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Soul-Patrol Salutes Soul Music Icon Benny Latimore & his New CD: The Early Years

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* Latimore’s Biography

* CD Review: Latimore – "The Early Years"

* Some Latimore Commentary


from Henry Stone Music



Click here to check out Southern Soul Music Icon LATIMORE’S NEW CD from Henry Stone Music called "THE EARLY YEARS"

I’d like to take this oppurtunity to re-introduce Soul-Patrollers, near and far, around the corner and around the world to LEGENDARY SOUL/R&B ARTISTS of our time….


I know that a few of yall out there have forgotten all about LATIMORE and a few of you younger folks may not remember the name, but yall know his voice when you hear it!

To get us started on our journey, I have enlisted the help of one of Soul-Patrol’s most prominent music historians, MR. FATS GALLON (the son of Wildman Steve). Fats was a studio musician back in the 1970’s at TK Records in Miami, where one of the stars that he played with was LATIMORE! Here are a few words from MR. FATS GALLON about his friend LATIMORE….

In the REAL MUSIC DAYS, back then LATIMORE was in the band also, His name was BENNY LATIMORE, we did a lot of touring with my father WILDMAN STEVE back then….My name is Fats Gallon, Wildman Steve’s Son, I just read a article on Benny Lattimore, and I played DRUMS for him when he was on TK Records. He is a GREAT ARTIST and a FANTASTIC MUSICIAN. And I just talked to him this past Sunday he was doing a show in Alabama. We all have to STRAIGHTEN IT OUT. It was REAL MUSIC and what they said made a lot of sense, I was playing my FUNK DRUMS for WILDMAN STEVE and BENNY LATTIMORE know now as LATTIMORE, hits called LETS STRAIGHTEN IT OUT and STORMY MONDAY

But I have to tell you on that TK Album you have on FUNKY and TOUGH that I did about 25 years ago, that is LATIMORE playing KEYBOARDS on a tune called [HOW CAN I EXPLAIN], and that is the same HORN SECTION that did HORNS on WHAT YOU WOULD DO FOR LOVE, by Mr. BOBBY CALDWELL. We were under Mr. Henry Stone, and Mr, Steve Alaimo, There were PRESIDENT, and VICE PRESIDENT of TK. RECORDS in FLA. Those were the REAL DAYS OF MUSIC, To keep a GIG you had play your INSTRUMENT, Betty Wright, T-Connection, KC and the SUNSHINE Band, Lattimore, Jimmie Bo Horne, and lot more, We had a FUNKY GOOD TIME, Well BE COOL, and THANKS AGAIN,



Who am I to argue with MR. FATS GALLON?

–Bob Davis

Latimore’s Biography

BENNY LATIMORE: EARLY YEARSBorn in Charleston, TN in 1939,Benny Latimore was influenced by country music, his Baptist church choir, and the Blues. WLAC, via the strong evening signal from Nashville, was a favorite in Latimore’s youth.

In a career spanning over 35 years and beginning with recordings in the 1960s for Miami music legend Henry Stone, the gems on this CD were cut on the Dade label long before Benny’s success on the Glades/T.K. label. These early recordings for Dade are solid deep soul, graced by Latimore’s deep, sultry voice.

Included on this disc are the much sought after 1965 hits, "I Can’t Go On Anymore" and "Rain From the Sky", originally recorded on Stone’s Blade label. These are treasures that until now only a few collectors were lucky enough to have. Today we bring them to you for the world to hear. "Sensational" really is the best word to describe Latimore. He proved to be extremely adept as both a superlative vocalist and keyboard player par excellence. Benny Latimore is Florida’s master soul stylist

CD Review: Benny Latimore – "The Early Years" (Southern Soul)

Benny LatimoreBenny Latimore is an icon in the Black community in the United States and while he may not be a household name in the "mainstream" his name is such in the Black community that he is counted among the very few artists for whom you don’t even have to say his entire name and people know who you are talking about. He’s one of the great Ballad singers in the history of Black music and on this CD rescued from deep in the vaults of Henry Stone Music, we get to hear what the "early years" of this icon sounded like.

The "black music experts" at places like Rolling Stone, VH-1, Vibe, Clear Channel and other places may not know much about Latimore, but if you go deep into the heart of the community ("tha hood") they know all about Latimore.

Imagine this scene from the 1980’s for just a moment…

Bennie Latimore slowImagine yourself (a kid who thinks he knows all there is to know about music/life) in a neighborhood bar at 3pm (that’s right I said THREE P.M IN THE AFTERNOON) in say Bed-Sty/Brooklyn, Hill District/Pittsburgh, 5th Ward/Houston, etc. You all know the types of places I’m talkin about (and shame on you if ya try to tell me that you have never been in one of this type of places cuz we all KNOW that you would be lying….lol)

This is the type of song that might be playing on the jukebox when you first walk in and are treated to the sight of the 60ish 350 lb owner doing a type of super NASTY FAST WILD ASS GRIND along with his equally "girthful" wife/girlfriend. The way that the two of them are dancing is about as close to actually having sex while still remaining fully clothed……lol

After the song ends the owner (who you hadn’t realized was watching you) comes over to you and you sit and have a beer with him since the bar only has about 10-15 people in there, and he then proceeds to tell you the history of Black music from his perspective (which is quite a bit different from the history of the music as described by "rock critics"… you leave the bar having consumed 3 free beers that he wouldn’t let you pay for, just having made a new friend for life.

Bennie LatimoreIt is in these types of places, far removed from the line of sight of the folks who make programming decisions at radio & tv stations, editorial decisions at magazines or make design decisions at internet companies that you will find the music of Benny Latimore loudly playing on the jukebox and see people both dancing and crying in their beer. Fast forward to the year 2006 and guess what? You will still find the music of Latimore playing at same type of inner city bars/clubs in cities large and small across the United States that I guarantee you are never reviewed by the editors of the local tourist guide.

Anyhow, on the new release on Latimore called "Benny Latimore – The Early Years", Henry Stone gives us peek at what Latimore sounded like at the beginning of his career and there are a few surprises. "The Power and the Glory" is a duet with what sounds like a small gospel choir that will make you cry. Another example the cover version of Brook Benton’s "It’s Just A Matter of Time" is excellent and makes one think that perhaps Latimore can beat Brook Benton at his own game? However I quickly forgot about going into analytical when I got to track number 11. "I’ll Be Good To You" (co-writen by Clarence "Blowfly" Reid) comes on and we are treated to one of the great Soul records of all time. That’s followed by "I Pity The Fool" a great soul shouter where Latimore takes us to church (by way of a few "back ally’s"….lol). "Rain from the Sky" is a great slow jam that would be perfect at a "bluelight basement" party in your house sometime soon.

Track Listing: "The Early Years"

1. There She Is; L. Edwards Jr., L. Weiss; Roosevelt, BMI; 138s

2. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More; Latimore; Sherlyn, BMI; 149s

3. Girl I Got News For You; Bradley Shapiro, Bobby Puccetti; Sherlyn, BMI; 145s

4. The Power and the Glory; Doc Pomus; Screen Gems-Columbia, BMI; 186s DEMO (594KB)

5. It Was So Nice While It Lasted; Bill Nash; Nom, BMI; 159s

6. Move and Groove Together; M. Nash; And, BMI; 152s

7. Love Don’t Love Me; Steve Alaimo, Clarence Reid; Sherlyn, BMI; 124s

8. Life’s Little Ups and Downs; M. A. Rich; BMI, Makamillion Music/Warner-Tamerlane; 183s

9. It’s Just a Matter of Time; Hendrix-Otis-Benton; Eden, BMI; 163s

10. I’m Just an Ordinary Man; David Brown, Bobby Puccetti; Sherlyn, BMI; 154s

11. I’ll Be Good to You; Clarence Reid, Willie Clarke; Sherlyn, BMI; 168s

12. I Pity the Fool; Malone; Lion, BMI; 189s

13. Have a Little Faith; Jackie Avery; Redwal, BMI; 181s

14. I’m a Believer; Jackie Avery; Redwal, BMI; 160s

15. Rain From The Sky; Benny Latimore; Sherlyn, BMI; 163s

16. I Can’t Go On; Conlon, Shapiro, Latimore, Puccetti; Sherlyn, BMI; 157s

–Bob Davis

Check out the CD online by clicking here

Some Latimore Commentary:

Bennie LatimoreI too was in the crush of fans surrounding Latimore at the Bluebird Festival two years ago in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I brought the photograph of him and me taken at Constitution Hall (Wash, DC) a few years before, had it enlarged and got him to sign it. Didn’t care for the red outfit, but could have listened to him sing ALL day! I’d much rather listen to him and others like him, than what is passing for singing from some of our most popular artists. Thank goodness we have the independent stations, the personal appearances of "real" R&B survivors, recording tapes, CD’s, Black radio shows that still play a mixture of oldies, contemporary R&B and Blues.

Yes, let’s hear about Latty Daddy! I stalked, okay too stronger word, waited after a show for Latimore a few years ago at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC He was so sweet, after I accosted him, oops approached him in the lobby after the show, he graciously took a picture with me and a friend. Two mature female groupies who are major fans of his sultry, emotional music! I treasure the picture, have it in my office at work and made a copy for my wall at home. I buy every cassette I come across, when he is in my area, always try to catch his show. The voice has lost nothing over the years! He has a big following all over the country. I hope he has a major hit again like what has become his theme song, "Let’s Straighten It Out," but if he doesn’t, old "Lat" can sing for this sister any time, any place. I read a brief bio of him on a cassette cover once, but if anyone has any additional info or experiences about the man, I’ m all ears!!

–D. Davis

Honey, I hear ya! I’ve seen Latimore a couple of times live and, in my opinion, he is still fine. More than that, though, I saw him summer before last at the Bluebird Blues Festival in PG County, MD and I, too, was impressed with how friendly and generous he was. After his performance, he signed many autographs and talked to his fans from the edge of the stage. I took at least a dozen pictures of him in his red and white outfit (including shoes!), both performing and afterward. Oh, I forgot, he sang his butt off, too!



Oh yeah! I remember here in NY there was an AM radio station named 12B in the summer of 1975, that played a bad side by him called "Keep The Home Fires Burning". I ran 2 blocks to the nearest record shop and believe it or not, bought the last copy of the song, lol. I killed that song that summer lol. Benny Latimore what a great artist!! Yes I’m truly, and always will be a fan of his.

–Mike Boone

Those guys from the Florida swamps (TK Records & Associated labels) gave us some solid grooves "back in the day"…..Latimore, Betty Wright, George & Gwen McCrae, Little Beaver, etc. I think the weakest link was K.C. & The Sunshine Band !! I had several of Latimore’s LP’s from the Glades label & loved his work. I think "Keep The Home Fires Burnin" was probably my favorite cut. Thinking back….it seems that he was also a pretty decent B3 player as well & played on all of his own albums.


I always dug Lattimore. When I was visiting my cousins in Mississipi in the late "70’s, Lattimore had a jam out called "Red-Neck in a Soul Band". Great song!



Click here to check out Southern Soul Music Icon LATIMORE’S NEW CD from Henry Stone Music called "THE EARLY YEARS"

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