Marv Tarplin , someone on a VERY tender sounding piano….and then you hear the high pitched tenor of Smokey comes in and says softly:

Nothing so blue as a heart in pain, Nothing so sad as a tear in vain

Let him walk on out if he wants to, He really doesn’t deserve you

His loss is our gain so don’t be blue

Smokey then starts talking trash about her former man (in this situation….her husband)

Cause stone blind and out of his mind

Is what he has to be, yeah

So baby straighten up, come on and fly right

It’s no catastrophe, yeah, And say now baby, baby don’t cry

This man must truly be CRAZY (stone blind & out of his mind), to mistreat a woman with such, beauty, intelligence, but to tell you the truth, it didn’t matter to me, since now she was MINE and was making ME the happiest man alive. I could go on & on about this woman…(but I don’t want to bore you). Sufice it to say that she was quite simply "The Sweetest Thing, I’ve EVER known"


Smokey has absolutely NO PROBLEM telling her that he’s got just the cure for what ails her, which of course is him (In this case me!)

Baby, baby don’t cry , Baby, baby here’s why

Love is here standing by , Love is here standing by

I wanted to let this woman know that I could make her happy FAR beyond her wildest dreams, replace her man and make her FORGET him!


Now it’s back to to TRASHING the former man (husband) :

Too bad it was him that you trusted

Too bad but you can’t be disgusted

It’s time that you got readjusted

And realized that tear filled eyes , Can’t stop him now

That man is on his way , I think he’s gone to stay

You better drop him now, yeah

I loved this woman so much…..she used to say things to me like….."making love with you…it the kind that knocks women up "

Smokey goes back to endorsing himself (me) as an alternative:

Oowee now, baby, baby don’t cry

Baby, baby don’t cry, Baby, baby here’s why

Because love is here standing by

Love is here standing by

NOW….here is Smokey (me) …RAPPIN HIS AZZ OFF:

You trusted him and gave him your love, A love he proved unworthy of

Oh baby, oh baby all you’ve got to do, Is dry your eyes long enough to see…

(the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words, the words)

I wanted that woman SOOOOO BAD I could (and DID) "taste her…..


Reassuring her that HE (ME) is just what she needs!:

& ;….That you have found the love you thought

You had in him here in me

Love is hope girl, love is strength

Here’s someone standing right beside you

Who would go to any lengths

To give you love true and deep

And help you realize at last

You found a love that you can keep

And only losers weep

So standing by you , tears aren’t shed in vain


–Smokey Robinson

This song is FANTASTIC, give it up for Smokey/Marv Tarplin!….beautiful words & music with the reality that makes it a BIG part of the soundtrack of MY life.

One interesting point about this story is that this woman who made ME …


Although married, was only a few years older than me!


Now here’s the deal…(there’s a LOT more to this story)….hee hee hee



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