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What is Funk Pt 2- by Funksha



What is Funk Pt 2 – by funksha

  • To reiterate your thoughts, I agree that Funk is more than just a form of music, it’s a culture. A culture that threatens that powers that be.

    Western culture is not willing to deal with Funk and all it’s implications. In my definition of a Funkateer posted last week, I said that Funk is a state of mind where negativity cannot abide. Where the Sir Nose Syndrome is bombed from existence by the Force of the Groove. In essence, that’s just a funky way of saying exactly what you spoke about on the tape.

    How Funk music is an outlet to free the people from the bonds of slavery. Slavery meaning control of Black people. What I didn’t realize is that that statement is validated by the events that you talked about regarding the demise of careers of artists who spoke out for the Funk culture.

    However, as I’ve said, the Force of the Groove (or in English terms, the Force of Blackness/Greatness) cannot be stymied. They may try (and they’re trying mighty damn hard – i.e. fostering negativity thru gangsta rap), the Force of the Groove is a powerful one. It has lasted thousands of years evolving from the beat of the African drums of our ancestors to present day Funk music. And it’s hard to get rid of something that old.

  • In my eyes Funk music is a tool used by the Creator to communicate with his people. Black people cannot avoid the Funk. It is engraved into our genes. Musical artists are messengers bringing forth the Word of God to his people. He’s using Funk to inspire hope and perseverance. Because on day things will change. Black people need to hold on and galvanize behind the Force of the Groove (a state of mind where negativity cannot abide). For if we do, all stress and strife shall pass away. No matter how hard they try to mute the message, another messenger is always waiting in the wings to take his place.

  • First it was the likes of James Brown, then Sly, then Parliament, then Prince, now it’s Teddy Riley, DeAngelo and the return of Prince. By the year 2000 there will be someone else to take the reins. Funk is not just music, its a Force…a Force initiated by the Creator (as all things were). It can not be stopped…”One nation under a groove, getting down just for the Funk of it, one nation and we’re on the move, NOTHING can stop us now”.

  • Funk = Freedom, freedom to be Black, freedom to be great…”with the rhythm it takes dance to what we have to live through, you can dance under water and not get wet….” Damn, dance underwater and not get wet, I know they hate to see us in our full glory. If the powers that be can control Black people, they preserve their own existence. Their genes are biologically recessive, black genes are biologically dominate — according to the laws of evolution, their time of existence is limited. They will attempt to survive by any means necessary. They cause chaos in our communities with the ultimate goal of controlling our destinies with drug infiltration ===> lock up our men (the ultimate form of control outside of slavery) ===>dismantle our families ===> control our purse strings (welfare, mis/under education) ===> facilitate negativity (gangsta rap) ====> gang stupidity ===> self destruction ===> defeat of the dominate gene ====> survival of the recession one. HOWEVER… the Force of the Groove is a monolith. It can not be stymied, it can not be stopped. It is a force so strong, that not even the actions of Sir Nose can penetrate it.

So, Mr. Earthjuice, LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! 🙂


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