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Philip Bailey – Soul On Jazz

(Soul, Funk, Jazz, Black American Standards)

In keeping with my objective to listen to more NEW Jazz in 2002, I made a conscious effort to do just that. However my quest for great jazz was interrupted by a completely surprising source.


The world of jazz seems to have been in something of a "funk" (pun intended) in my opinion ever since the death of Miles Davis back in the early 1990’s. That shouldn’t be a surprise since it has been Miles Davis who has charted the direction for jazz for damn near the previous 50 years.

What was a surprise is how bad it’s been since the death of Miles.

Who could have ever predicted the dominance of ‘smooth jazz’ over the course of the past 10 years?

With that dominance, jazz lost its edge, personality and creativity.

It also lost it’s "SOUL", as the genre became more and more directed at upper class and affluent demographic, to the point where in some cities the so called "smooth jazz" radio stations are almost indistinguishable from ‘Lite Radio Stations’ in terms of their orientation and content.

Being a child of the 1970’s one of my favorite styles of Jazz emerged from the late and lamented CTI label. CTI produced music for the masses, played by the greatest jazz musicians of the day, without compromising either artistic integrity or it’s connection to the great jazz legacy of the past.

If you are looking for some type of rehash of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Don’t buy this CD.

You will be disappointed.

If however you are like me and remember the sound of CTI records from the 1970’s and always wondered if that sound could ever make a comeback, then this is the CD that you will want to pick up on!

Philip Bailey – Soul On Jazz

(Soul, Funk, Jazz, Black American Standards)

Oh, Philip Bailey does sing on this CD (but don’t look for ‘Reasons’).

However it’s his emergence as a full-fledged bandleader that makes this CD special.

I’ve seen Phillip and his band performing live this past summer in Philadelphia at the Kimmel Center and they are badd!

Here is the track listing for Philip Bailey’s Great CD called SOUL ON JAZZ

1. My Indiscretions

2. Dear Ruby

3. Compared To What

4. Nature Boy

5. Bop-Skip-Doodle

6. Unrestrained

7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

8. Keep Your Head To The Sky

9. Sometime Ago

10. Tell Me A Bedtime Story

11. On The Red Clay

Some of these titles should sound familiar to you.

They should These songs are some of the best examples of what some folks call ‘soul-jazz’ that have ever been recorded. And Phillip Bailey and his band do them all justice.

My hope is that this CD is going to be a HUGE hit.

My feeling is that it will initially sell, based on the strength of Philip Bailey’s name and reputation.

After all, when the former lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire (who also happens to be perhaps the GREATEST male falsetto singer of all time), makes a solo CD, then music fans of all genres will pay attention.

But after that initial burst, people will begin to pick up on the CD based on the strength of the music. It marks a return to some of my favorite kind of jazz, that was popular during the early to mid 1970’s. Perhaps this kind of jazz can once again become popular?

I sure hope so and it looks like Philip Bailey along with the Telarc/Heads Up Label is making a commitment to doing just that Because if it does, then perhaps the entire genre can be rescued from the schlock/mediocrity it has been mired in for the past 10 years.

Lord knows we could use it?

Thanks Philip Bailey for helping to lead jazz fans out of the wilderness… is proud to name your new CD "Soul On Jazz" as its selection as JAZZ CD OF 2002!

Philip Bailey – Soul On Jazz

(Soul, Funk, Jazz, Black American Standards)

Pick up on it!

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